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African-Union Federation Presentation

  1. 1. A Sovereign Nation The United States of Africa Copyright © 2013 African - Union Federation, Inc All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. The African –Union flame has been ignited with wonderful words!
  3. 3. Dear Friend, You are invited to participate in an event that probably occurs every century. By Participating with us, You chose to become one of the Developing Participants of the most efficient tool for change. It is designed to change lives, and contribute to the development, growth, and eventually the empowerment of the African Diaspora and every living person in the African Continent. This Movement is not limited only to the people of African descent. We are using Africa’s immense Natural wealth both in Human and Mineral resources for the benefit of all Mankind! Change your life by joining us as a new Member! * Launching the Federation*
  4. 4. Introduction The African-Union Federation is pleased to announce the efforts of the Nations' now united as a Continental Sovereign Federation and an International Organization on Africa and all Africans. Our primary mission and purpose is to reach out to the International community with a diplomatic approach towards educating the people of the world as to the cultural ways of life, traditions, beliefs, customs, dreams, and visions with hopes that our collective efforts will still promote more peaceful relations and global harmony. We look forward to a brighter future with an equal footing on an International platform in our community.
  5. 5. We at the African-Union Federation are pleased to introduce ourselves as Professionals in the Development areas to help alleviate poverty with all Africans. We have the expertise to focus on the objectives to fulfill the dreams of the African-Union to be known as The United States of Africa. The main aim as Visionaries is to provide missions and present our best efforts to support the African- Union. We as Africans Must Unite as A Sovereign Nation. Over view
  6. 6. African-Union Federation(AUF) Is a non for profit non-governmental African/American Organization, designed and registered in The United States of America as a supporting component of the African- Union, and a devoted tool to accelerate the necessary social and economic changes within the African Continent. About Us Future Home of AUF
  7. 7. Our vision is to HEED Africa's immense needs of Health, Education, Enterprising, and Development. We are the Compassionate Bridge established to facilitate the cross over to a Continent where all Africans, regardless of their tribal ancestry, their Religious background, their political affiliation, including their level of education can realize their fullest potential while living within a peaceful and prosperous Africa. Our Vision
  8. 8. HEED to the New Faces of Africa! Health Education Enterprising Development The Democratic Flame has been ignited! The Democratic Flame will spread like wild Fire all across Africa! Financial Empowerment : “From the African Diaspora with Love” * Long Live The United States of Africa One Nation Indivisible under God/Allah.*
  9. 9. It all started as a promotion of unity and solidarity of the African States and act as collective voice for the African Continent. Established on 25 May 1963. It was disbanded on July 9 2002 by it's last chairperson. South African President Thabo Mbeki, and replaced by the new voice of the New Continent. Today the African-Union (AU) is a working viable and a strong intergovernmental organization consisting of 54 African States. The most important decisions of the (AU) are made by the Assembly of the African-Union, a twice-yearly meeting of the heads of State and Government of it's 54 member states. The AU secretariat, the African-Union Commission, is based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The African-Union
  10. 10. Do you know? • Africa is one of the earth’s seven continents. It is the second largest continent. Africa is a land of great beauty and resources. • The earliest evidence of human beings comes from Africa. Many great cultures developed here.
  11. 11. The continent of Africa means many different things to people in Africa and around the world. To some people it is the home they love. To others it is a mysterious, far off land that they know little about. To geography students, Africa is a large, diverse land meant to explore.
  12. 12. Things to know about Africa • 54 countries United except Morocco • 1 billion people • 800 ethnic groups • The Nile is the world’s longest river at a distance of 4,145 miles long • Second largest of the Earth’s continents
  13. 13. Africa produced many great civilizations. During the time of the Middle Ages of Europe, the African kingdoms of Mali, Ghana and Songhay were places of advanced learning and great wealth. At the time of ancient Egypt, Nubia was a powerful force with an advanced culture. Strong leaders and vast natural resources helped these cultures rule large areas of northern and western Africa for hundreds of years.
  14. 14. Africa is a large continent with many different land regions. Elephants play in the water in the tropical region along the equator where there is plenty of food to feed the large herds. The African elephant has very large ears that are as unique as a human’s fingerprints.
  15. 15. The grassy lands in much of Africa are known as savannas. A good climate and the right amount of rain make the savanna a good place to live. The African savanna region is home to large herds of animals like these giraffes, zebras, and wildebeests, as well as lions, gazelles, and others.
  16. 16. Mount Kilimanjaro, at 19,340 feet, seems to watch over the herds of animals grazing on the plains below. This mountain in Tanzania is Africa’s highest point.
  17. 17. From the rocky coastline…to the sandy desert…
  18. 18. …and from the lazy flowing Nile River…to the roaring waters of Victoria Falls…Africa seems to defy description…to refuse to be tamed…even by words.
  19. 19. Africa’s people are as diverse as the land in which they live. These desert nomads in Egypt still live the same nomadic life as their ancient ancestors, moving from place to place in search of food and water.
  20. 20. While many Africans have adopted a more practical form of dress, these girls continue to dress in the traditional African clothing of their family group.
  21. 21. Most of the people of North Africa are Arabs, following the Muslim religion after their lands were conquered by the followers of Muhammad.
  22. 22. Africa is a land in a state of transition… trying to change and modernize while keeping the traditional values and customs of their people.
  23. 23. This woman in Mali continues to wear traditional clothing and prepare food in the familiar ways of her ancestors. Her customs have preserved her land and heritage through the centuries, while some efforts to modernize have led to disaster.
  24. 24. Poverty, pollution, crime, and disease are all problems that trouble the people of Africa as they begin to develop a more modern way of living. Many think the old ways were better.
  25. 25. Africa – Land of Contrasts We end as we began this presentation. Africa is a very diverse land with many different kinds of people and many different kinds of problems. There can be a solution that will solve all the problems. Africa and the rest of the world will have to work together to solve these problems that may one day affect all of us. Keep your eye on the second largest continent!
  26. 26. Africa has already begun Civilization. Let the Journey Begin with Unity Under God/ Allah as A Sovereign Nation. “The United States of Africa.”
  27. 27. Africa One Nation One Federal Government One Currency One Passport 54 States 54 Heads of State A Sovereign Nation One Nation under God/Allah/Jah. The United States of Africa!
  28. 28. African-Union Federation The Developers of African – Union Federation, USA. For further information please contact: Wilhem L. Blanchard, Chairman Telephone: (310) 430-1853 E-mail: Reginald J. Anglade, Vice-Chairman Telephone: (310) 686-6440 E-mail: