Alan weiss workshop 13th nov 2011


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Alan weiss workshop 13th nov 2011

  1. 1. How to effectively sellyour Professional Services presents An intimate hands on day with the undisputed worldwide consulting expert Dr Alan Weiss. • 1 DAY WORKSHOP • LIMITED PLACES • BOOK EARLY TO AVOID MISSING OUT • Being held in conjunction with the Institute of Management Consultant’s 2011 National Conference Alan Weiss Themes for the day Alan Weiss is recognised as a worldwide expert in ✔ Language of Selling consulting. He has sold in excess of $100m of value ✔ Framing Skills based consulting fees. Since 1985 he has personally ✔ Self Esteem delivered 90% of what he has sold. He has consulted ✔ The Accelerant Curve to some of the world’s finest corporations like Hewlett Packard, Merck, GE and Mercedes Benz and he has ✔ Market Value Bell Curve also worked with hundreds of smaller companies. ✔ How to apply it in practice Around the world Alan is the undisputed ‘Consultant’s Consultant.’ He is so successful helping other consultants Take Aways achieve greatness because he has a proven track record of ✔ Understanding the unique selling skills a consultant real world ‘in the trenches’ consulting. Not theory, just down should possess to deliver the client maximum value to earth practical advice that works to help you sell and (whilst maximising your fees). command the right price for your professional services. ✔ You will be rewarded according to your true value. Alan Weiss is the original Million Dollar Consultant® When: Sunday 13th November 2011 Where: Park Hyatt Melbourne 1 Parliament Square East Melbourne VIC 3002 -1-
  2. 2. About Alan Weiss” Alan began his consulting career in 1972 giving career advice at $25 per hour! Once he understood Value Pricing he has personallyI attended your sold in excess of $100M worth of consultingpresentation and I can projects. He started his own firm in 1985 and since then he has personally deliveredonly say it was one of over 90% of all consulting projects sold.the best seminars I have He has worked with organisations in 55ever attended. I’ve been countries and his single largest sale hasto hundreds during my been $350K with the smallest below20+ years in sales and $10K. All up he has delivered in excess of 1,200 major consulting assignments andsales recruiting and over 1,800 speeches on consulting.yours was just in a class He has authored 27 books (which appear in 8of it’s own. You really languages) and over 500 articles on the businessdo understand how of consulting. His seminal book written in 1992 Million Dollar Consulting® (McGraw-Hill – now into sell services and its 3rd edition) remains a best seller even today.command the right His latest book released in 2011, “The Consulting Bible” is now officiallyprice for your service. ” “on fire at the bookstores”.Cindy Houston Hazen, Since 1996 he has personally mentoredCEO Sales Executives - 685 consultants around the world –Brentwood, Tennessee helping them to increase cumulative Alan Weiss is one of those rare people revenue by approximately $600M. who can say he is a consultant, speaker and author and mean it. His solo-practitioner Around the world Alan is the undisputed consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, ‘Consultants Consultant.’ He is so successful Inc. has attracted large ‘Fortune 500’ clients helping other consultants achieve greatness and over 2,000 small organisations. because he has a proven track record of real world ‘in the trenches’ consulting. Not theory, Success Magazine has cited him in an editorial just down to earth practical advice that works! devoted to his work as “a worldwide expert in executive education.” The New York Post Alan Weiss is the original Million calls him “one of the most highly regarded Dollar Consultant® independent consultants in America.” -2-
  3. 3. The EventHow to effectively sell your Professional ServicesAlan runs a continual theme in his books,speeches and workshops, that we should bebilling based on what we are worth to the client,not what the client wants to pay, or the hours wehave worked on the project. Alan’s concept is not The program is suited to Accountants, Coaches, Consultants, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Speakers, Finance brokers and anyone who is part of a professional services firm. “ Your seminar on Best Practices has already paid off for me. Usinghow long it takes, but think of the years of • Create a continuing relationship through some of Alan Weiss’training and experience you bring to the client to eliminating barriers to entry advice l have agreed tomake money for them, and ultimately you should • Escalate the scope and value ofshare in that as well. client engagements a new consulting project • Create a "vault" of your high-end work for a budget many timesUnderstanding how you treat the client and the • Reduce labour intensity while increasing fees over the cost of flying tolanguage of selling professional services to them • Determine your highest potential buyersis a skill that needs to be learnt. Developing the • Penetrate high potential markets more quickly Boston from Argentina ”understanding of the client’s needs, the price • How to create your own frame for marketing and attending thepoints they will react to and how to remove the and brandingcommon objections is what separates a • Framing your career and business seminar.successful consultant from the pack. • The difference between worth and competency Ruth Harling, Argentina “ • Why were often our own worst enemiesThe Million Dollar Consulting® Accelerant Curve • Handling every possible objectionis a model that allow consultants to determine • How to build self-esteemhow to create minimal barriers to entry • How to control discussions(prospects learning about them) and accelerates We have learnt thatclients to higher value yet less labour intenseofferings, culminating in ones "vault," where the there are 4 elementsconsultant is irreplaceable. It is a process which AGENDA to successful valueprovides for intelligent marketing on minimal 0830 – 0900 – Registration Pricing. Identifying theinvestment and the escape of stagnation and toolow fees. 0900 – 1030 – Session needs of the client, 1030 – 1100 – Morning Tea 1100 – 1230 – Session articulating the valueThe Market Value Bell Curve is a method to viewones highest potential prospects (buyers) and 1230 – 1330 – Lunch to the client, matching 1330 – 1500 – Sessionunderstand that one is better off penetrating 15% 1500 – 1530 – Afternoon Tea that value to the client’sof a highly qualified market than 50% of an 1530 – 1700 – Q&A with Alan needs and agreeing onundifferentiated and irrelevant market. It allowsfor the best use of marketing vehicles, web a fair price. We have ”promotion, and referral business. had good examples of these of late. Sean Loader, Business Manager – You will learn techniques, which when implemented, Horwath Alice Springs NT are proven to produce more than $1M in revenue per consultant.
  4. 4. How to effectively sellyour Professional Services BOOK GO to, select Book an Event, select IMC Special Events TO B or FAX BACK to +61 3 9898 0249 or SCAN & EMAIL BACK TO QUESTIONS? 1800 800 719EVENT DETAIL AND PRICINGVENUE Park Hyatt Melbourne, 1 Parliament Square, East Melbourne, VIC, 3002WHEN Sunday 13th November 2011 - Includes arrival, morning and afternoon refreshments, lunch and Workbook. IMC Member (Incl. GST) Non-IMC Member (Incl. GST)PRICING STRUCTURE(please tick one) IMC Conference Day 1 - Sat 12/11/2011 AUD $375 per person AUD $450 per person IMC Conference Dinner only - Sat 12/11/2011 AUD $150 per person AUD $175 per person IMC Day 1 Conference & Dinner Dinner - Members also get free AUD $490 per person AUD $590 per person invite to Friday night cocktail party Day 2 Alan Weiss - Workshop AUD $1,250 per person AUD $1,500 per person - Early Bird before 5pm Fri 30/9/11 AUD $1,000 per person AUD $1,250 per person All in RRP: - IMC Conference Day 1 AUD $1,500 per person AUD $1,900 per person - IMC Dinner - Alan Weiss Conference Day 2 All in Early Bird before 30/9/11: - IMC Conference Day 1 AUD $1,300 per person AUD $1,700 per person - IMC Dinner - Alan Weiss Conference Day 2GROUP BOOKINGS Minimum of 5 from the same organisation – 20% additional discount.BUSINESS DETAILS PAYMENT METHOD (please select one) A tax invoice will be sent separatelyBooking Contact: Rate per person: No. of persons IMC Member Total Due: $ inc GSTCompany Name: Non IMC Member Cheque Please make payable to: Institute of Management Consultants Post to: PO Box 193, Surrey Hills, VIC 3127Postal Address: BSB 033-039 A/C 560241 EFT Please quote Company name as EFT reference Credit Card Amex Diners Mastercard VisaPostcode: State: Card NumberPhone: Cardholder’s NameFax: Expiry Date Security NumberEmail: Signature Terms & Conditions 1. No refund or exchange on any booking onceATTENDEES (Please print full names clearly in CAPITALS as this will be used for name tags.) the booking is complete. 2. No refund can be made for ‘no- show’ at the event. Substitutions will be welcomed if any member of your team are unable to attend on the day. 3. The right is reserved to vary1 6 advertised programs, prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity. 4. Late arrival may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the event. 5. Audio and video recording devices are2 7 strictly prohibited. 6. Bookings may not, without the prior written consent of IMC, be resold or offered for resale at a premium (including via on-line auction sites) or used for advertising, promotion or other3 8 commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services, either by the original purchaser or any subsequent bearer. If a booking is sold or4 9 used in breach of this condition, the booking may be cancelled without a refund and the bearer of the booking may be refused admission. 7. Scalping warning: The resale of bookings in certain circumstances is5 10 governed by ticket sales legislation and may attract criminal penalties. 8. Should the seminar be cancelled, a refund will be issued. -4-