Advanced portfolio evaluation


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Advanced portfolio evaluation

  1. 1. Alice Williams
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions ofreal media product?
  3. 3. Many media products are very conventional because of how they all want to attract theiraudience and get them interested into what is being sold on the television.I also made my advert quite conventional in the way that Ifocused on just trying to make it look good and my model lookgood instead of actually making a narrative for my perfume,which are sometimes used in perfume adverts. However, mainlyin perfume adverts they just want it to look good which makesthe perfume do so as well. However, I think I developed it a lotmore in the way that It was focused very much on the actressand not on the setting or the story like some perfume adverts arefocused on.My media product does use conventions of real media productsin the way that I have focused my adverts on the person andwhat they look like like many perfume adverts do. This isbecause of how it makes the audience want to be like thatperson catching their attention towards the advert.This is the woman from a NinaRicci advertThis is the model from myperfume advert Rouge
  4. 4. I went against the convention of presenting the perfume bottle at the end of my perfumeadvert which usually many perfume adverts do. This is because of how I was going to followthe convention by presenting my perfume in the same setting of my perfume advert, just likethe perfume in the Giorgio Armani perfume advert which also reflects the water like it hasdone in the advert.However in the end my logo looked better at presenting what the product is rather thanthe perfume bottle. However, I think that this may not present the product as well as itcould have done to the audience but hopefully enough that the audience still understandwhat the perfume is for which think they would be able to get from ‘Eau de Parfum’. Iinstead tried to focus on the woman that should manage to represent the kind ofperfume that it is, therefore not needing to show the product as much.
  5. 5. My perfume adverts could be presented to challenge the forms and conventions in the waythat I have had my actress to act it two very different ways in my two adverts, instead ofjust showing one side of the perfume I decided to present two sides to it in the way thatone’s elegant and the others rocky. This represents how it is for anyone because it’s ‘forthe passionate’ suggesting that it isn’t just for one type of niche audience it is for a muchbroader audience of women.This isn’t usually seen in many perfume adverts because of how the perfume are usuallyonly seen to present one time of personality to show a sense of continuity in the perfumeadverts and to emphasise to the audience who this perfume is really for. However, Iwanted to get away from that and present two different sides to it to create a bigger rangefor my perfume.First advert where the model ismuch more reserved and elegantThe second advert where the modelrepresents a much more fun and rockypersonality.
  6. 6. I also think my advert has challenged conventions in the way that I didn’t really have asetting because of the way that it was just a photo shoot. This isn’t really seen in manyperfume adverts maybe because of how it could look quite plain. This is why I had sometrouble in trying to think of ideas to film with because there wasn’t a lot to work withfrom my setting. However, I think I did the best with what I had, and was able to make itlook like some sort of perfume advert.These three perfume adverts present the setting as quite grand to be able to present the perfumethrough the setting in which they have made, Such as the glamorous setting to present theglamorous and expensive side to their perfume and the fairy tale setting like in the Nina Ricciadvert to present the more childlike, sweet perfume. I didnt have a big setting like this sotherefore I had to rely more on the model and the clothes to represent the perfume itselfinstead of the setting like many adverts do.
  7. 7. However the way in which I filmed myactress could be seen as quiteconventional because of how Ifocused closely on her, with someclose ups of her face and what shelooks like and some medium shots topresent the clothes she is wearingwhich is also a big part in perfumeadverts because it is more about whatit looks like and what the model lookslike instead of anything else. Manyperfume adverts are just about tryingto make the advert look good, mainlythrough mise en scene such as theoutfits, the actress, the surroundings,they all have to look good to attractthe audience so that they are drawn toit, which is a big part of perfumeadverts and what I tried to do withmine, presenting my media product asvery conventional as I got a lot of myinspiration from watching alreadyexisting media products.Medium and close up shots from the Dioraddict perfume advertMedium and close up shotsfrom my adverts
  8. 8. SponsorshipsWith my sponsorship sequences I think I did try to follow the conventions in the way that theyusually present the product in some way connecting to their advert but shorter and then sayingwhat it sponsors. This is why I decided to use just one clip that I had filmed and then present myperfume and my slogan and then what it sponsors so that it still showed a continuity with myadverts but just quicker so that the audience had more of a chance to see the product and what itreally is, therefore I tried to look more at the branding and the association with the programmein my sponsorship sequences than I did with my adverts. The programme I decided to sponsorwas ‘New girl’ which is mainly just for girls and young women which is on E4 which is also quitea young persons television channel. I think this shows what my product is aimed at which is whyI thought it would be a good programme for my media product to sponsor so that it would beseen by my target audience.
  9. 9. I think that I also strongly branded my product because of the way that the name is blackwriting with a red E in all of my tasks that I have made; this therefore makes a connectionbetween my two adverts and my ancillary tasks so when the audience see this name theywould know what it was for and therefore link it back to the perfume. This also helpsbecause of how my two adverts are very different from each other therefore this helps topresent that they are both for the same perfume and not for different things. The red ‘E’ atthe end gives it some colour which also links in with the name and reinforces the perfumesname ‘Rouge’ which may help audiences to remember the name of this certain perfumebecause of the way the colour would stick in their head.
  10. 10. How effective is the combination of your mainand ancillary texts?
  11. 11. In my main and ancillary tasks I knew it was important to have synergy throughout, thisis the reason as to why I have used the same music, slogan and logo throughout theancillary tasks to emphasise my main advert.However, I have made the two adverts quite different which could represent them notbeing combined together for the same product. However, I wanted to show that myperfume was for a broader audience and could be aimed at any young woman, whateverthey are like, this is the reason as to why my two adverts do not show an obvious synergy,however to make up for it I have made sure that I have used the same small things such asthe actress, the music, the slogan, the logo and the colour red to represent how it is stillfor the same perfume, and hopefully this makes the audience realise that they are for thesame product. It could be suggested that it is the actress/model which is iconic for thisbrand of perfume and that the audience would recognise her throughout my differentadverts to present that they are all for the same campaign.
  12. 12. I have used the same music throughout all five tasks to show the combinationthroughout them all to present the perfume so when the audience see one they willrecognise it for that perfume due to the song.I think this piece of music was goodfor my tasks because of how one of myadverts is quite slow paced howeverthe other is quite fast therefore it washard to find the right song for it,however the song I have chosenseemed to fit with both making it ableto present the combination betweenall five tasks. This means that theviewer would be able to recognise thiscertain song to the brand of perfumeand would therefore make that linkbetween the two adverts, sponsorshipsequences and the radio advert.“The music was different to otherperfume adverts, but I liked it.”Here is a comment that I gotback on my audience feedbackquestionnaire. I think themusic I used is quite differentto normal songs you wouldhear in perfume adverts like itsays here because I don’t thinkit is as catchy like in normaladverts. But with how I had touse it for two different types ofadverts I do think it workedquite well.
  13. 13. I also made sure my logo; the brand name of my perfume was at the end of all the tasks either in bigor seen on the perfume bottle itself. I had the words ‘Rouge’ written in there with the same fontwith the ‘E’ of the name written in red. I think this logo would help the audience distinguish whichadverts are for this same perfume brand and I think it is a name/logo which can be easilyremembered by the viewers. This name is also heard many of times said in my radio advert toreinforce this brand into the listeners ears which will help them remember it and then be able to seethis link between that radio advert and the television adverts and sponsorship sequences.In my research and planning stages I saw how important the branding and the logo of a productwas. This was because of how this is how the audience recognise and remember the product andin the end this makes the product become a brand.Here is one of the perfume adverts I looked at which is Chanel No.5 perfume. By the logo that theyhave, audiences know straight away when they see it that it is a Chanel perfume advert. And I wastrying to do the same with mine with the red ‘E’ so that people will remember it and know that allof the media texts I have made are all part of one brand.
  14. 14. Did the audience think that all my five media texts worked well together?This shows that there wascontinuity and synergythroughout all five of mymedia texts because in myquestionnaire audienceshave answered ‘yes’ tothem all working welltogether.In all, I think all five tasks that I have done do work together well. Although my two adverts can beseen as quite different from each other because of how I wanted to show these different sides to theperfume, I still think that they manage to present a connection between the both to show this samebranding through the music and the actress and I think the audience will still recognise this link. Mysponsorship sequences I think also combine well to present this brand in the way that they dopresent the same things as the adverts did but in a much shorter way. However, they all work well ontheir own as well and can be understood without the other texts with them. Although altogether Ithink they could be presented as quite a strong branding of perfume.
  15. 15. What have you learnt from your audiencefeedback?
  16. 16. To get feedback from my audiences for my adverts and ancillary tasks I decided to make aquestionnaire on Goggle docs to try and get as much feedback as possible. I then put this onFacebook as this targeted my age range as it would have mainly been done by young adults.I created questions where the audiences were able to easily reply through multiple choice,with answers from ‘yes’, ‘to some extent’, ‘not really’ and ‘No’. These helped to see what theaudiences thought of my work, I asked questions which were set around my aims andwhether my audience had thought I had achieved this, such as whether they thought it was agood perfume advert and if all the tasks I made worked well together. However, I alsocreated a few open questions where I could get proper feedback from my audiences where Igot their views on how my adverts were like already existing adverts and what I could havedone to improve the adverts that I have made.
  17. 17. What is your view of the adverts based on the Ads?I thought this was an important question because of how I wanted the audience tointerpret my adverts as a very positive product. The results for this question was very goodas I got 100% positive feedback from my audience suggesting that they did feel that theadvert reflected the product in a positive way which was what I was trying to do. This isbecause I wanted the product to be viewed in a fun but elegant way, in this way reflectingthe model where I hoped the audience would want to be like her or look up to her whichusually happens in many professional perfume adverts. I feel that I have achieved this inpresenting it in a positive way.
  18. 18. I then went on to ask if the product that was being advertised was clear at everystage.I thought that this was also a very importantquestion because of how obviously I hopedthat the audience would understand whattype of product the advert was actually for,however to some extent I did want someambiguity throughout the advert till the veryend which usually happens in quite a lot ofperfume adverts to what is actually beingadvertised. I got a range of responses fromthis question which I was worried aboutbecause of how I did not present theperfume bottle at the end of this advertwhich is a typical convention of alreadyexisting perfume adverts. Therefore I thinkthis is why the product wasn’t seen as clear asit could have been if I had actually presentedthe product to the audience and what itlooked like, which may have stuck in theirhead more.
  19. 19. Did you find them interesting and engaging?This question was to find out from my audience whether they found it easy to watch andwhether if they were on tele they would have been drawn into that advert.If the answers to this were seen to be mostly ‘yes’ then this would have been good as I wouldhave achieved my aim of creating a good enough perfume advert for television as the mainpart of adverts is to interest and engage audiences and therefore engage them in the productalso.The majority of responses for thisquestion was that the audience didfind these adverts interesting andengaging. This was a positiveresponse and showed me that myadverts were received well by theviewers engaging in what was goingon in them.
  20. 20. Did you find the logo/slogan memorable?Here I wanted to see whether viewers found the way I had branded my product assuccessful. This was again very positive in the way that the feedback that I got was nearly100% successful. This suggests that audiences would remember it after the advert had beenshown, which is a good effect for adverts to have. The way in which I presented the name ofthe product at the end of each task, with it all looking the same I think helped to embedthe product in the viewers heads. This was very useful feedback as it presented that Iachieved my aim of making a memorable brand to my target audience.
  21. 21. Other comments that I had got back from my audience helped me to see what theyreally thought about what I had made and whether they found my adverts to be likealready existing products and some comments about what I could have done to improvethese adverts.“They look like legitimate adverts for a real brand” This was the main aim of my campaignbecause it presents that the audience found that it did look like an advert for a proper product.“The female model was gorgeous, her hair reflected the perfume and she was elegant yet fun, just likethe parfum‘” This was a nice comment to get because it was exactly what I was trying to portray in myadverts. This is because it is a typical convention in perfume adverts where the model is meant toportray the perfume.“The style, the shots of the model all show a typical perfume advert. the music was different to otherperfume adverts tho, but I liked it” This presents the conventions that I was following from existingperfume adverts and the conventions that I changed to make them different, this presents that theaudience did like the conventions that I had broken such as the music.“You didnt really know what the product was until the end.” This was another one of my aims in myadverts because that is usually what perfume adverts do, not present the actual perfume till the end.However this may have not reinforced the product to the audience as much as it should have.There were many comments in the improvement section which mentioned that a more interestinglocation could be used. And also how the product could have been showed at the end to reinforce whatwas being advertised. I very much agree with these comments because of how these were things that Ivery much would have liked to have done in my adverts as I think it would have been better if I hadmade my product more obvious at the end and a different location may have been a lot moreinteresting.
  22. 22. How did you use new media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning andevaluation stages?
  23. 23. I used YouTube a lot first of all to help look into adverts and the codes and conventions ofdifferent types of adverts that there was and how they had engaged their audience intowatching them. It helped me to analyse these different types of adverts to help me choosewhat type of advert I wanted to make.Planning and research:When I then decided that my product was going to be perfumeI decided to focus on women’s perfume adverts, therefore I usedYouTube to look at and understand what perfume advertsusually have in them. I analysed many different perfumeadverts, ones with little stories in them and ones which aremainly made just to look good. When I had decided what typeof perfume advert I was going to make I then decided to look atvideos of photo-shoots instead to help me get an Idea of whatthey kind of looked like in photo-shoots. Therefore, YouTubewas a big part in helping me in my research and planning stagesto help me understand what I needed to integrate in my ownperfume adverts that I was going to make.
  24. 24. I also used email in the way that I had to talk to the band Hindsights to see if I could use oneof their songs. This was an easy way to get through to talking to them and I quickly gotfeedback to say that I could.Throughout this stage I also used my blog a lot so thateverything that I found that was important informationin relation to the adverts that I was going to make I putup there so that I could easily find it again and it helpedto decide what I was doing in my planning stage to beable to look at everything I had found and bringing allthose ideas together to give me ideas of what I wanted todo in my own perfume advert.
  25. 25. Construction:I used a voice recorder to record my voice over for my adverts. I had some trouble with thisbecause of how, the first time I tried it, over my advert, it sounded like it was quite distant withsome noise in the background as well. However once I had tried it again, the sound was muchbetter and it sounded much more professional than it had before.In the construction of my adverts I mainly used premier pro toedit together the filming that I had done. I think that premierpro is an easy way to get what you want out of your advert in theway that you can edit together your footage to how you want itto look. I also thought it was good because I could use fade insand dissolves to make the transactions between different shotslook better.The media technologies that I used in the process of filming wasmainly a Canon 550d camera which helped me to play aroundand use things such as soft focus to make my adverts look a bitmore interesting.
  26. 26. Evaluation:Another technology that I used was Google docs where Imade my questionnaire for my audience feedback this wasbecause of how it was an easy way to make questionnairesand easy for people to be able to feedback quickly online, Ialso used this in my research stage when I did aquestionnaire to find out what made people want to watchperfume adverts. Google docs was also good for this becauseonce I got my feedback It could easily be used to put intocharts and graphs and present the findings that I hadclearly. This would have been much harder and longer to doif I had done it by hand. Also with it being online it meantthat I could embed my links to make people watch my workbefore they were able to answer the questions which wouldhave been a lot more difficult if I had had to use print outversions.I also used media technologies right through the evaluation stage because of how I have uploadedall of my media texts onto YouTube so that it was easy for people to be able to see them and seewhat feedback I get, this also made it easier in uploading it onto my blog. I also have usedFacebook by putting my questionnaire up onto there to get people to comment and fill it out.