William Giba                                                                                Service Management Delivery   ...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                                                                            ...
BiographyCareer Summary                                                       CAREER SUMMARYProfessional Experience       ...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                               PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEAchievementsQualificat...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                                 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEAchievements        ...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEAchievementsQualifications   ...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                      PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEAchievementsQualifications     ...
BiographyCareer Summary                                                                     I WORKED HEREProfessional Expe...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                                                                   ACHIEVEME...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                                                                    QUALIFIC...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                                                                    SKILLS  ...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                                                                           E...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                                           EDUCATIONAchievementsQualificatio...
BiographyCareer Summary                                         Goals and ObjectivesProfessional Experience               ...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                                      Unique Value PropositionAchievements  ...
BiographyCareer Summary                                                        GLOBAL EXPOSUREProfessional Experience     ...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                                                            What I can do fo...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                              I HAVE MANY STRENGTHSAchievements             ...
BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience                They were kind enough to say…AchievementsQualifications     ...
BiographyCareer Summary                                                           HONORS AND AWARDSProfessional Experience...
BiographyCareer Summary                                                                          CONNECT WITH MEProfession...
BiographyCareer Summary                                                                                             MY LOC...
BiographyCareer Summary                                                          My Google Knol PagesProfessional Experien...
BiographyCareer Summary                                                                                    Closing Comment...
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Senior Incident Manager Problem Manager Critical Situation Manager

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William Giba Digital Resume/CV

  1. 1. William Giba Service Management Delivery Consulting Visual Resume - CVMission Critical Global IT Service Management / Consultant (972) 898-1101 William.Giba@Verizon.Net Copyright © 2011-2012. William Giba USA. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience BIOGRAPHYAchievementsQualifications IT Professional Consultant | Incident Manager | ProblemSkills William Giba Manager | Certified Critical Situation Manager | Project Plano, TX Management at Princeton Information, LTD ConsultancyEducationGoals & Objectives William Giba represents the strategic focus, vision and matureRecommendations judgment gained during a successful career supporting small to large IT projects, relocating Mainframe processing complexes, providingHonors & Awards Disaster Recovery Plans and engineering telecommunication networksConnect with Me to generate sustained positive results. Leveraging diverse technical assignments, business optimization and IT processing skills, William’sClosing Comments more than 25 years of progressive in-depth experience has enabled him to significantly impact profitability and improve growth objectives for organizations for which he has served as a strategic partner and proactive key positioned corporate IT source and contributor. He is an Impact Player building global alliances for high-profile multi-industry organizations that are establishing a pronounced presence in the new marketplace for IT services. Placing diligent attention to exceptional levels of client satisfaction and bona-fide Customer Relationship Management practices…“I maximize the nominal successes into totally phenomenal successes benefiting all key stakeholders” Mission Statement: Deliver sustained customer support services that ensure Enterprises will excel in managing their business processing and availability of resources while exceeding expectations and growing responsible and respectable industry-wide relationships and leaderships.View Complete resume AREAS OF INTEREST:as a Word document • Ensuring end-to-end service quality and "industry-best" customer service execution. • Network and Data Centre Operations support technician • Social Media practices and developing new CRM IT partners • Key stakeholder support for achievement of goals and organizational objectives.
  3. 3. BiographyCareer Summary CAREER SUMMARYProfessional Experience Information Technology and Services ProfessionalAchievementsQualifications • A Senior Service Delivery and Support professional withSkills inspired successes canvassing multiple disciplines. Building the heart of businesses by supporting clients as an ImpactEducation Player and one of the 10% of the available workforce as anGoals & Objectives "Incident Manager/Problem Manager" restoring services andRecommendations minimizing the impact to overall business operations. Whether consulting or building effective Impact PlayerHonors & Awards initiatives, the first priority is directing resources for optimalConnect with Me achievement of business goals. I bring more than skill; I bringClosing Comments energy and passion with efforts and a clearly focused objective directed toward the bottom line. Practiced in successful ‘command and control’ of resolution for business critical information systems, telecommunication networks and peripheral component incidents. First-rate communication skills to collaborate on all business levels while effectively directing restoration activities, processes and documentation onsite domestically and for globally remote locations. • Breath of experience encompasses the Telecom/IT sectors, performing in Technical, Operational, Engineering, Sales, Sales Support, Commercial, Banking/Financial and Consulting arenas. Assignments from Blue Chip global to Private Equity institutions producing stellar results for very large mega-Influencers exceeding $6.2B in annual revenue View complete resume as a Word document run rate (see Slide #8 for my supporting assignments). • Career trajectory process is on target for professional success © 2011-2012 by William Giba • Delivering on world-class level Incident/Problem Management vision
  4. 4. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEAchievementsQualifications • 2011 - Present IT Professional Consultant at Princeton Information, Ltd Consultancy Services, Jersey City, NJ.SkillsEducation Senior IT Major Incident/Problem Manager consultingGoals & Objectives onsite for the MetLife Bank and Home Loans organization.Recommendations Review client baseline and inventory management.Honors & Awards Analyze and collaborate recommendations to enhance processing procedures. Research all triggered Incidents.Connect with Me Inspiring continuous process improvements and strategiesClosing Comments for Incident/Problem Remedy ticket investigations to The World of Service Management include Known Errors with a work-around or resolution. Incident Management: An Extensive triage collaboration with team members, unplanned interruption to an IT Service or a reduction in the support technicians and leadership to resolve and to Quality of an IT Service. improve the ITIL Incident/Problem Management process. Problem Management: Aims Problem Management ticket and Root Cause Analysis to resolve the root causes of document creation for major Incidents and multiple high- incidents and thus to minimize the adverse impact. severity events that are related to exacting issues. Result is higher availability of IT services and Return-To-Service. Incident engagement for high-severity issues affecting the nationwide FMG MetLife Bank processing environment. Jersey City, NJ Contributing to Remedy report generation for weekly and View complete resume monthly metrics review and distribution to MetLife as a Word document leadership. Elimination of weekly Aging Report increases. NEXT William Giba – Plano, TX 75075 - 972.898.1101 – William.Giba@verizon.net
  5. 5. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEAchievements • 2005 - 2010 IT Managing Consultant Critical Situation ManagerQualifications at Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., now XEROX in Dallas, TX.Skills High Availability – Global Certified Crisis Management for (13)Education Universal Mega IT Data Centers supporting clients in more than 100 countries across the globe ensuring the ‘pulse’ of business operationsGoals & Objectives is always available from a central Operations Command Center.Recommendations Saving the client SLA penalties and downtime $$$$ in the CriticalHonors & Awards Situation Incident/Problem Management and Critical Power role. Escalation/coordination point-of-contact for all Mission Critical and / orConnect with Me SLA impacting Severity 1 incidents to include outages for the ACSClosing Comments Commercial Solutions Operations and Engineering Enterprise. This isCritical Situation: A crisis a highly visible position to the Senior Executive Management of ACSmanagement process applied and ACS’ diversified client list of (450+ influential brands).when normal escalation Assertive at driving restoration progress of all Severity 1 incidentsprocesses are insufficient to across the ACS Enterprise. Engage in and take ownership ofsatisfy all customer needs forrestoration of normal services. restoration for any major client impacting service interruption in aEnd-to-end management of 24/7/365 Enterprise Data Center operations environment. Ensurehigh severity 1 incidents in the Root Cause Analysis completion for all incidents and problems.Enterprise and clients that are Collaboration with C-Level Management, clients and internal / externalextending globally. personnel for improvement of Critical Communication Management and Situation Crisis Control methods, processes and procedures. Full engagement of the Command and Control process is applied. Validation of all changes that were implemented. Rapidly mobilize the relevant teams within the organization as quickly Dallas, TX as possible to minimize the adverse impact on business operations. Immediate restoration of vital services to clients through engagement View complete resume of virtual teams will establish bottom line results. as a Word document Key contributor to the CritSit Certification course development. NEXT
  6. 6. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEAchievementsQualifications • 2003 - 2005 RF Drive Test/Optimization Engineer at eXpertSkills Wireless Solutions, Inc.- Cellular Network Maintenance.Education Nationwide drive test analysis of Cellular network performanceGoals & Objectives and quality standards for multiple national voice carriers.Recommendations Performed extensive call performance analysis to determineHonors & Awards call quality, dropped call resolution, Cell site failure, RF signal strength characteristics, changes in call traffic patternsConnect with Me and adjustment of network parameters as required.Closing Comments RF signal measurements and fault isolation for the National 9-1-1 Emergency Response network from El Paso to McAllen, TX on the U.S. / Mexico border. (Sprint supported effort) • 2000 - 2001 Sales Support Engineer at SunGard Recovery Services – Disaster Recovery planning and support. Vienna, VA Engineered and designed small, medium and large-scale telecom disaster recovery networks for a business continuity and Internet compliant solution to support Fortune 500, Blue Chip firms and Private Equity institutional clientele. Philadelphia, PA Administered LAN, WAN and VPN architectures adapted to a global ‘DS3’ dedicated backbone enterprise that is View complete resume as a Word document privately managed for client designated data recovery testing schedules and Disaster Recovery support efforts. Business Continuity planning and support. NEXT
  7. 7. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEAchievementsQualifications • 1984 - 2000 Electronic Data Systems, Inc. – Global NetworkSkills LAN/WAN Engineer supporting EDS*NET architecture.Education Planned, designed and implemented physical and logicalGoals & Objectives communications networks serving distributed platforms across wideRecommendations area networks domestically and internationally.Honors & Awards Managed and coordinated large-scale projects through theConnect with Me implementation phase connecting customer VPNs to the EDSClosing Comments ‘backbone’ worldwide network. Supported installation and initial testing exercises. Continued with contractual support efforts. Administered NCP Generation configuration implementation to support telecommunications solutions for SNA and LAN/WAN configured networks accessible via EDS*NET and IBM 3745 Front- Proud To Be Ex End processors located on the EDS Plano Campus and remotely. Supported project implementations and Client/Server integration’s for large-scale desktop user database. Implementation of workstation security and proprietary software packages for client processes. Plano, TX Technical network support for the EDS worldwide EDS*NET “backbone” network and clients processing at global locations.View complete resumeas a Word document 2000 Global Engineer III for MCI WorldCom communications network architecture. Transitioned - EDS to WorldCom via division contract. NEXT
  8. 8. BiographyCareer Summary I WORKED HEREProfessional Experience “Working to improve the face of IT”AchievementsQualificationsSkills Consultancy ServicesEducation Bank, N.A. and Home LoansGoals & ObjectivesRecommendationsHonors & AwardsConnect with MeClosing Comments Affiliated Computer Services, Inc South Texas Operations Credit Cards NYC, NY Working Skills;• Global Incident/Problem and (Crit-Sit) Manager for large 450+ client base.• Network Engineering and Alpharetta, GA Facilities SunGard Disaster Recovery Planning Data Centre/NOC support.• Disaster Recovery Planning and support with B2B Continuity planning.• Wireless Networks. Wireless• Multi Industry knowledge. Verizon Wireless Operations• Social Media, Social EDS Plano Campus Facilities Interactive on the Internet• ISO/IEC 20000 Framework Certified. View complete resume as a Word document Cross - Functional eXpert Wireless Solutions, Inc Electronic Data Systems, Inc
  9. 9. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience ACHIEVEMENTSAchievements Distinguished MilestonesQualifications • IT Managing Consultant Major Incident/Problem Manager forSkills PRINCETON INFORMATION onsite for The MetLife BankEducation and Home Loans account supporting Mortgage processing.Goals & Objectives • AFFILIATED COMPUTER SERVICES (“certified”) Onsite Critical Situation Incident/Problem/Change Manager.Recommendations Engagement for all Severity 1 Global Incident events thatHonors & Awards encompassed (450+) Blue Chip and private equity clients.Connect with Me Instrumental in the development of key technical designsClosing Comments for the ACS Critical Situation Management Certification program and studies for Crisis Management ResponseVisit my extensiveLinkedIn.com profile for curriculum.additional information • MCI WORLDCOM ‘Star Performer in Operations &detailing my vast careerwith outstanding globally Technology Award’ – presented to William Giba in 2000 forrecognized corporate IT excellence in maintaining the MCI network architecture.influencers (see ConnectWith Me slide #21 for • ISO/IEC 20000 “certified” in Change/Incident/Problemlocation details). LinkedIn Management and Root Cause Analysis processes.Top Recommended People • Reduced client "downtime" 10% during critical incidents viaGOLD group member. process improvements and engagement time frames. • Migrated multiple EDS Mainframe processing complexes to new locations and implemented operational enhancements for improved performance and efficiency. Shortened client View complete resume “turnaround” time frames on production platforms. as a Word document • Highly recognized contributor at the crossroads of business and technology for more than two decades. © 2011-2012 by William Giba William Giba – Plano, TX 75075 - 972.898.1101 – William.Giba@verizon.net
  10. 10. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience QUALIFICATIONS Commitment | Integrity | RespectAchievementsQualificationsSkills Strategic and Tactical Global Enterprise Impact Player /Education Consultant for IT Service Management DeliveryGoals & Objectives • High-Powered Senior Information Technology Top Tier-1Recommendations Senior Service Manager with two decades plus of diverse andHonors & Awards successful experience implementing innovative, mission- critical IT / IS solutions in high-pressure environments. MajorConnect with Me League Corporate Impact Player with hands-on experienceClosing Comments expanding or enhancing process attributes, improving efficiency, consolidating or integrating systems and business processes. Delivering significant improvements in quality, performance and security while minimizing major infrastructure downtime. Focused attention with exceptional ability enhancing business practices and data-driven decision- making. A proactive visionary advocate developing new universal relationships that make a difference in the ITITIL Problem Manager services marketplace. An inspired IT professional who has devoted years of experience in the technical support of multi- platform systems and business critical applications is now focused on IT Service Management Delivery for the Certified Incident/Problem Management framework platform in the View complete resume production services infrastructure enforcing best practices. as a Word document • Purveyor of Inspired Performance and Premier Service Excellence • Tenacious, strength in ownership, accountability and responsibility • An IT Impact Player crossing the qualifications threshold to new deliverables
  11. 11. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience SKILLS Information Technology and Services ProfessionalAchievements 1984 - 2000Qualifications • Data Center Operations support / Network architecture support / NOCSkillsEducation 1988 - 2018Goals & Objectives • Licensed Technician Radio Operator RF Communications - FCC Technician Plus Radio Operator LicenseRecommendations Extra-activity: EchoLink N5NEU Node: 456249 (VoIP) GlobalHonors & Awards Repeater Communications. Worldwide connectivity to (162) countries.Connect with MeClosing Comments 2006 - 2006 • Certification Global Critical Situation Management/Crisis Response - Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (Certified Crisis Management) Instrumental in the development of key technical designs for the ACS Critical Situation Management Certification program and studies for Crisis Management Response curriculum.* Achieved "Certified Status" in 2006.* ISO 9001 : ISO20000 Certified in Critical Situation Incident/Problem Management resolution. 1984 - 2012 Skill set • Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/XP/VISTA/7 - Microsoft Office Suite 2003/2007 - Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 – Lotus Notes R 8.0.2 – Visio32/2003 - Windows NT – MS PPT - IE – TCP/IP – FTP – IBM PC/Laptops, Mainframes and TSO/ISPF. Wireless cellular networks. Call Center Management/Trouble Ticket system experience and View complete resume Peregrine Service Center/BMC Remedy Ver 7.1 Incident/Problem as a Word document Management ticketing tools. Helpdesk support and related client interfacing skills and tools. SharePoint, PeopleSoft and Citrix platform experience for added support. Full Incident/Problem Lifecycle process.
  12. 12. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience EDUCATIONAchievementsQualificationsSkills 1988 - 2018Education • Licensed Technician Radio Operator RF Communications - FCC Technician Plus Radio Operator LicenseGoals & Objectives Extra-activity: EchoLink N5NEU Node: 456249 (VoIP)Recommendations Global Repeater Communications. Worldwide connectivity toHonors & Awards (162) countries.Connect with MeClosing Comments 2006 - 2006 • Certification Global Critical Situation Management/Crisis Response - Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (Certified Crisis Management) Instrumental in the development of key technical designs for the ACS Critical Situation Management Certification program and studies for Crisis Management Response curriculum.* Achieved "Certified Status" in 2006.* ISO 9001 : ISO20000 Certified in Critical Situation Incident/Problem Management. 2005 - 2005 • ETF Certificate SAN Data Storage - EMC Corporation EMC - Storage Area Networks (SANs) training. View complete resume as a Word document NEXT William Giba – Plano, TX 75075 - 972.898.1101 – William.Giba@verizon.net
  13. 13. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience EDUCATIONAchievementsQualificationsSkillsEducation 1988 – 2018 License ValidationGoals & Objectives • RF Communications - FCC Technician Plus RadioRecommendations Operator LicenseHonors & Awards Extra-activity: EchoLink N5NEU Node: 456249 (VoIP)Connect with Me Global Repeater Communications. Worldwide connectivity toClosing Comments (162) countries. • Electronic Technician - Academy of Aeronautics, Queens, N.Y. Additional Career Development Training • Cisco Network Equipment Classes • Project Management Workshop • EDS Leaders Internship Program – 26 week curriculum • Quality Assurance Program – Commitment to Quality • Miscellaneous IT Vendor sponsored equipment classes View complete resume • EDS (OPD) Operations Development Program as a Word document • Gerson Lehrman Group Councils Staff Consultant • View my Google profile page at the URL identifier below: https://profiles.google.com/bill.giba#bill.giba/about
  14. 14. BiographyCareer Summary Goals and ObjectivesProfessional Experience "Opportunities multiply as they are seized".Achievements (Sun Tzu, author of "The Art of War")QualificationsSkills Working…EducationGoals & Objectives to reach higher goals and objectivesRecommendationsHonors & AwardsConnect with MeClosing Comments Working to achieve higher goals and objectives by moving from a nominal status to a phenomenal status with impact reduction during the restore process for all engagements of critical resources during a major event. Lowering time intervals can have a significant impact on resolution or return-to- service periods for each event. Minimizing downtime is most important during this time period. Ensure consistent and timely engagement of critical resources covering business and technology functions to View complete resume rapidly diagnose, identify root cause and remediate the as a Word document incident while reducing impact to the customer. Impact reduction is a major goal for many organizations, and a NEXT © 2011-2012 by William Giba personal goal and objective.
  15. 15. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience Unique Value PropositionAchievements Technical Incident/Problem Manager professional supporting critical ITQualifications engagements impacting the delivery of vital services to clients, through an established end-to-end Incident Management Lifecycle process that isSkills covering both domestic and globally high severity incidents.EducationGoals & ObjectivesRecommendationsHonors & AwardsConnect with Me My Objectives …Closing Comments Drive and encourage enterprise performance, accelerate innovation, enhance the customer experience, and provide exceptional support for increased productivity. End- to-end management of high severity Incidents that require an emergency change process to restore original services thus delivering high client satisfaction levels. View complete resume as a Word document © 2011-2012 by William Giba Contributing to the success of organizations of all sizes and NEXT industries around the globe. Raising the bar to increase effectiveness for processes and value added objectiveness.
  16. 16. BiographyCareer Summary GLOBAL EXPOSUREProfessional Experience Globally Managed Technology ServicesAchievementsQualifications Complete National and Worldwide client support skills and solutions directed at minimizing overall impact to the organization during the ‘Critical IncidentSkills Lifecycle Period. "The pulse of Globalized Strategic business is myEducation business. When the pulse of business stops, the impact affects the bottomGoals & Objectives line". A "perfect fit" Mission Critical Situation Incident/Problem Manager for todays unexpected Enterprise/Operations Command Center crises.RecommendationsHonors & AwardsConnect with MeClosing Comments 1 2Task:Manage all coordination,communication, andescalation of incidentsimpacting the delivery ofservices to clients,through an establishedIncident ManagementLifecycle processcovering globally highseverity incidents. View complete resume 3 4 as a Word document For year 2011 there will be 1.2 trillion gigabytes (GB) of data created, equivalent to 75 billion 16 GB iPods. That’s more than enough for every NEXT person on earth to own 10 iPods. Management of this data is paramount.
  17. 17. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience What I can do for youAchievements …and the organizationQualifications • Solve business related problems and issues at home fromSkills the theatre-of-operations and for remote global locations.Education • Evaluate and Improve *First Pass Yield procedures.Goals & Objectives • Enhance the customer experience, and provide exceptionalRecommendations support for increased productivity and client retention.Honors & Awards • Control expenses and adhere to Budget guidelines.Connect with Me • Improve Productivity, Reduce wasteful practices.Closing Comments • Continuously refine processes to improve efficiency, restoration time, costs and quality results.Leverage knowledge and • Promote the organization to profitability and aexperience, applicable tothe incident, to determine recognizable worldwide status as a leader in the industry.the appropriate • Promote the feeling “I want to be here” in the Enterprise.assessment of impact, • Periodically review and critique the organization status.severity, and supportownership for incident • Promote key stakeholder awareness for service improvementsrecovery and “return–to- • Address critical incident detection and response time frames.service” through the • Solicit client, vendor and key stakeholder feedback.entire Incident lifecycleprocess. * First Pass Yield is a measure to evaluate the initial efficiency of a multi-stage production process. View complete resume My Pledge: as a Word document To constantly improve the IT experience through professionalism, courtesy and consistency, acknowledging the clients success comes first while delivering a firm commitment to support excellence. NEXT © 2011-2012 by William Giba William Giba – Plano, TX 75075 - 972.898.1101 – William.Giba@verizon.net
  18. 18. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience I HAVE MANY STRENGTHSAchievements Ingenuity | Perspective | OriginalityQualifications A hybrid IT-business professional with combinations of both business and technology knowledge, experience, and skills sets unlike those found in traditional IT organizationsSkills preparing the talent needed to thrust forward in the Incident/Problem Manager role.Education Strengths in FocusGoals & ObjectivesRecommendations focusedHonors & AwardsConnect with Me Strong ValuesClosing Comments inspired integrity GOLD Member Displaying a unique blend of thought- engagement, empathy sales and understanding, and the ability to trust orchestrate and deliver beyond the experienced reactive near-term. tenacious View complete resume supportive commitment purpose-driven as a Word document William has a broad range of expertise and experience with many industries and work environments. This digital resume reflects the support he has provided personally, technically and corporately to high-profile Fortune 500 clientele and C-Level Executives.
  19. 19. BiographyCareer SummaryProfessional Experience They were kind enough to say…AchievementsQualifications • “William is a true professional who is greatly knowledgeable and knows his work extremely well. I recommend him with highest certaintySkills as he exceeded all expectations with his great work in all of hisEducation endeavors. He is a very effective communicator and well organized in all ways. A perfect 10!”” June 14, 2009Goals & Objectives Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High IntegrityRecommendations Gerald A. Thomas, Aerospace Science Instructor,Honors & Awards Hired William as an IT Consultant in 2009Connect with MeClosing Comments • "One of the nice things about LinkedIn is that you get to know really decent, honest people who sincerely make a difference to the world. William is one of these people and it has been my privilege to get to know him. Without this way of connecting I would never have known William and that would surely have been my loss"” July 1, 2008 Endorsements Daniel Martin, Technical Recruiter, SDC Information Services Inc Was with another company when working with William at Affiliated Computer Services, Inc (ACS) • “Bill has earned the title of professional. His knowledge, skill and grasp of making complex problems into simple solutions is exceptional. I would recommend Bill without hesitation.” March 22, 2005 Bill Vick, Technical Recruiter, Principal at Vick & Associates Member Was with another company when working with William at SunGard View complete resume Recovery Services as a Word document • Visit my LinkedIn profile for additional endorsements (info on slide #21) • Twenty-seven valued connections have endorsed William on LinkedIn. William Giba – Plano, TX 75075 - 972.898.1101 – William.Giba@verizon.net GOLD Member
  20. 20. BiographyCareer Summary HONORS AND AWARDSProfessional Experience presented to William GibaAchievementsQualifications Electronic Data Systems 1994 - Ten Years Outstanding Service Award Received numerous "High-Level" Project and Outstanding Customer ServiceSkills Awards for contributions from 1984 - 2000EducationGoals & Objectives MCI WorldCom, Inc. Commendation recipient in 2000 Star Performer in Operations & Technology Award for IT ExcellenceRecommendations supporting the MCI WorldCom Worldwide Global Communications Network asHonors & Awards a Global Network Engineer III member of the Network Operations TeamConnect with Me Sprint PCS Network Operations Honors - Corpus Christi, TXClosing Comments RF Test Engineer for the new Sprint REDI-LINK "push-to-talk" cellular network enhancement pre-release "turn-up" in South Central Texas - 2004 ROCC - Registry of Certified Consultants - 2004 Overachievers Club Member Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) - Certified Global Critical Situation Crisis Control/Response Manager (Incident/Problem) - 2006 Onsite Critical Situation Manager for all Severity 1 strategic Enterprise issues Cambridge Registry - Whos Who of Professionals - 2010/2011. Performance excellence in the Brokerage, Insurance, Credit Card, Telecommunications, Network Support, IT Operations and Banking/Financial Services industries Honored by the distinguished George M. Rhodes representative of the United States Congress in Washington, D.C. Member of the 1st million original subscribers to join LinkedIn.com in 2004.
  21. 21. BiographyCareer Summary CONNECT WITH MEProfessional ExperienceAchievements on LINKEDIN.COMQualificationsSkills William GibaEducation http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/williamgibaGoals & Objectives Public profile – Active LinkedIn member since August, 2004Recommendations * Member of the 1st million original subscribers to join LinkedIn.com in 2004Honors & Awards LinkedIn Quicklink Invitation @Connect with Me HTTP://TinyURL.Com/6P6K8FClosing Comments (Right click on this URL link and Open the Hyperlink then add my Email address) LinkedIn ID #1008598 Today is a "great day" to connect with me on Overachievers Club Member LinkedIn........dont you think? • LinkedIn Adds 10 New Members Every 5 Seconds (2 New Members Every Second) william.giba@verizon.net (972) 898-1101 Feel free to contact me Contact also available via Global Mobile Skype ID: BillGiba Active Social Media Connector With 9,250+ Valued LinkedIn Connections. • LinkedIn Has more than 150+ million members in over 200 countries. • Additional Profile Pages available on Facebook and Google. Google profile is available at this URL: https://profiles.google.com/bill.giba#bill.giba/about NEXT © 2011-2012 by William Giba William Giba – Plano, TX 75075 - 972.898.1101 – William.Giba@verizon.net
  22. 22. BiographyCareer Summary MY LOCATIONProfessional Experience Dallas, TXAchievements • Strategically located in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex area of TexasQualificationsSkillsEducationGoals & ObjectivesRecommendationsHonors & AwardsConnect with MeClosing CommentsLocated in one of the mostvibrant areas for careergrowth and housing in theSouthwest. The DFW areahas witnessed substantialgrowth for the past twenty-five years and continues tomaintain steady expansioneven today with the influxof new organizations andthe continuation of start-up housing developments. View complete resume as a Word document Top Influencers in the Metroplex are: EXXON, AT&T, DELL, AMR, J.C. Penney, Texas Instruments, RadioShack, Dr. Pepper, Affiliated Computer Services, HP, Tenet Healthcare, Ericsson, BNSF, Fossil, NEXT Frito-Lay, Sabre Holdings, Lennox Int’l, FedEx, Torchmark Corp., Brinker Int’l, Kimberly-Clark, PepsiCo, MetLife Bank N.A., 7-Eleven, Citigroup, SunGard Availability Services, Microsoft and Southwest Airlines.
  23. 23. BiographyCareer Summary My Google Knol PagesProfessional Experience published by William GibaAchievementsQualifications Knol: a unit of knowledge.....Skills • Visit my professional Incident/Problem Manager profile and additional Crisis Management information at the following Knol URL’s on Google:Education Enterprise Command Center and Crisis ManagementGoals & ObjectivesRecommendations • Crisis Management – Incident/Problem event assignment related activities:Honors & Awards Active engagement and escalation for the restoration of strategic ITConnect with Me Hardware, Software Applications, Global Data/Voice Networks (Circuits),Closing Comments uncontrollable Data Center interruptions (Power/911s, Fire, UPS Failures and Raised-Floor Containments), deliberate attacks (Hackers,Functional Activities; Viruses, Explosive Threats, etc.) and other illicit cyber intrusions, InternetObtain ownership of and Voice/Data Network related outages to Helpdesks and Call Centers.restoration, Most important in today’s fast-paced IT environments is the availability ofdocumentation,risk/impact assessment, BlackBerry communication services. Restoration of failed or disruptedexecutive and business communications is critical. Collaboration activities are paramount in thecommunication, functional industry today during all types of processing outages. Plan to bring yourbusiness/technology Enterprise processing environment to the forefront of an IT productionescalation, oversight to infrastructure operation with active Impact Player engagement toensure timely resolution, coordinate the restoration of vital critical services needed to sustainand assistance with post- revenue growth and stability across the entire organization. A high-incident review activities caliber Impact Player in a rapidly changing services industry and culture.and stakeholder feedback. • Also visit Preservation of a Quality Brand at the following URL: Preservation of a Quality Brand • The information above describes the actions of the Major Incident and Response Team (MIRT) © 2011-2012 by William Giba
  24. 24. BiographyCareer Summary Closing CommentsProfessional Experience Contact InformationAchievementsQualificationsSkills Thank you for viewing this presentation.EducationGoals & ObjectivesRecommendations Refer Inquiries to:Honors & AwardsConnect with Me William Giba Professional Consultancy ServicesClosing Comments Contact information is available below. *My Business CardNote: All information containedwithin this collection of slidesand the original design is thesole property of William Giba,developed by William Gibaand is not made available forcopy purposes. The datacontained within is distributedas a reference for possibleengagement opportunities.Updates will be appliedperiodically to accommodatechanges in career status andconsulting availability. Call oremail for information.© 2011-2012 by William Giba *NOTE: Portions of My Business Card may be omitted for privacy purposes. William Giba – Plano, TX 75075 - 972.898.1101 – William.Giba@verizon.net