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Willbros Group, Inc. is a global contractor specializing in energy infrastructure serving the oil, gas and power industries. Our offerings include engineering, procurement and construction (individually or as an integrated “EPC” services), refinery turnarounds, pipeline construction, pipeline integrity management, GIS consulting and other specialty services to industry and government entities worldwide. We are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol WG.

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Willbros - Upstream, Downstream, Utility Transmission & Distribution

  1. 1. WILLBROS Group Delivering a Good Job On Time...Done Right
  3. 3. 1Willbros – More Than a Century of Project ExcellenceWillbros first began operations in 1908 as the Williams Brothers People are Willbros’ most valuable asset. Our long history and globalCompany. For more than a century we have earned and maintained reach have enabled us to assemble experienced teams that possessa reputation for ingenuity, perseverance, and successfully delivering unique skill sets gained from developing and participating in bestthe most challenging projects worldwide. practices for multiple clients worldwide. We can provide integrated or discrete services to offer the best solutions for our clients.As industry trends changed we made strategic acquisitions tosuccessfully complete a services offering from the wellhead to the Our commitment to Safety is the strongest of our companys coreburner tip with the most extensive capability in the industry. Today, values. The promotion of a safe and healthy work environment,Willbros provides engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, prevention of accidents and respect for the environment is a criticalintegrity management, and O&M services to Upstream, Downstream element of our culture. All of our projects are undertaken with aand Utility Transmission and Distribution markets worldwide. consistent emphasis on maintaining safe conditions and practices for our personnel and all other participants.
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  5. 5. UpstreamWillbros provides services to the upstream sector of the global oil and gas industry. Our involvement includes engineering, construction,maintenance services and life-extension for facilities for gathering, separating, treating and processing during production. Willbros alsoprovides services for pipeline transmission of oil and gas to downstream facilities for further processing and delivery to end markets. Duringour company’s rich history, we have constructed more than 200,000 kilometers (114,000 miles) of pipeline, enough to circle the globe morethan four times. We operate from regional locations close to the production so that we can offer local services backed by our considerableglobal experience. Among the many aspects in which we participate are: • FIELD OIL AND GAS GATHERING FACILITIES • TRANSMISSION PIPELINES • PUMP STATIONS • COMPRESSOR STATIONS • SEPARATION AND TREATING FACILITIES • INJECTION AND RE-INJECTION FACILITIES 3 • GAS STORAGE FACILITIES • CRUDE OIL STORAGE FACILITIES • METERING AND REGULATING STATIONS • HEAVY OIL PROCESSING MODULES • LOADING TERMINALSDURING OUR COMPANY’S RICH HISTORY, WE HAVE CONSTRUCTEDMORE THAN 200,000 KILOMETERS (114,000 MILES) OF PIPELINE,ENOUGH TO CIRCLE THE GLOBE MORE THAN FOUR TIMES.
  6. 6. Downstream Willbros is a major participant in the engineering/design, construction, maintenance and life-cycle extension of the downstream segment of the oil and gas industry. Our management team brings an average of 25 years experience in providing solutions for clients in this segment. Our primary focus is on the refining and processing of crude oil, natural gas and derivatives of crude. We work on projects that produce myriad refined end products of all types. Our petrochemical experience covers a broad range of natural and synthetic products consumed in our everyday lives, including plastics, synthetic rubber, fertilizers, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. In addition to specialty fabrication of heaters and tanks, we also have a proven track record of providing plant turnaround services, where clients require expert teams who can cost-effectively complete time-sensitive projects. Willbros downstream projects include: • REFINERIES • PETROCHEMICAL PLANTS • PRODUCT STORAGE TERMINALS • FUEL DEPOTS AND FUELING SYSTEMS4 • PROCESS HEATERS • MARINE DOCKS • LOADING FACILITIES OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM BRINGS AN AVERAGE OF 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN PROVIDING SOLUTIONS FOR CLIENTS IN THIS SEGMENT.
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  9. 9. Utility Transmission and DistributionWillbros is a leading service provider to the electric utility industry. We deliver comprehensive design, construction and maintenance solutionsto a variety of owners, operators and managers of utilities that form a regional or national grid. Willbros also provides new, replacement andurban distribution pipelines as well as a full spectrum of services for natural gas delivery. Among its pioneering solutions are technologiessuch as CableCURE® aimed at extending the useful life of existing underground electric cables and CableWISE®, a unique, non-invasive andenvironmentally-friendly means of assessing the condition of transmission cables. The Willbros capabilities in the utility transmission anddistribution markets include: • OVERHEAD ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION • UNDERGROUND ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION • SUBSTATIONS • OVERHEAD ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTION • UNDERGROUND ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTION • WIND POWER COLLECTION SYSTEMS • SOLAR POWER COLLECTION SYSTEMS • POWER GENERATION FACILITIES 7 • GAS GATHERING SYSTEMS • PIPELINE INTERCONNECTIONS • LATERAL AND TRUNK LINES • RELIABILITY SERVICES AND SYSTEMS • HORIZONTAL DIRECTIONAL DRILLING (HDD) • UTILITY LOCATING SERVICES • EMERGENCY STORM RESPONSE • TELECOMMUNICATION TOWER SERVICESWE DELIVER COMPREHENSIVE DESIGN, CONSTRUCTIONAND MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS TO A VARIETY OF OWNERS,OPERATORS AND MANAGERS OF UTILITIES THAT FORM AREGIONAL OR NATIONAL GRID.
  10. 10. Well Positioned for the Future Willbros is constantly evolving as a company, dedicated to providing the best, most cost effective and timely services to all segments of the oil and gas business and the utility transmission and distribution industry. We are staffed with experienced management and knowledgeable field personnel who can provide the best solutions for our clients. Our dedication to operating safety is pervasive throughout the entire Willbros organization and translates into injury-free projects. We back our engineering, construction and maintenance expertise with a solid support staff and project systems that add to our effective results. Over the past century, Willbros has established a well-deserved global reputation for quality deliverables and excellence in project execution. We are committed to growing that reputation as we increase our services offering. As always, our goal is A Good Job On Time…Done Right!8 WE BACK OUR ENGINEERING, CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE EXPERTISE WITH A SOLID SUPPORT STAFF AND PROJECT SYSTEMS THAT ADD TO OUR EFFECTIVE RESULTS.
  11. 11. Willbros Group, Inc.Delivering a Good Job On Time…Done Right www.willbros.com ©2011 Willbros Group, Inc.
  12. 12. Upstream Engineering ServicesWILLBROS IS ONE OF THE LEADING PIPELINE, been properly evaluated. Willbros can also assist in bringingFACILITY AND SPECIALIZED SERVICES PROVIDERS project finance options to the table if desired.TO THE ENERGY INDUSTRY. FEED Studies During the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) stage, WillbrosWith more than 100 years of operating experience in over 60 is instrumental in developing the project execution philosophy,countries, Willbros has demonstrated it can handle clients’ most preparing the basic design documents and refining the projectcomplex projects effectively and efficiently, wherever they are lo- cost and schedule estimates. During the FEED, decisions arecated. Willbros has vast knowledge of, and experience in, virtu- made which can have a significant beneficial impact on the OUR CORE VALUESally all types of energy infrastructure – upstream, downstream final cost, schedule and performance of the project. Willbros Through Leadership, Excellence andand electric utility transmission and distribution. By virtue of their provides valuable assistance during the FEED, adding value by Accountability:involvement in best practices with multiple clients, our engineers providing better scope definition, balancing technical needs and SAFETYunderstand project development requirements from conception economic requirements, and helping clients reduce the overallthrough completion and every stage in between. We utilize in- HONESTY & INTEGRITY cost of project design, implementation, operation, andhouse developed software to track project deliverables as well as maintenance. OUR PEOPLEsupport or self-perform procurement activities for all projects un- OUR CUSTOMERSdertaken. We employ leading-edge technologies including GPS Procurement and Subcontractingdata collection, laser scanning, and GIS services to provide accu- SUPERIOR FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Willbros’ procurement group can fully support and control allracy and reliability. With our breadth of experience and seasoned elements of the procurement cycle or any portion of procurement VISION & INNOVATIONproject management staff, each project is managed to control from preparation of inquiries and purchase orders to expediting EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONScosts, manage deliverables and track progress to assure schedule and logistics functions, field receipt, and issue to the constructioncompliance. contractor. Willbros’ project procurement personnel work as an integrated element of Willbros’ project teams as and to the extent CONTACT US:Feasibility Studies required by Willbros scope of work. We integrate our clients’ re- UPSTREAM@WILLBROS.COMOur breadth and depth of experience enable Willbros to assist our quirements into the development of the project procurement planclients in defining and scoping their projects and to perform initial and can participate in the pre-qualification of vendors, as neces-feasibility studies in order to develop practical project solutions. sary. By working closely with our project engineers, clients andOur experience taking into consideration cost, schedule and regu- vendors, we can define material and equipment delivery sched-latory issues can help lead our clients to the optimum project so- ules and assure that materials are procured in a timely manner tolution in the shortest period of time. By relying on Willbros meet project construction schedule requirements. We also expe-engineering and construction experience during early project dite delivery and arrange for in-plant inspections to ensure qualityplanning, our clients can have confidence their projects have requirements and delivery schedules are met.WITH MORE THAN 100 YEARS OF OPERATING EXPERIENCE, THE WILLBROS ORGANIZATIONHAS DEMONSTRATED THAT WE CAN HANDLE OUR CLIENTS’ MOST COMPLEX PROJECTS,WHEREVER THEY ARE LOCATED.
  13. 13. Upstream Engineering Services ContinuedWillbros uses its in-house, web-based Material Management including 3D modeling and automated materials take-offs andSystem (MMS) to control all aspects of the material procurement are particularly adept at engineering for brown-field as well asprocess from identification of project materials and equipment green-field facilities.through the issue of purchase orders, expediting, inspection,shipping, field receipt and issue to the contractor. This system Turnkey EPC Serviceshelps assure that all required materials are ordered, inspected Willbros is one of the few pipeline engineering services providersand received in accordance with the project schedule. experienced in providing turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for any size pipeline, station or facili-Pipeline Engineering ties project. By using an EPC approach, our clients can contractWillbros specializes in the engineering and design of pipelines for and receive price and schedule certainty at a much earlierfor the transportation of all types of fluids including, crude oil, stage in the project. With this approach, Willbros accepts manynatural gas, refined petroleum products, natural gas liquids, of the major risks associated with completing the project whichcarbon dioxide and water. We are experienced in designing can include not only the engineering, materials supply and con-pipelines in any climatic or terrain condition including seismic struction risks, but also the permitting and regulatory approval,areas where unstable soils or active faults may exist. We perform acquisition of ROW and start-up and commissioning services.pipeline hydraulic and transient flow analyses and design all The EPC contracting approach affords our clients a single con-aspects of the pipeline installation including stream and tracting relationship, minimizing client management effort andwaterbody crossings, road and railroad crossings and other site the risk associated with managing the interfaces betweenspecific installations. Willbros relies on its construction and multiple contractors.environmental expertise to assure that its designs are con-structible, economic and can be permitted in a timely manner.Station and Facility EngineeringWillbros provides engineering design for all types of liquids andgas handling facilities, including pipelines, pump and compres-sor stations, meter and regulator stations, gas processing facili-ties, liquid petroleum and natural gas storage facilities, and truckand rail loading terminals. We have all the required engineeringdisciplines in-house, including process, mechanical, civil/struc-tural, electrical/instrumentation, SCADA/controls, and cathodicprotection. We employ the latest engineering design software
  14. 14. Upstream Construction ServicesMORE THAN A CENTURY OF CONSTRUCTION pipeline diameters larger than 30-inch and the experience toEXCELLENCE UNDER ADVERSE CIRCUMSTANCES, lay pipelines in all types of terrain including wetland and swamp areas.IN REMOTE LOCATIONS AND IN HOSTILEENVIRONMENTS Fabrication/Assembly We have the facilities and experience to manufacture orWillbros has set the standard for construction excellence over fabricate key components including process modules,the past 100 years. We have successfully executed projects station headers, valve stations, pressure control and regulatingunder the most adverse circumstances, in remote locations stations, and flare pipes and tips. Our Canadian facilities OUR CORE VALUESand in hostile environments, overcoming logistical challenges provide fabricated modules for oil sand applications and we can Through Leadership, Excellence andto meet demanding schedules. Our breadth of experience in provide climate controlled fabrication conditions for enhanced Accountability:construction execution and management qualifies us to perform efficiency and productivity, cost effectiveness, protection SAFETYprojects worldwide in the oil and gas industry. Our construction against inclement weather and schedule adherence.related services are offered discretely or as an integrated HONESTY & INTEGRITYEngineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) solution, depend- OUR PEOPLEing on client needs and preferences. Our range of construction OUR CUSTOMERSservices is as broad as the myriad projects we have completed,in the United States and around the globe. With excellent SUPERIOR FINANCIAL PERFORMANCEsystems, knowledgeable oversight and the right people, we VISION & INNOVATIONhave relevant experience and know what it takes to deliver EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONSA Good Job On Time…Done Right. We provide:Pipeline Construction CONTACT US:We own, lease, operate and maintain a fleet of specialized UPSTREAM@WILLBROS.COMequipment for pipeline construction that can be mobilized wher-ever needed. We have been known for our large diameter trans-mission pipeline services, but also have years of experience insmall diameter lateral and gathering pipelines as well. We haveconstructed more than 124,000 miles of pipelines, operated inremote and congested locations, in all climates and on six conti-nents. Our expertise includes automatic welding processes onTHE WILLBROS NAME HAS SET THE STANDARD FOR CONSTRUCTION EXCELLENCE OVERTHE PAST 100 YEARS. WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY EXECUTED PROJECTS UNDER THE MOSTADVERSE CIRCUMSTANCES, IN REMOTE LOCATIONS AND IN HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS.
  15. 15. Upstream Construction Services ContinuedFacilities ConstructionWillbros has the capability to construct the various facilitiesrequired for the production, processing, storage and transporta-tion of oil, gas and products. We have constructed facilitieswithin fast track schedules, operated in remote locations andhave experience working in swamp and wetland environments.Pipe SpoolingWillbros offers pre-fabricated pipe spooling with the accuracyneeded for field make-up without rework, using controlledprocesses and in compliance with ASME and other industryrequired codes.Specialty ServicesWillbros uses the skill sets of our construction and EPCservices to assist in construction, operations and maintenanceof pipeline systems and facilities. We utilize our own specializedsupport equipment and can supply needed personnel on a callout basis in local markets where these services are not normallyavailable.Gathering Line ConstructionWillbros has global experience executing oil and gas gatheringprojects, constructing and tying in lines to facilities. We haverecent relevant experience in the unconventional shale plays,providing fast track field construction of well sites, productionand gathering facilities. Our multiple domestic locations enableus to respond quickly with the right resources to meet localconditions.
  16. 16. Upstream Field ServicesWILLBROS PROVIDES A FULL RANGE OF FIELD interactions with environmental and permitting agenciesSERVICES FOR FERC AND NON-FERC PIPELINE AND to address issues and concerns early and completely. Our approach is from a practical perspective with an informedFACILITIES PROJECTS knowledge of potential cost and/or schedule impacts.Willbros provides field services to the oil and gas pipeline and Right-of-Way Services (ROW)energy industry through all phases of project development from Our ROW professionals are proficient at balancing projectpreliminary route / site selection through final commissioning goals while fostering positive landowner relations. We provideand start-up. Our field specialists operate as an integral part of land management and acquisition services utilizing our sophis- OUR CORE VALUESWillbros’ project team in order to complete projects in the most ticated Land Acquisition and Management System (LAMS) as an Through Leadership, Excellence andeffective and cost efficient manner possible. Our services on-line repository for field personnel to track ownership line Accountability:include: lists, survey permission, title completion, easement acquisition, SAFETY land costs, construction conditions and other pertinent data.Preliminary Route / Site Selection Willbros develops parcel database information in a Geographic HONESTY & INTEGRITYWillbros’ field engineers and construction specialists have Information System (GIS) environment with spatial analysis OUR PEOPLEdeep experience selecting the most cost effective pipeline capabilities for efficiently generating maps and reports. We OUR CUSTOMERSroute and station sites for our projects. With assistance from also use LAMS to track the progress of land acquisitionour construction company experts and environmental and land activities against project schedule requirements. SUPERIOR FINANCIAL PERFORMANCEspecialists, we can make the necessary judgments and deci- VISION & INNOVATIONsions regarding constructability, land access/cost and permit- Field Management EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONSting issues that will result in the optimum outcome for the Willbros field management professionals specialize in pre-con-project and our customers. struction and construction services for both FERC and non-FERC projects. We participate in initial project planning and schedul- CONTACT US:FERC Application Support ing as well as all field activities leading to construction and com- UPSTREAM@WILLBROS.COMFor more than three decades, Willbros has been assisting missioning. We provide inspection teams to manage pipe andclients in FERC filing preparation. Our personnel provide the material yards and to monitor quality and compliance with con-necessary services from the filing stage through the FERC tract specifications and industry and governmental regulations.certificate issuance. With our extensive environmental experi- We monitor and report construction progress for schedule com-ence, we have the required knowledge of wetlands, air emis- pliance and can review and recommend approval of contractorsions, threatened or endangered species, and noise, coupled progress payment invoices. We can be our clients’ “eyes andwith our experience in pipeline routing, construction, operations ears” in the field, assisting with design changes and dealingand remediation. We can take an active role in support of with multiple stakeholders.WILLBROS OFFERS THE COMPREHENSIVE KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE TO MEETEVER-CHANGING INDUSTRY STANDARDS AND REQUIREMENTS.
  17. 17. Upstream Field Services ContinuedSurvey Services Materials ManagementWillbros provides a full range of survey services, using the Willbros materials management services include the organiza-most current surveying technology combined with electronic tion and supervision of the receipt, care and custody of projectdata management capability through computer networking permanent materials at the job site. Using the Willbros Materi-systems. We can perform all types of surveys depending on als Management System (MMS), logistics specialists provide in-project requirements and stage of development, including: spection, storage and materials inventory, assuring traceability • DGPS SUBMETER SURVEYS throughout the project. • DGPS SURVEYS TO PICK UP DELINEATED WETLANDS Pipeline Integrity Management • TOTAL STATION AND RTK GPS SUB-CENTIMETER We provide a full range of pipeline integrity management and SURVEYS maintenance. Our services range from turn-key solutions for plan development and complete implementation, including field • SITE SPECIFIC SURVEYS assessments and pipe repairs and rehabilitation, to discrete services for any aspect of system integrity management andMapping Services maintenance. We also provide integrity and risk assessmentWillbros offers mapping services throughout all phases of the consulting services on a case by case basis as needed to fitproject. We provide preliminary map development using the your specific needs.entire ESRI suite of GIS software. We post-process raw surveydata to create coordinate geometry deliverables. Our mappingdesigners are qualified in all industry-accepted drafting pro-grams and provide a full level of drafting support services. Wedevelop complete drawing packages for FERC filings and offerextensive services for providing as-built survey quality controland post processing.
  18. 18. Upstream Operations and Maintenance ServicesWILLBROS GIS AND INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT Gas Gathering Integrity Management and MaintenanceSPECIALISTS HAVE THE EXPERIENCE YOU NEED TO With the effective rulings for gas gathering pipelines, they become subject to safety rules similar to transmission pipelines.DEVELOP PROJECT SOLUTIONS. We have created an in-house service offering to relieve the oper- ator of having to develop its own resources. We can help defineFrom Operations and Maintenance program review to regulation impact and assist clients in compliance. We candevelopment of GIS based risk analysis systems, Willbros identify the segments with GIS processing, implement theupstream O&M specialists are solutions providers. These operating program and assist in its ongoing execution.solutions go beyond simply meeting regulatory obligations, OUR CORE VALUESthey enhance the client’s overall operating performance through GIS and Data Maintenance Through Leadership, Excellence andthe lifecycle of the project. Willbros’ GIS experts have a significant track record in design, Accountability: implementation and management of pipeline GIS systems. SAFETYWillbros offers: Willbros has been involved in the founding of industry standard HONESTY & INTEGRITY ISAT and APM GIS data models and their continued develop-Pipeline Integrity Management and Maintenance ment. We assist in determining the best software vendor to OUR PEOPLEWillbros has an accumulated experience of more than 100 years provide the optimal solution. We develop implementation plans OUR CUSTOMERSin pipeline integrity and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that best fit your requirements and provide the technicalservices to help clients meeting today’s regulatory require- SUPERIOR FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE services you need. We offer feasibility studies, analysis andments. We can build a team that will meet your expectations in system implementation. VISION & INNOVATIONanalyzing high consequence areas (HCA) by definition, imple- EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONSmentation and administration of a full integrity management We provide flexible options for maintaining your GIS systemprogram. We offer risk consulting, assessment and project man- and providing data management services. We can customizeagement. We execute field repairs using a full assortment of these maintenance services to meeting your specific needs. CONTACT US:specialized external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) tools. Our specialists are skilled in the latest ESRI GIS software and UPSTREAM@WILLBROS.COMWe use GIS data updates for repair information and design re- are proficient with a variety of GIS and CAD products.ports to meet client’s regulatory reporting.WILLBROS HAS AN ACCUMULATED EXPERIENCE OF MORE THAN 100 YEARS IN PIPELINEINTEGRITY AND GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) SERVICES TO HELP CLIENTSMEETING TODAY’S REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS.
  19. 19. Upstream Operations and Maintenance Services ContinuedTank Integrity Management and MaintenanceRegulator tank inspections are required to comply withregulations and good engineering practice. The inspection andrepair of above ground storage tanks require the coordinationof multiple technical resources and contractors. Willbros offersa well managed tank inspection and repair services to optimizescheduling and reduce downtime. We can forecast inspectionintervals based on corrosion rates or RBI methods to optimizescheduling, and synchronize inspections based on geographicproximity and operational requirements. We offer pre-arrangedcontracts to reduce the number of suppliers to coordinate andbidding time. We can also provide a capital expenditureforecasting tool to help planning.As- BuiltsWillbros has the necessary skills to cost effectively andexpeditiously create as-built drawings based on existing siteconditions. We utilize laser scanning technology for updatingthese drawings, reducing extensive field survey work, especiallyin hazardous or relatively inaccessible areas.
  20. 20. Midstream Expertise...Local Presence A Good Job On Time...Done Right SMEngineering • Construction • EPC Services • Maintenance • Integrity • GISWillbros has combined its engineering and construction capabilities with recent regional acquisitions to be a strategic local partnerserving your midstream project needs. We back our eld experts with in-house professionals to provide a full suite of service o erings.Our Services Project Types • Project Management, Engineering & Procurement • Gas / Oil Gathering & Processing Facilities • Survey, ROW, & Construction Management • Pump / Compressor Stations • EPC Services • Interconnect / Meter / Regulator Stations • Maintenance & Small Capital Projects • Data Mining & Reconciliation • Gas / Oil Storage Facilities • Cross Country Pipelines WILLBROS Group • Integrity Assessments • Well Connects / Flow Lines Email: contact@willbros.com • Manage & Maintain / GIS Services • Well Site Services www.willbros.com • Corrosion & Laboratory Services Phone: 713.403.8000Pittsburgh, PA • Kansas City, MO • Tulsa, OK • Houston, TX • Ponder, TX • Fort Worth, TX • George West, TX • Odessa, TX • Carlsbad, NM • Farmington, NM • Eunice, NM • Denver, CO