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Geomeetup ignite talk - Google I/O "Boxes are for Shoes"


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where I talk briefly about how to think about building a mapping focussed website. With the key message being: you should never have to "launch" a map, the map should be part of the story.

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Geomeetup ignite talk - Google I/O "Boxes are for Shoes"

  1. 1. Boxes are for shoesSo, put your “out of the box” webmap back, and let’s build a webmapping application.
  2. 2. Example:Mammoth Lakes Public and TrailAccess Foundation (MLTPA)
  3. 3. Users!Why on Earth would a User* want to visit yoursite?*capitalised to indicate the omnipotent andtempestuous nature of “The User”
  4. 4. So, build them a storyJoe does not want to click a bunch ofcheckboxes.Joe wants to go hiking, lets help him.Hey guys, maybe a map would be awesome?
  5. 5. Shrek’s OnionLayers, man1. Context2. Emotion3. InteractivityYour site has these too, think about it
  6. 6. ContextThis is the whyThere has to be some reason people come toyour web site… really, something
  7. 7. EmotionWeave the themes and the stories into visualliteratureEngender the spirit of the experienceThere is real bona fide CARTOGRAPHY here too!PS. Pictures really, really help
  8. 8. InteractivityInside and outside the mapIt’s the experience, manSo, lets talk about technology then…
  9. 9. Base mapsGoogle MapBox Stamen
  10. 10. Custom Map TilesGenerally, for static(ish) features
  11. 11. Huh, what?This is where you get to add layers of datawithout scaring your userssweetAlso if you use tilemill or mapnik, you can justabout use the same style sheet as the rest ofyour sitesweet x2
  12. 12. What did you say?Yes, you can almost use the same style sheet inyour map as in the rest of your site.Its like the map is actually part of your website!?
  13. 13. Maps are part of the story
  14. 14. This shouldn’t happen
  15. 15. Really..?
  16. 16. Focus
  17. 17. Shout outs:• MLTPA – awesome client!• Derek Balmer (HoldFast) – awesome designer• Geodjango & PostGIS – awesome tech• TileMill (MapBox) – awesome tech• Google Maps (Terrain) – awesome maps• Jason Sanford – awesome code(• Brian Timony – for the blog post
  18. 18. Maps are part of your storySo take them out of the box, and set them free!Disagree? Publicly shame me here:@geo_willI dare you