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Make Money Save Money Tips by Will Robinson


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Make Money Save Money Tips is a very informative guide on what to look for in a home business and how to get traffic to make a profit.

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Make Money Save Money Tips by Will Robinson

  1. 1. Make Money Save Money Tips Ebook was designed with you the struggling business owner in mind. Some may look at this ebook and say I can make a few thousands dollars off of this. Well, it was not made for that reason. You see I'm not a selfish person. I has been my hope and dream to help others that have suffer in business on and offline. I create success story business, whether it be a traditional business, MLM home business or work from home office business. I just want to share this information to elevate those that have falling beyond their expectations. First, I would like to start by talking about some of the biggest compliants in the business world. In order for anyone to become a success in business on or offline they must be able to do 2 essential things:
  2. 2. 1. Leads – They must be able to get leads. What are leads? A lead is basically a person that may be interested in what you are offering. A lead can also be a person that you can guide or direct in a course of action. 2. Conversions/Converting – Conversions/Converting is the art of turning leads into customers. In others words getting a lead (a interested person) to buy what you are offering. Some people are very good at this. Some will go to extremes to accomplish this. I believe in being a man of value and integrity. I enjoy sleeping at night so I have to be honest with all potential clients. I don't believe in using lies and trickery to get sales. Many believe that giving a person a little push is the way to go. That is ok as long as you don't push them over the cliff or push them down and take their money. I believe in sounding convincing based on facts. This works for me. I sometimes sell life insurance and I learned that if you have to really push hard to get a person to buy, watch out for what could happen down the road. That which you have gain you could lose in no time at all. That would mean that would have wasted your time, gas money and a possible friendship. In the world of life insurance if a person cancels their policy on you it could cost you dearly, especially if you were paid 6 to 10 months in advance. Remember, this “A man persuaded against his will is of the same opinion still” E.G.White. You may be able to convince a person for the moment, but how long will that last. It is best to sell that person what they want and need than to sell them what you want. Now, with this in mind let began with the things that we don't like in business. 1. Large start-up cost 2. Monthly payments 3. Buying product that you might not want or need 4. Earning only 5%-50% on sales
  3. 3. 5. Getting paid every 2-4 weeks 6. Compensation plans that are hard to understand 7. Not taught how to save money. 8. Bonuses that are almost impossible to get. 9. Too many meeting to attend. Finally,Your sponsor and company customer support team that seem to have gone into the witness protection program or worst. I'm sure we can all relate to this. The question is how can a person make money and save money in an offline or online business. I have listed a few tips. 1. When starting a business make sure that you do your research. 2. Start out with a business, if possible that doesn't have a monthly fee. 3. Make sure that the compensation plan is easily understood. 4. Don't invest large amounts of money when starting out. 5. Try to find a business that doesn't make you buy products you don't need. 6. Try to find a business that does things through a system. 7. Find a company that doesn't have a lot of meetings or require you to have them. 8. Find a company that has a successful training program. 9. You must make sure that the business you choose has a marketing system in place. Finally, you must make sure that there is a system that shows you how to convert leads or a looks like it would help you to convert leads. I could end this ebook right here, but I won't because I want to help you. You see I have been online for years trying to find that perfect business or perfect opportunity that would allow me to make money that would eventually replace my current income. Yes, I must admit it I was hoping to one day fire my boss, nothing personal. Recently, I came a across this opportunity that fit all of my criteria. You may find one that may fit a little better for you and that's ok. But this one was best for me. Why was this such a great fit.? Well, if offered 15 marketing that will
  4. 4. help me to be successful. These marketing tools I can use not just for my current business, but for other businesses that I would like to run in the future. These tools help me to capture information, helps me to get unlimited leads and so much more. Secondly, it has a one-time fee of $25. Thirdly, I don't have to have meetings in my home and spend money I don't have. The compensation plan is easy to understand and is one of the best I have ever seen. Finally, the support staff and training is great. I'm going to list the business that I have chosen and just a few more that I have look at recently. These are great for beginning. One point is that it will not cost a potential client a whole lot of money to get started. 1. Ultimate Cycler 2. ZNZ Big Cash (The trial offer must be kept for 80% of the time) 3. ZNZ One (The trial offer must be kept for 80% of the time) 4. Stiforp ( This one does require a small monthly) With Ultimate Cycler all you have to do is get 2 faithful people that will get 2 faithful people. You don't have to go out and get 1000s of people which is common with most home based business. You also don't have to depend on people that follow you to get lots of people. This is the best system online. Many are scared to join this because it's only been out for less than 6 months. But, the results speak for themselves. Well, there's another thing to consider people who join pay you. You don't have to wait on company checks. Make sure (with ZNZ) when you get to the 80% time limit, if you keep or if your cancel it you will still get paid. Of course to make this a free for you, you will have to cancel. This is only done once. Once that requirements is meet your can them profit as you get others to try the free offers. Now the key to success with any business is getting traffic the business. One of the effective ways of getting traffic to business is by using Social Media. SEO may take a while. What you need is traffic as fast as you can get it. This is an inexpensive way to get traffic. List below are the Social sites I use.
  5. 5. 1. Twitter 2.Facebook 3.LinkedIn 4.Google + What you will need to do is open up account at these 4 Social Sites. Once you have done, then join 1 or all 3. 1. Hootsuite 2. Vic Consult 3. Tweet Deck How Does all of this work to get traffic to your website? Twitter - Let's start with Twitter. Twitter has a rule that you can't had no more than 200-250 followers per day. Each day I add a least 150-200 followers a day. Facebook – I have a Facebook Fan page . What I use now is Vic Consult. My Vic Consult is setup to send direct message to every better who follows me back on twitter. This is what the message looks like.
  6. 6. Notice, the link in the message. Most on Twitter will not click on normal links due to spam and viruses. You will need to get a Facebook link. It's simple setup a fan page for you business. Then copy link then go to This site is a link shortening website. Once you insert the link and press the button to shorten you will receive a Facebook address or url that looks like this on.fb/12345. The new followers are being directed to the Facebook fan page to “like” the page. This will open the door for you to communicate with them at a later date and time. This also helps you to weed out those that are not interested. Each day you can post messages on your site that all of your followers will see on their front page when they log-on to their Facebook. VicConsult – VicConsult has several features. One of the features that makes it possible for the person to get a direct message once they follow you is provided by the Autoreply/Follow feature. TweetDeck – Where does TweetDeck come in. You Can Use TweetDeck to Get Targeted followers.
  7. 7. You can make columns and label them according to a keywords that may relate to your niche. For example, if you are into home business you can make a column and title it home business. You will now get people that are mentioning the word “home business” or using the # (hashtag) with the word “home business” in their messages. This works the same for any word. Especially, words like blogger, entrepreneur, success, coach, leader, etc. These words related to business. If you are looking for people under that topic just simply build a column and title it. You can get some of your daily 200-250 followers from TweetDeck. As much as possible check the rules on following others on Twitter an other social networks. You don't want to get your account shutdown. The big advantage of adding followers this way compared to adding followers directly from a persons Twitter page profile is that these Twitter followers are active followers. In others words their tweets are current. When you do a search using the Twitter search bar for followers in your niche you have to check more information to see if that potential new follower has been active. I must admit another advantage when using Tweetdeck is the following to followers ratio. This can be check by simply clicking on the face
  8. 8. of the potential Twitter follower. If the ratio is 3 to 1, more followers than following this is a good thing. If the person you're about to follow is following 100 people, but has 3000 people following him. The chances of that person following you are pretty slim. But, this is not always the case. This is just something that you should consider. You don't want to follow a bunch of people that will not follow you back. Now, let's look at the crown jewel of software, Hootsuite. Hootsuite – Now, that you have followers and have signed up for a Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ accounts you can now connect them all on Hootsuite. You simply add them by going to Hootsuite. 1. Click on the Streams tab 2. The next step is click on + Social Network tab 3. You will see several Social Networks that you can choose from. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ can be seen there. You just add the one that you are going to use. I use the main 4. 4. If you want killer traffic to your Facebook page along with the other sites just send out a quote (a motivational quote) of any kind between 6- 8am. You will began to get responses on all the Social Sites that you have connected to. But, here goes the the major traffic key. Join Facebook and Linkedin Groups. There are 100s if not 1000s of groups. Please make sure that the groups you join will allow you to post business ads. Don't post no more than 2 a day per group. The best time is between 6am-8am, 11am-2pm and 4-6pm. When you sign-in to either of your accounts each day you will notice that you are getting leads. You can never have too many leads. Finally, another way to get leads is through joining sites that have large amounts of buyers, sellers and traffic. I'm just going to list a few sites that specialized in getting businesses traffic. These are premium sites that you may consider.
  9. 9. 1. Sokule – You can post your messages to 105,000 users daily. 2. Business World List – You can send108,721email broadcast in 48 hours. 3. University of Internet Science – You learn here for “free” how to get even more traffic to your website from some of the top Classified sites in the world. You will also be taught marketing strategies for “free”. 4. Adlandpro – Post Ad on16,000 Affiliate Sites For Free. The key to success is to follow a system. Daily routine will increase success. One thing you might want to try to do is to always have more people following you than you are following. Occasionally, your follower to following ratio may go below social network standard. This can be remedied by purchasing followers through Fiverr, Fourerr and GigsBull. Hint:You don't have to pay a fortune for followers just look on Fiverr for the $5 deals, Fourerr for the $4 deals and Gigbull for the $3 deals. Conclusion: Once you get all of those followers if you are not getting conversions or you're not closing the deal on sales. Don't hesitate to call those who have opted-in, followed you or “liked” your page. There's a script that you can use to increase your success rate, for that script contact me. Please contact me at: Will Robinson Facebook Fan Page Myspace- willbrich1 Twitter - willbfree1 Skype – willrobins1 Opportunity