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Docker DevTools: Docker as part of your development toolset


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Docker DevTools. Use docker to manage your environment and get the tools that you want without costly setup time.

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Docker DevTools: Docker as part of your development toolset

  1. 1. Docker DevTools Using Docker to manage tools and dependencies
  2. 2. Hello Will Hall (@hn_will) Application/DevOps Manager at Sealed Air (we make bubblewrap) I code in PHP, Javascript & Python I run projects in: PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Python, Java I use Docker and Ansible for managing environments
  3. 3. Do you know clutch? Like Lego?
  4. 4. The Problem It is not easy for developers and users to use tools.
  5. 5. Onboarding
  6. 6. Onboarding at scale...
  7. 7. The Answer (maybe) Use Docker to control the environment and just give users tools that work.
  8. 8. Packaging Tools Composer (PHP) NPM/Yarn (Javascript) [DEMO] Ruby Gems (Ruby) PIP (Python)
  9. 9. Code Linting Tools PHP Codesniffer (PSR2, Drupal, WordPress, Laravel) ESLint (Standard, AirBnb) Stylelint (CSS) [DEMO] PyLint … as part of pre-commit hook?!
  10. 10. DevOps Tools Ansible Playbooks, roles and setup… [DEMO]
  11. 11. General Tools Image Optimization (jpegtran, optipng…) [DEMO]
  12. 12. DEMO!
  13. 13. Questions? @hn_will
  14. 14. More... What am I missing?