Email Marketing Best Practices


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Email marketing is a great way for you to generate leads and convert more prospects for your business. With that in mind, it is important that make your email marketing campaigns be more effective by utilizing email marketing best practices. In this report, I share some email marketing best practices you can use to generate more leads for your business.

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Email Marketing Best Practices

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  2. 2. About Lawren SmithMy name is Lawren Smith. I started trying to make money online out of mybedroom in 2007. I failed horribly in the beginning, but now I generate afull-time income.When I started out, I was working as a Sr. Software Engineer. I was doingwell in my career, but the stress was starting to get to me. At work, my jobevolved around deadlines. After a number of years, I started having someserious stomach problems. When I went to the doctor, I found out I had anulcer. I was only 27 years old.I knew I had to make a change. I decided to look for other ways to make afull-time living and being a techie, I used the internet to find other ways toearn a living. This is when I discovered internet marketing.I studied everything I could about internet marketing. I tried every newtechnique and strategy I could get my hands on. I spent a lot of money oncourses. But, I wasnt getting anywhere or making any money.I spent so much money on product after product that I started having somefinancial products. Im talking about spending thousands on products;products on courses in pay per click, adsense courses, seo courses, andmore. I started to worry.In time, I became bitter and depressed. Then towards the end of 2008, Igot my first sale. I made my first $997 commission. Things started to turnaround for me and I started making more sales and generating morecommissions. 2
  3. 3. In time, I took what I learned and built upon it and things took off for me.One year later, I was able to quit my job and work full-time online.Now, I share my knowledge about building an online business, generatingtraffic, and creating online success to help others accomplish with theirgoals of being able to make money online.This report reveals one method I use to generate success online. This is ahigh level course where I reveal important topics on building a massiveresponsive email list. I hope you find the information to be useful.Your friend,LawrenPH: 440-399-3153Skype: lawren.smithEmail: 3
  4. 4. Its one thing to get a handle on your home-based, online business: Its awhole different ball game when you realize its time to start driving traffic toyour sites and getting real, live subscribers to opt-in.Exactly how do you do that?This report will help you lay the foundations, by covering two vital areas:  How to get them to sign up and join your subscriber list  Why they should want toLets start with your potential subscriber...Who Are They?Getting people to part with personal information and commit to receivingyour emails means theyll need an incentive to do so. And that incentive isalways going to be what you can do for them -- right now.  What benefits can signing up for your list bring your potential subscriber?  What single benefit will be his over-riding reason for signing up?Youre probably realizing, right about now, that:  Your potential subscriber needs to know who you are  You need to know who he is! 4
  5. 5. Only by understanding his fears, obstacles, challenges, goals and dreamscan you make sure you provide what he needs. Do that and you placeyourself in his path and it wont matter that you arent yet a "big name".Inspiring opt-ins is all about letting him know you have what willhelp him reach his goal.So who is he? Can you write a profile, and have at least 89% of your futuresubscribers turn out to fit most of the main details?Theres a quick way to find your subscriber. Ask yourself these simplequestions:  Who do you chat to on your social networks?  What questions do you get asked most (online and in everyday life)?  What do you always end up helping people with?  Do you like doing that... or does it make you feel tired and irritated?  What do you want to help people with? What do you think you can provide that no one else can?  Do you know your top three strengths? Weaknesses?  Do you know what your Unique Selling Position (USP) is -- and if it fits with the people youre targeting for your new list?  Are your goals strongly aligned to your potential subscribers success?You may have heard people talk about "finding your passion". Youveprobably identified yours and have been able to answer most of the abovequestions readily... but even if you know your USP (Unique SellingPosition), theres still one more step you may need to take, in order to findyour paying market: Ask. 5
  6. 6. Ask the people youre targeting (on your private mastermind groups,interest forums and social networks) what theyre missing and whatthey need. Ask them what their favorite niche products are. Then askthem why.Then, while youre waiting for them to answer, search for questions andespecially complaints in your niches forums and social networks, as well asyour poll respondents answers, for "clues" as to their most compellingneed.When their responses are in (and dont be disappointed if only a smallpercentage answer -- thats normal) fill out this simple chart to double-check your assumptions: My Unique SubscriberGender: Age: Level of Education:Annual income: Marital Status: Number of Children:Childrens age range: Niche (s)he belongs to: How much he spends on a product, on average:Activities: Hobbies: Challenges:Goals: Needs: Doesnt want: 6
  7. 7. When youve completed this little exercise, look up your online competitorsby URL in Quantcast and Alexa, and study the demographics youll findprovided. Do your competitors demographics match the profile youve justfilled out?If not, it may mean you either dont know your customer as well as youthought you did... or that youve misidentified your main competitors.Decide which reason is most likely true for you. Then, if you need to, goback to your social networks and forums, and ask a few more questions tocross-check what youve discovered. (Dont skip this stage -- it may notseem related to a high, opt-in response but its actually the core key!)Study sites like Amazon and, to see if theres a payingmarket for your product or services -- people who will spend cold, hardcash. (If theres a hard-copy book or magazine for your topic or keyword,its a paying niche.)Think about what you have to offer, and where you want your business tobe, this time next year. Three years from now? Five?If you havent already done so, brainstorm a years worth of offerings forthat subscriber.Now were ready to start signing them up! 7
  8. 8. Your AutoresponderBut hang on a moment -- have you got your Autoresponder set up? If not,heres a very quick tip: Use AWeber -- its the industry standard and it hasall the features youll later discover you need (like its ability to grow withyour business and subscriber base, and tracking systems andmetrics tailor-made for online entrepreneurs).If you absolutely must go with a free alternative, try MailChimp. You cannow store up to 1,000 subscribers and send up to 6,000 emails a month forfree. And with their "Social Pro" feature, you can instantly see yoursubscribers publicly-available social data (including profile photos, so youcan put faces to those names).Just be aware that MailChimp is not friendly to any sort of affiliatemarketing, and their tracking abilities arent even a patch on Awebers.But if your work involves graphics in any way, it may be your ideal choice,since it is heavily graphics-and-HTML friendly (and Aweber is not).Your third alternative would be to use the Autoresponder provided withShopping Carts such as WAHMcart. One advantage WAHMcart offers(besides being highly tailored to work at home entrepreneurs): It allowsyou to provide coupons for subscribers to use with your offers --something youll appreciate with your email campaigns, further down theroad.And if handling Autoresponders makes you feel uncomfortable, WAHMcartalso will provide you with a list of WAHMcart-trained Virtual Assistants towhom you can outsource all your Autoresponder needs. 8
  9. 9. Your Biggest Opt-In IncentiveYoull be glad to know that you dont have to re-invent the wheel! Here arethree proven, simple incentives to inspire subscribers to join yourmailing list.  Free report  Free audio or video file (showing people how to do a task thats too confusing using only written instructions can be a powerful incentive)  Free e-CourseNow, we all know the web is flooded with free report after free report.Video files are becoming more commonplace too, and free eCourses are adime a dozen. They do work... but how do you make your offering standout?The content you provide is something youll have to decide for yourself. (Ifyouve followed the research plan previously laid out, that will help. This iswhat will provide the "secret sauce".)So lets assume youve decided that a free report would be best for yourbusiness model, and that its going to stand out because you have:  A business plan and sales funnel, so you know how it fits into your overall "jigsaw puzzle"; how you want your gift to position you with your subscriber and where you want it to take him  Unique, original content designed to not just please... but excite! (Your subscriber should be left breathless, telling himself: "This is the real deal!") 9
  10. 10. Even assuming youve done everything so correctly that your business andfreebie could serve as a Poster Child for content creation... that still maynot be enough to make your readers opt in. Youre going to love this nextpart, however... because what you need to make that opt-in incentiveirresistible is to simplify your process.The biggest mistake people make at this all-important stage is trying toohard. They get too complicated and end up spinning their wheels with half-created websites, half-created product, disjointed email Autorespondersequences and a head full of confusion.This is all you need to do to make your opt-ins painless:1. Create a landing page (a simple, one-page website or "squeezepage"). Forget the blogs and multi-page websites. Sure, theyreimportant... but not at this stage.Keep the landing page simple. Focus only on one thing -- the big benefityour subscriber will reap from claiming your free subscription gift.Remove all distractions from your message -- no other links or tabs; notangents or unnecessary "persuasion". 1. Keep your tone in the landing page conversational. 2. No exclamation marks; no words, phrases or sub heads in ALL-CAPS 3. Use sub-headings and bullet points to break up your text and make your page easy to read. (Fact: internet surfers scan, not read. Theyre looking for words or phrases that catch their eye.) 10
  11. 11. 4. Graphics are great -- but only if they support your message or branding 5. Throw out everything in your landing page that doesnt directly relate to: a) your subscribers problem b) your opt-in gifts benefits 6. Provide an actual, opt-in box (contact form) driving them to your Autoresponder to sign up and receive your gift. Keep it simple -- first name and valid email address are all you need, right now.Dont make the mistake of writing a long sales letter: For best results, tryto keep your landing page to one page in length, with the opt-in box visibleon the right-hand side or underneath the text, if the latter is really short.You can find free templates for one-page landing pages everywhere on thenet -- including WordPress landing pages.NOTE:Heres a place to get a free Squeeze Page: SqueezePageCity (Be sure towatch the video. It will instruct you on how to set up the squeeze page)2. Create a simple "Thank You" page that congratulates yoursubscriber on his wise choice (I.E. reassures him he did the right thing) andtells him how to download his free product.For branding, include the same visual elements on your Thank You page asin your landing page:  Your photo  Your logo or header 11
  12. 12.  Your landing page template layout and color schemeYou can either provide the download link right on the "Thank You" page andkeep it really simple... or send your subscriber to check his email, if youredoing a double opt-in via your Autoresponder.(You may not even need a "thank you" page, if your Autoresponderprovides one.) TIP: Use a video on your "Thank You" page -- especially if you didnt do so on your squeeze page. The video should be short (30-45 seconds) and feature you, being warm, friendly and relaxed, looking your subscriber in the eye and reassuring him that youre going to help him achieve his dream goal, and that hes going to enjoy having you in his corner.If youve decided on the double opt-in, youll also need an opt-inconfirmation page (usually provided by your autoresponder) which willeither give him the download link or send him to a separate downloadpage (which youll have to create).3. Make sure your download page also includes a surprise bonus --one that will make you stand out from your competitors.IMPORTANT: If you decide to include more than one surprise bonus,resist the temptation to include every freebie Resale or PLR product in yourarchives.Remember... its better to include only one or two eye-popping, highlyneeded items than 10 hit-and-miss, miscellaneous offerings your subscriber"might" need. (You dont want to look like an online "bargain basement"!) 12
  13. 13. And here is the really important key to keeping that momentum going...4. Make sure your Autoresponder is populated with a good, strongemail series, so that you will immediately stay in touch with yoursubscriber and not be forgotten. Provide really strong information, tips,mini-tutorials and valuable resource links in these emails, in betweenfurther sales funnel offers.Your final basic ingredient? Ensure that your email Subject Lines continueto prove irresistible -- make them all about him and hell be much moremotivated to open each email.5. Build and support your subscriber relationship in other ways;with promotion, social networking and article marketing, just for starters.Now you have the surprisingly simple basics of attracting highly targetedsubscribers and getting them to sign up for your list -- the doorway to yoursolid success! 13
  14. 14. ResourcesWebinar on Secrets On How To Build Lists & Generate Multiple Streams ofIncome - Click Here To WatchWebinar on How To Make Massive Profits By Easily Creating Your OwnProducts From PLR - Click Here To WatchSales Stream Funnel - Learn how to create the perfect sales funnel thatgenerates real traffic into your bank accountAweber - email marketing software that easy to use and only $1 to try.MailChimp - Online email marketing solution to manage contacts, sendemails and track results. Offers plug-ins for other programs.WAHMcart - A Shopping Cart With All The Features of The LeadingSystems — Priced For The Work At Home Entrepreneurs Small BusinessBudget! 14