What can I bring to your company


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Presentation on my attributes and what i can bring to a new company

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  • What can I bring to your company

    1. 1. WELCOME
    2. 2. WILLIAM RHODES What does he bring to your company?
    3. 3. TRANSFERABLE SKILLS• 18 years of Sales experience• 10 years in Wireless Technologies• International sales experience with MNOs and Handset vendors• Classically trained in the sales processes and the customer transition• High level of negotiating skills in B2C• Lateral and creative thinker
    4. 4. PEDIGREE• Successful in using consultative sales strategies• Grown business by over 250%• Over achiever who has enjoyed the rewards• Well regarded by his peers in the Wireless sectors he has worked• www.imperiumtl.com (Brand and Web site creator, copywriter and project manager)
    5. 5. PSYCHOMETRIC TESTINGWill Rhodes undertook Psychometric Testing to ascertain how best to describe himself the next few slides are the unedited results of that test 5
    6. 6. HOW TO DESCRIBE WILL RHODES Descriptive words Influential, persuasive, friendly, verbal, communicative, positive, optimistic, self-promoting, generous, inquisitive, competitive, self-motivated, active, mobile, restless, alert, demonstrative, strong-willed, firm and independent.
    7. 7. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS• Influences and persuades others to his point of view.• Competes to win.• Good interpersonal skills; charismatic.• Has a degree of assertion but prefers to do business in a friendly way.Receptive to change; questions the status quo.• Strong-willed and independent but will work within the broad parameters of the organisation.• Wants challenging assignments.
    8. 8. MOTIVATORS• William is motivated by popularity through social recognition, democratic relationships and monetary rewards.• Additionally he enjoys power, authority, challenge and the opportunity for advancement.• He prefers favourable working conditions and an environment that is free from control and detail.• Should William have a boss, then ideally that person will be a participative but direct leader, who realises that objectives and guidelines should be negotiated on a one-to-one basis.
    9. 9. VALUES WILLIAM BRINGS TO THE ORGANISATION• William’s greatest contribution to the organisation lies in his natural abilities to interact positively with people, in combination with his strong drive to achieve worthwhile results. He is, therefore, an excellent team member willing to help others promote their projects as well as his own• As a result of his ability to make favourable impressions by communicating easily and confidently and thereby generating enthusiasm, he is usually successful at opening doors and developing relationships for the business and/or the community. In this regard his drive for results, willingness to take authority, make decisions and expedite action will ensure timeous achievement of most of his goals and objectives.• His eagerness to accept challenges and venture into the unknown and question the status quo will often bring a fresh perspective to organisational issues together with innovative solutions.
    10. 10. Thank you