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Databases dfd

  1. 1. SCENARIOPrivate is a new company that sells used cars. They also provide after-sales servicing and repairs. They operate at three sites - Disley, Stantonand Denton.You have been engaged by the company to introduce the use of adatabase to help them to run the business. They have details of thevehicles for sale and of prospective buyers - people who have madeenquiries and are waiting for a particular type of vehicle. The databasemust be set up to store the vehicle details, and enable the sales staff tosearch it for specific vehicles and features.You must produce a complete design for a working relational databasethat will contain at least three tables and 60 records.
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES:Understand the requirements for Unit 6Be able to build DFDsDemonstrate a high quality DFD to different levels of complexity
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE: BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN THEREQUIREMENTS FOR UNIT 6For Unit 4 you need to create your own highquality relational database.8AOs:• AO1 - Design a relational database to meet the needs of an organisation• AO2 - Produce the database according to the design• AO3 - Interrogate the database• AO4 - Create a user interface• AO5 - Produce Reports• AO6 - Produce user documentation and technical information• AO7 - Test the database• AO8 - Evaluate the database
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE: UNDERSTAND DFDSWhat is a Data Flow Diagram (DFD)?
  5. 5. OBJECTIVE: UNDERSTAND DFDS Symbols and their meaningProcess: -A process transforms incoming data flow into outgoing data flow.
  6. 6. UNDERSTAND DFDSDataStoreDatastores are repositories of data in the system. They are sometimes also referred to as files.
  7. 7. OBJECTIVE: UNDERSTAND DFDSDataflowDataflows are pipelines through which packets of information flow. Label the arrows with the name of the data that moves through it.
  8. 8. OBJECTIVE: UNDERSTAND DFDSExternal EntityExternal entities are objects outside the system, with which the system communicates. External entities are sources and destinations of the systems inputs and outputs.
  10. 10. MINI-PLENARY: - MAKE A DFD Using what you have just learnt, create a Level 0 DFD for the following: - CD Borrowing systemData to process: - Borrower information Item DataStorage Entity Borrower File Record File
  11. 11. ACTIVITY 2Objective: -Demonstrate a high quality DFD to different levels of complexityStart planning your databases and preparing your Data Flow Diagrams
  12. 12. PLENARY Talk to amongst your selves to review the DFDs created support each other in missing components