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Dutch Joomla!day Presentation: Keynote Henk van Cann businessday

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  1. 1. starts in 5 minutes Henk van Cann 2value bv april 5th 2008 Dutch Joomladays Henk van Cann
  2. 2. Dutch Joomladays Breda, april 22nd 2006: 1x160 visitors Den Bosch, dec 7/8 2006, 2x180 visitors Utrecht, april 4/5 2008, 2x260 visitors Henk van Cann
  3. 3. Top 50 system integrators Henk van Cann
  4. 4. Joomla Business Day (BD) Where is my solution? and who covers my THE back? NERDERY!! Henk van Cann 2value bv april 4th 2008 Dutch Joomladays
  5. 5. Why build bridges? improve communication best of more worlds ease of use single point of definition reporting/delivery/authoring Henk van Cann