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Leep12 espanol (1)

  1. 1. FOR MORE INFORMATIONDepartment of Distance Learning Www.tjsl.edu/graduate/leep Phone: +1 (619) 961-4343 Carla McEwen mcwenc@tjsl.edu Thais Lemos tlemos@tjsl.edu Ana Paula Bastian bastiaa@tjsl.edu
  2. 2. LEEP 2012 CALENDAR CALENDARIntroducción al Estudio Jurídico EE.UU. es el primer paso para aquellos que desean unacarrera prometedora en el mundo globalizado de hoy. Con clases prácticas y una estruc-tura didáctica, el curso proporciona una experiencia inicial y preparación para el abogadointernacional en el sistema legal norteamericano. San Diego Programa de Invierno Fechas: 9 enero a 26 enero Introducción al Sistema Legal de EE.UU. Clases Registro Total de 40 horas a la semana Solicitud completa en: www.tjs.edu/graduate/leep Alojamiento Costo Marriott Gaslamp El costo total para el programa de – U.S. $ 2,000.00 Reservas: www.tjsl.edu/graduate/leep Associate Dean William H. Byrnes, IV, has been a commissioned author and editor of 14 top- selling books and treatises and 19 substantial chapters as well as author-in-chief of Summit Busi- ness Media-National Underwriters’ Financial Advisory Publications (Reference Division) – the domi- nant information service in the insurance/financial planning industry with 173,000 subscrib- ers. Professionally, William Byrnes was a Senior Manager, then Associate Director of international tax for Coopers and Lybrand (which subsequently amalgamated into PricewaterhouseCoopers), and his regions of consulting included Southern Africa, Western Europe, South East Asia, and the Carib- bean. He has been commissioned and consulted by governments on policy and impact stud- ies. Before William Byrnes joined Thomas Jefferson School of Law, he was a tenured professor of ASSOCIATE DEAN law member living in Miami Beach. Carla McEwen Thais Lemos Ana Paula Bastian Director of Brazilian Assistant Assistant Program TESTIMONIALS"TJSL is a great place to start your journey into the American Legal System. Outstanding facilities, amazing professors and a very “Substantial! This is how I can set the Introduction to American Law Course given by the Thomas Jefferson School of Law indedicated staff made my stay here in San Diego a fantastic experience." Los Angeles last July. Highly trained teachers, equipped with a deep understanding of the issues raised and always willing toCintia Ruiz Nicolau - Sao Paulo Abogado answer the questions of students. A fast course, but dense, able to give the listener enough knowledge to understand how“This years Legal Education Exchange Program (LEEP) was one of the best academic experiences in my whole life. Apart from the common law in the United States of America works!”flawless classrooms and library, faculty itself was the greatest and brightest feature of the course. One month to remember for a life- Ana Carolina de Sá Dantas - Abogada Federaltime."Luiz Fabricio Thaumaturgo Vergueiro - Abogado Federal