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  • Our campaign will start a debate on Australian issues, create brand awareness for EastWest 101 and SBS
    and get the Australian audience in general to reconsider their perception of Australian crime drama.
  • We’re going to find out if you’re a racist, sexist, politically inflexible snob via East West 101 Enhanced, a training ground for new recruits. 
    Enhanced is a multiplatform viral campaign that will confront your latent prejudices through
    Profile: a game that tests your observation, audio and memory skills whilst highlighting your preconceptions.
    Pass and be amongst the first to investigate the episodic East West 101 crime scene game prior to each television episode.
    Show your prejudices and you’ll be sent for a ride in the Falafel Taxi – a mobile tv studio where taxi driver Mo confronts your deepest darkest inclinations. 

  • Driving traffic to East West 101, the broadcast tv show
  • powerhouse consumers: read, watch, earn and demand more than anyone else in Australia

    • Early adopters
    • Male• Socially Aware
    • Educated
    • Big Spenders
    • consider themselves leaders more than followers
    • first to consider new products/services
    • highly informed and educated
  • The perfect audience for an extended experience that operates over three main platforms:
    Real world

  • Profile is a widget, an interactive game for mobile and the web.
    Mimicking the gritty tone of East West 101, Profile will conduct psychological profiling, IQ and observation tests on you to see if you’ve got what it takes to be on Malek’s team.  
    You’ll be presented with fast paced shakey-cam grabs from the show as well as footage from CCTV cameras - and asked to identify key information, evidence and make ethical judgements within a near zero timeframe.  
  • If you’re successful you’ll obtain a rank within the Major Crime Squad and gain entry to the East West 101 Crime Scene game where you can investigate crime scenes prior to the broadcast of each East West 101 episode on SBS.  

  • If you fail profiling, you’ll receive a coded ticket with a phone number and an invitation to ride in Mo’s Falafel Taxi – a mobile tv studio. Once inside, Mo (an Akmal Salem / John Saffran type character) will inform you of your prejudice rating and engage you in well-humoured leading conversation. Your video interview will then be posted on the Falafel Taxi website.   
    But all’s not lost, Malek will call and invite you to resit the Profile test.  
    Subsequent failures will result in further taxi rides and some heart to heart moments with Mo as you persist with your quest to be a Major Crime Squad Detective. 
    However, you might pass. 
    Once inside the East West 101 Crime Scene game, you’ll be promoted or demoted depending upon your performance in each game episode. Do poorly and you’ll end up in the Falafel Taxi. Do too well, and Mo will come and pick you up to find out what your problem is. 
  • sound compelling? Our rollout...

    Four weeks prior to the launch of Season 3, the ‘Profile’ game and ‘Falafel Taxi’ will be launched simultaneously to generate discussion and amongst the public. We feel our existing audience will be first to try out these properties and draw in a larger audience via social networking.

  • The User will enter the experience via the Profile game. Those successful will join the Major Crime Squad. Unsuccesful participants will be invited into the falafel taxi, where they will be either driven back onto the Profile game or onto the website.
  • We feel that East West 101 is and will be compared with crime shows such as Underbelly and Rush
  • Underbelly website - 16,000 unique visitors a month
    Rush website - 58, 424 unique visitors a month
    East West 101 currently competes successfully with Rush. We'd like to increase traffic beyond this and believe our multiplatform campaign is the way to go.
  • The combination of a viral campaign, garnering user participation through the profiling widget and crime scene games along with a confronting but entertaining vox pop program about prejudice will not only provide enriched content, it will grow an online community and ultimately increase the audience.
  • East West 101 V7

    1. 1. presented for Are you a racist, sexist, politically in exible snob?
    2. 2. EASTWEST 101 presented for
    3. 3. BRIEF presented for Increase the audience Enrich the content Create a engaged online community
    4. 4. presented for SMS Start a debate on Australian issues
    5. 5. EASTWEST 101 ENHANCED presented for EW101 ‘Pro le’ EW101 ‘Crime Scene’ Falafel Taxi
    6. 6. RESULT presented for Drive traf c to broadcast show
    7. 7. OUR AUDIENCE presented for 16-49 powerhouse consumers Stats via Roy Morgan Value Segments
    8. 8. PLATFORMS presented for Mobile Viral Real World
    9. 9. EW101 ‘PROFILE’ presented for Tests Observational, Audio, Memory
    10. 10. EW101 ‘CRIMESCENE’ presented for Online Game • Weeky pre-episodic game • Crime Scene Investigation • Ranked performance • Reward System
    11. 11. FALAFEL TAXI presented for Companion viral property • Mobile TV studio • Questions based on prejudice rating • Well humoured • Web based content with potential as interstitial show
    12. 12. ROLLOUT presented for PROFILER GAME FELAFEL TAXI CRIME SQUAD GAME GAME1 GAME2 GAME3 TV EPISODE EP1 EP2 EP3 • Pro le game and Felafel taxi runs as viral pre-cursor to EW101 season launch • Crime Squad Game feeds into TV episode
    14. 14. COMPARISON SITES presented for
    15. 15. KPI’s presented for Exceed or match site traf c of comparison sites Site traf c comparison using Hit Wise / Compete
    16. 16. CONLCUSION presented for • Viral campaign • Online games • Regular Vox Pop webisodes • Online Community • Increased audience • Loyalty