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Hacktourism Cradle Of Humankind LTA Presentation 6 March 2018


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The Local Tourism Association Member's Meeting presentation to introduce the #HACKTOURISM approach and offering.

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Hacktourism Cradle Of Humankind LTA Presentation 6 March 2018

  1. 1. # H A C K TO U R I S M # C R A D L E O F H U M A N K I N D # G L E N B U R N L O D G E B E F O R E W E S TA RT
  2. 2. L O C A L TO U R I S M A U T H O R I T Y # H A C K TO U R I S M S O L U T I O N F O R A
  3. 3. C R A D L E O F H U M A N K I N D P R O P O S A L P R E S E N TAT I O N
  4. 4. H O W W E N E E D TO D I S R U P T # H A C K TO U R I S M
  5. 5. TO U R I S M G R O W T H • The Cradle is not yet know to all of the nearby residents and the broader public in the region, and nationally • We have the opportunity to leverage from the success of other campaigns and platforms to build momentum • We also need to define and drive our own Cradle Campaign to directly impact the region and the tourism and hospitality providers’ bottom line
  6. 6. T H E C R A D L E O N L I N E • The online presence offers wonderful content support and information to plan your trip • With more than 400 tourism offerings in the Cradle, there needs to be a campaign that drives awareness and consideration for all the constituents • Social Media drives massive amounts of awareness and creates demand and should be the cornerstone to the marketing efforts going forward
  7. 7. W E B S I T E C A S E S T U D Y • Review, Redesign and Redevelop the website • Launch the new website • Create the Campaign to promote the Fly Fishing Competition in July • Manage the delivery and ongoing support as part of the Casestudy for Cradle of Humankind #HACKTOURISM proof of concept • Promote the #HACKTOURISM value proposition to the Members
  8. 8. R E C E N T E X P E R I E N C E • AfroPunk • #IamJoburg • ConHill • Travel Massive Africa
  9. 9. S T R AT E G I C A P P R O A C H # H A C K TO U R I S M
  10. 10. K E Y O B J E C T I V E S • Promote the Region through Marketing and Advertising • Show Value to Members • Increase Awareness, Consideration and Demand • Increase Bookings • Centralised Information and Bookings Management
  11. 11. O P P O RT U N I T I E S • Coordinate a Regional Marketing Campaign to drive awareness and consideration, leading to increased bookings • Support Members through Website and Social Media Reviews, Workshops and MasterClasses to improve the online marketing and promotion efforts • Provide world-class support, platforms and services to improve the Members’ website, social media and online advertising • Mentoring, support and consulting services to the Members
  12. 12. F O C U S O N T H E M E M B E R S • Identify the key areas where Members could benefit from the services and expertise available to improve their visibility and increase their exposure through online marketing and social marketing • Support and train the Members to be able to benefit from the best practices and latest technology, online marketing techniques and platforms available to them to improve their online presence and packaging • Provide practical, affordable services and solutions to best meet the Member’s needs to improve their bottom line and increase bookings through technology and aligning their maketing with global trends
  13. 13. W H AT ’ S N E X T ? # H A C K TO U R I S M
  14. 14. # H A C K TO U R I S M I N T H E C R A D L E • Come up with a Cradle Campaign Creative Concept
 (Next 10 days) • Plug into #IamJoburg and promote key experiences
 (As Soon As Possible) • Design and Develop the Cradle Campaign platform
 (Two to Three Months) • Support, Train and Assist the Members in the various integrations to benefit from the Campaign
 (Kick-off the #HACKTOURISM in the Cradle Programme)
  16. 16. THANK YOU @william_price
  17. 17. F O R T H E C R A D L E # H A C K TO U R I S M