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Slides from showing of computer animation at the Imaginary Lounge, Phoenix Media, part of Animated Exeter 2010. Explores a connection from early work through the demoscene to current music video.

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Digital Music Video

  1. 1. Digital Music Video www (will's wonderful world of) revised slides from 13 Feb 2010 Animated Exeter
  2. 2. New Canvas Term used for early computer animation at previous event during Animated Exeter. Greg Kurcewicz also curated "A Beautiful Virus Inside the Machine" about Lillian Schwartz. Could be Visual Music Expanded Cinema
  3. 3. Lillian Schwartz - A BEAUTIFIUL VIRUS INSIDE THE MACHINE: Shown in 2002 Films: NEWTONIAN I, 1978, 4 mins, 16mm, colour NEWTONIAN II, 1978, 5 mins 30 secs, 16mm, colour MUTATIONS, 1974, 7 mins 30 secs, 16mm, colour PIXILLATION, 1970, 4 mins, 16mm, colour GOOGLEPLEX, 1972, 5 mins 30 secs, 16mm, colour & b/w RITUEL, 1979, 30 mins, 16mm, colour UFO’S, 1971, 3 mins, 16mm, colour continues
  4. 4. Virus continued METAMORPHOSIS, 1974, 8 mins 15 secs, 16mm, colour & b/w PICTURES FROM A GALLERY, 1976, 7 mins, 16mm, colour THE ARTIST AND THE COMPUTER, 1976, 10 mins, 16mm, colour L’OISEAU, 1977, 4 mins, 16mm, colour ALAE, 1975, 5 mins, 16mm, colour APOTHEOSIS, 1973, 4 mins 30 secs, 16mm, colour PAPILLIONS, 1974, 4 mins, 16mm, colour INNOCENCE, 1973, 2 mins 30 secs, 16mm, colour ENIGMA, 1972, 4 mins 20 secs, 16mm, colour & b/w
  5. 5. New Canvas 1.Poemfield # 2 Stan Vanderbeek and Kenneth Knowlton 1966 USA 6 min
  6. 6. 2.Cibernetik 5.3 John Stehura 1965-69 USA 16mm Colour 8 min
  7. 7. 3.Hummingbird Charles Csuri 1967 USA B/W 10 min
  8. 8. 4. The Flexipede Tony Pritchett 1968 UK 2 min com/2008/09/flexipede.html
  9. 9. 5.Permutations John Whitney 1966 USA 8 min
  10. 10. 6.Olympiad Lillian Schwartz 1971 USA 2:35 min Music: Max Mathews 7.Two Space Larry Cuba 1979 USA 8 min
  11. 11. Center For Visual Music On Curating Recent Digital Abstract Visual Music By Jack Ox and Cindy Keefer New York Digital Salon & Abstract Visual Music Show in 2005 some video online Visual Music is not always digital.
  12. 12. _grau | Robert Seidel | HD
  13. 13. Online store for DVDs and an archive with the world's largest collection of resources on visual music, including historical work on film and new contemporary digital work.
  14. 14. Expanded Cinema Book by Gene Youngblood, 1970 Summary in Wikipedia Colour plates and book as PDF download Part Four CYBERNETIC CINEMA AND COMPUTER FILMS
  15. 15. So "New Canvas" still useful term. to describe what was shown previously during Animated Exeter Greg Kurcewicz website has text and video- Extract follows from The Cinematic Experience On Feb 13th, showing of Overstimulation uk/project/overstimulation/
  16. 16. We do not really need a new technology. We have enough of it, even too much of it, and only a few artists artist are deploying it critically. In VJ-ing and much “live, digital” cinema I see just software and rarely communication. I am not impressed with software, in the same way that I am not simply impressed with mediums of cds, mini discs or even vinyl records.
  17. 17. Digital technology opens up a whole new archive of material for artists but it is a leveller of images. Whereas we might all have many differences culturally, and many different cultural reference points, we do have one thing in common: our nervous system. To get into a situation where we are questioning our perception is in fact a great commonality, one that is achieved in many experimental films. To return our view to the real world is a breakthrough for us at this moment in time. To re- discover the act of looking and a space for looking at something is a crucial and political act to undertake for artists.
  18. 18. demoscene Ruairi Fullan will be there so I just need to introduce this and hope it relates ok to other content. There is a book in PDF form for download, but not free... Discussion on copyright etc. later depending on timings.
  19. 19. @party Special notice to all the readers: We do not want to be a videogame. We don't want to be an art movie either. We are just kickin it DEMOSTYLE. -- from Re-recycle by Fairlight Related material A Silent KeyJason Scott describes interviewing an oldskool ham who had an archive of telegraph art. Oskar Fischinger (Wikipedia) Mary Ellen Bute (Wikipedia) John Whitney (Wikipedia) "Analog Demo Scene: Get Real" (a humorous short film) Please feel free to suggest additional resources
  20. 20. Suggested additional resources Pages at Center for Visual Music Oskar Fischinger Mary Ellen Bute Additional information, not in Wikipedia
  21. 21. Section on demoscene included Tesla by Sunflower
  22. 22. Digital Music Video Examples of digital video made for music.
  23. 23. This one will be shown. DVD version has arrived. The title is EUCLIDEAN music Steve Jolliffe, animation Paul Gillard
  24. 24. Copyright Discussion as time is available. Some recent work is widely available online. Early content not so easy to find so is not as well known as could be. What options? How to finance a future occasion? If tickets sold, what scale? For example, the Black Box 50 seats x £3 What is distributed in the UK within this sort of budget?
  25. 25. Decode Code Interactive Networked Copyright / Marketing Gallery
  26. 26. Kinetic Animation Shown early evening May be a new term when the selection is repeated ( see list on final slides)
  27. 27. Games aspect
  28. 28. Layered video, mixing animation and performance. What possibilities? Discussion could continue during Vibraphonic Meanwhile, from Breakpoint
  29. 29. Kinetic Animation, work shown 6 Weeks in June , Stuart Hilton UK 1998 3 Ways to Go, Sarah Cox UK 1997 Magnetic Movie, Semiconductor UK 2007 Silence Moves, Shay Hamias UK 2002 Virus, Robert Proch Poland 2008 Battements Solaires, Patrick Bokanowski France 2007 Stressed, Karen Kelly UK 1995 Flying Fur, George Griffin USA 1981 Clocks, Kirsten Winter Germany 1995 Sunset Strip, Kayla Parker UK 1996 Triangle, Erica Russell UK 1994 Programmed by Jayne Pilling