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Misconception questions lesson 1 plenary


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Misconception questions lesson 1 plenary

  1. 1. Animation General Ignorance
  2. 2. A good animationmoves all the timeand has lots ofnoise.True or False
  3. 3. Animation is only ever 2DTrue or False
  4. 4. Using as many bright colours as possible make an effective animation and get people’s attention?True or False
  5. 5. Animation takes a long time to do and is very complicated.True or False
  6. 6. Stickmen are the best way to animate. There is no other way you can draw a person.True or False
  7. 7. Programming is the only way to animate.True or False
  8. 8. Programming is very difficult.True or false