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Windows on wii


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Windows 3.1 on wii- HOW TO INSTALL

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Windows on wii

  1. 1. How to install windows 3.1 on WIIMaterials needed A wii A(n) SD card (MAKE SURE ITS SDHC) Homebrew Channel Homebrew Browser Wii Remote Keyboard And Mouse. Windows 3.1 install disk
  2. 2. Step 1 Download Letterbomb (For wii) Using letterbomb: 1. Put the letterbomb files onto your wiis SDHC card and make sure you got the files at [] Follow the instructions on that webpage. (example) Rename Original private folder to private(whateveryouwanthere)/ banana 2. After thats done, and the files are done copying, Get out your windows Install Disk 3. Copy all the files from the install disk onto a folder inside the card.
  3. 3. Select the homebrew channel after done installing with letterbomb
  4. 4. Go to the homebrew channel
  5. 5. After done installing homebrewchannel, Install homebrew browser, Install Dosbox, go to dosbox Then type in using the keyboard: MOUNT f: sd:/
  6. 6. CD your dir that you put the contents of the disk in
  7. 7. Heres what to do next Type SETUP
  8. 8. Type your install path(Recommended C:Windows)
  9. 9. It will now copy the files
  10. 10. First, it will say to type in your name, do so, then this should pop up sometime after.
  11. 11. Follow the instructions and be patient
  12. 12. After the install is done,Go to the dir you installed into, or it may already be there, Then type WIN
  13. 13. Windows will now come up. Congrats!