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Digipak plan


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Published in: Education
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Digipak plan

  1. 1. Digipak - Plan Front Back This front cover is a predominate shot in my music video; it is my last one and also appears at the beginning. In my video I used this shot to create an artist image and to create a last strong link between the music and the artist. This would be an image that the audience would begin to link with ‘James Christie’. This image signifies the confused and lost feeling of the song and the connotation of a new beginning the album gives. I have made my house colours a deep red and white. These are peaceful colours. I do not want to bring in bright busy colours and fonts as these would bring the focus away from the artist’s image. I have made the typography a serif font giving it a more personalised touch. The back cover is an image of the sand and sea, running with the ocean and beach theme; the artist’s inspiration. In this photograph the artist’s name will be written in the sand, portraying the rawness of his talent and sound. The track names are going to be moulded and placed to represent waves in the sea, playing the words ‘Adrift in an endless ocean’, the key track on this album and the video I will be creating.
  2. 2. Inside Booklet Inside the digipak will feature a booklet. On the first double page of the booklet will a brief section about the artist, in an autobiography style, there will also be a picture of the artist in the location of my film. Also on this page appears a white cut out of a guitar shape, this represents the James as the guitarist he is as well as a talented singer. My house colours will run through out this booklet with red backgrounds and white font. Photos of the artists will also appear.
  3. 3. On the second double page will appear a shot of the ocean and sea, signifying the artist’s inspiration. This features along side the track list for this album. All the tracks are ones that James has written.
  4. 4. This is the last double page in the booklet. There will be a section of thanks from the artist. The album name will feature on the page, which is also is the artist’s name and acts as a personalised signature, signing off his album and thanks. This album name will appear in the same typography as the album front cover, creating a recognisable motif for the artist. A photo of the artists will be on the right of this page. It will show him playing the guitar. On the very back page of this booklet will feature a picture representing the artist, his instrument and location of my video I am creating. Both the house colours and album motif begin to create a brand identity for my artist, as well as his running theme of the ocean and beach.