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Web of things


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Slides introducing the new web of things interest group, that looks to standardise IoT

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Web of things

  1. 1. Web of Things Jio Sessions
  2. 2. What is the Web of Things ● A platform of platforms ● Interoperability of IoT ● Something even more ...but to really understand the Web of Things, we need to go back a bit
  3. 3. The Internet and World Wide Web ● The Internet as TCP/IP ● The Internet as IETF ● The web as HTTP/REST ● The web as W3C
  4. 4. Internet of Things ● Is no different from the internet, with the exception that there are more devices ● New protocols (MQTT, CoAP, AMQP, Zigbee) ● Old protocols that are not part of the internet, are now included in IoT e.g Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi Direct. ● And a host new resource representations (data models)
  5. 5. The Web of Things ● Binding for application protocols ● ‘Thing’ Descriptions ● Discovery ● Security and Privacy
  6. 6. Thing Descriptions ● Abstraction of the types of things in IoT ○ Sensors ○ Actuators ○ Devices and capabilities ○ Modalities and actors ● Represented as vocabularies and ontologies using the Semantic Web technology stack ○ JSON-LD ○ JSON ○ RDF ○ TURTLE
  7. 7. Service discovery There are so many different ways to discover things, how can we make this easier ● CIDR/Subnet Masks ● DNS, mDNS ● Consul, Zookeeper, etcd, Eureka
  8. 8. How is it happening ● Interest Group ● To become a working group ● Let’s be part of it!