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Direct method of teaching english


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Direct method of teaching english

  1. 1. Direct Method of Teaching English
  2. 2. IntroductionDeveloped in the Early 20th Century in France and Europe.Response to the problems of the Grammar- Translation Method. Focus on Speaking and Listening.
  3. 3. ImmersionDesigned to immerse the learner in the target language. Teacher uses realia, visual aids and demonstrations. Focus on repetitive methods of teaching. Grammar taught inductively.
  4. 4. Methodology Show Say TryShow the student Teacher to clearly Student to attempt something to pronounce the word or speaking the word orexplain the word or sentence. sentence. sentence. E.g. Realia. Mould Repeat Teacher corrects the Repetition until the students mistakes. word or sentence spoken correctly.
  5. 5. AdvantagesActually teaches the language, doesnt teach about the language. Emphasis on speech = Good for students that need real communication skills.Introduced the method of teaching vocabulary with realia.
  6. 6. DisadvantageAssumes that second languages are acquired the same as a first language. This is not the case.
  7. 7. Further Reading This slide was prepared by William Lake.