Magic Submitter Software Overview


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Magic Submitter Software Overview

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Magic Submitter Software Overview

  1. 1. Magic Submitter Tutorials OVERVIEW Open up Magic Submitter Every time you setup an account on a service, it works track all the information from your profile.1 Profile Actions : There are couple of way to create a Profile. The first one is to click on the Magic Submitter Icon on the top left corner, the drop down menu opens, then you choose “New Profile” menu item.
  2. 2. Overview Alternatively, you can click “Create Profile” icon on the navigation bar. “Setup Profile Data” dialogue box opens. You can put anything you want in this dialogue box. It could be a company, it could be alias, it could be your personal information. There is a great feature exist in the top left corner called “Fill Profile”. Just click on it.2 Magic submitter Tutorials
  3. 3. Overview“Mail Server Type” dialogue opens. Choose “Yahoo” from the dropdown menu.Magic Submitter will create a very unique identity for your marketing.It fills all the fields for you. It is just a starting point. You can changepassword or anything here. Magic submitter Tutorials 3
  4. 4. Overview You can create as many profiles as you want. If you click on “Profile Actions” button, it opens the “Open Profile” dialogue box. In that dialogue box, you can see all the profile you created. Here, you can choose the profile which you want to work with. You can edit your profile, add one, or delete the profile which you do not want anymore. We will give you much more information on profiles in “How to Setup a Profile” tutorial. 2 Manage Items : When we are going to create a campaign, and submit an item (video, pdf, link, audio file, picture file), just click on the “Manage Items” button. The “Submit Item List” dialogue opens.4 Magic submitter Tutorials
  5. 5. Overview Click Add button. The Edit Submit Item opens. Here you enter all the information of the item you are going to submit.3 Create Accounts : Create Accounts is used in couple of different areas, one is to create an email account, and the another one is to create an account on a service (ex :,, etc.). If you choose video in the Service Type dropdown menu, the related services list is displayed at the bottom. If you want to create email, you have to choose “Mail Services” in the dropdown menu and the services list will be changed accordingly. Magic submitter Tutorials 5
  6. 6. Overview To create a mail service account, for example, put checkmark besides in the list and click “Create Accounts” button. If you want to create an account on all the video services, then choose video in the Service Type dropdown menu and click “Create Accounts” button. Remember, the Create Accounts feature uses the profile which we choose under the Profile Actions. If you not sure which profile is choosen, just check at the bottom of the screen.6 Magic submitter Tutorials
  7. 7. Overview4 Read Emails : When we signup to a service, and create an account, it will send you a verification link to your email. The Magic Submitter plays a very important roll here. If we press “Read Emails” button, Magic Submitter goes in to your mails, and click on those links and verifies all the accounts on Autopilot.5 Submit Items : The big play button is used the submit the items we created.6 Set Categories : These categories are also linked to the services. Click on the Video from the Service type. If we want to submit a How To video, click on a Service (for example :, the Categories List dialogue opens, then we choose Education category for our How To video, because it is the appropriate category for it. Magic submitter Tutorials 7
  8. 8. Overview Then click on the to get the categories list, and choose Viral/Other category as there is no appropriate category for our How to vedio. Then click on, in the categories list choose How-To. Next time, if you want to submit another video in How-To category, you don’t have to go into the categories list every time for every Service. There is a great feature available with Magic Submitter called “Set Categories”. Just click on the “Save Categories” button. All our category settings will be saved as a template. Next time, to submit item to the same category, we can just click on the Load Categories button to load the template. It incredibly saves our time.8 Magic submitter Tutorials
  9. 9. Overview7 Options : In the Options dialogue we can set captcha and Browser Window Count settings. If we create accounts on 50 - 100 different services, it is best to set the Browser Window Count setting to 3, so that we can create accounts on 3 services at a time. It really saves our time. But, to submit a video file, we have to set the Browser Window Setting to 1 to avoid the uploading errors. You can also adjust the timout here. If something get stuck somewhere for some reason, you can excel the timeout, and go to the next service by adjusting it here. You can set the captcha settings in the Captcha section. Magic submitter Tutorials 9
  10. 10. Overview If you have any doubt, or, if you want to learn more, you can always click on the Help button which is located at the top. 8 Designer Tab In the Designer Tab, you add new site, edit the service or delete the service.10 Magic submitter Tutorials
  11. 11. Overview In the Designer Tab, you add new site, edit the service or delete the service.9 Register Command : The Register Command is used to create commands like, “click on log in”, “put user name and password”, “add a new post”, “insert this title”, “insert this code”. After programming these commands, the commands work autopilot and can go to the any site and submit the content.10 Submit Command Once we create commands by Register Command, those commands can function by pressing the Submit Command.11 Export Service Once you create a service, you can save it, share it, and export it.12 Import Service You can import the service from anyone in your community. Magic submitter Tutorials 11
  12. 12. Overview 13 Profile In the profile dialogue you can add, delete and edit the profiles. 14 Service Type : In the Service type dialogue, you can add as many services as you wish. 15 Profile Fields : In the Profile Fields dialogue, you can add category fields.12 Magic submitter Tutorials
  13. 13. Overview16 System : Under the System tab you can backup everything you have done, restore it, check for updates, Magic submitter Tutorials 13