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Neurosis Digipack


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A school assignment: create your own lay out for a favourite cd.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Neurosis Digipack

  1. 1. gniwolg saw dog ym ,thgin tsal noisiv a dah I As I ride to the dawn erfi no egdirb rehtona saw ereh T Run back on me in a psychic scar detnuoc erew skcerw tsal eht dnA seasons in the sky The figures in my dreams dewolf doolb eht dna denepo yks eh T All I’ve seen walking through the fire em nopu saw nosaes suorecnac tnatsid A NEUROTIC RECORDINGS em ediug ot thgil a dna kcab ym ni kooh a dah I To get back to the hook a let the light burn in my soul niaga sselesu erew sdrow yM To see my shadow alone To be right again evol fo seiromem ym htiw gniyalp erew srevotfel eh T og em tel eh dna dog ym ta demaercs I I need something to cut into so that my god can see me again yarp ot nageb dna tresed eht ot yltnelis detfird I With my rough hands and a sharp knife hteet rof gnikool ti hguorht detfis dna sehsa fo elip a ot emac I I’m searching for the old spirit of war niaga em hguorht ekops ekans A sdnuow rieht laeh ton dluoc I tuB But I could not heal their wounds A snake spoke through me again raw fo tirips dlo eht rof gnihcraes m’I yk e t n sn I came to a pile of ashes and sifted through it looking for teeth efink prahs a dna sdnah hguor ym htiW I drifted silently to the desert and began to pray niaga em ees nac dog ym taht os otni tuc ot gnihtemos deen I seasonss inhthei skyosaes I screamed at my god and he let me go The leftovers were playing with my memories of love niaga thgir eb oT enola wodahs ym ees oT My words were useless again luos ym ni nrub thgil eht tel a kooh eht ot kcab teg oT I had a hook in my back and a light to guide me A distant cancerous season was upon me erif eht hguorht gniklaw nees ev’I llA The sky opened and the blood flowed smaerd ym ni serugfi ehT And the last wrecks were counted yks eht ni snosaes racs cihcysp a ni em no kcab nuR There was another bridge on fire nwad eht ot edir I sA I had a vision last night, my god was glowing SGNID ROCER CITORUEN