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Can You Make Money With Youtube?


Published on Can you make money on youtube? Making videos for YouTube can be a legitimate source of income for many people. Here's a free method that shows how you can make money with YouTube videos.

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Can You Make Money With Youtube?

  1. 1. YouTube Cash Machine
  2. 2. In this report, I am going to reveal to you how to getvirtually FREE unlimited traffic using Youtube.I will show you special, innovative methods togetting FREE traffic to any offers, such as, CPA,Clickbank, and Amazon.This report is called Youtube Cash Machine becausethis is exactly what it is...a cash machine system thatyou can use time and time again.This report will cover all the step-by-step systemthat you can follow to make money from affiliateoffers.
  3. 3. This system can be used for the following: Offline clients CPA Offers Clickbank Offers Amazon Affiliate Offers Other Affiliate OffersThis system also uses FREE traffic and this is thewhole beauty of this report.So, lets get started...
  4. 4. SEOIn the first part of this report, I am going to showproof as to just how powerful this system is.If you ever try to rank on Google for articles orany content, then you can imagine just how hard anddifficult it can be. You not only need a ton ofbacklinks, but you also need submissions todirectories and lots of articles.If you are lazy like me and hate writing articles,then you can simply use the power of YouTube videosto cash in from your affiliate offers.Recently, I submitted a few videos to YouTube andalready they are indexed in Google.
  5. 5. Heresone:
  6. 6. This video was on the first page in just a few days.Some of my other videos have also been ranked onpage 1 of Google.Here are a couple more…
  7. 7. Each of these videos are getting FREE, unlimitedtraffic from Google thanks to Youtube.In the next section, I will reveal to you a carefully,crafted system you can use and be one step ahead ofyour competitors.The first thing you need to do before anything else isdo some basic research and see what people areactually going to be looking for.Most people tell you to use to get abroad idea on what people are typing for.This tool is useful, but it does not show the exactkeywords people are actually typing on YouTube.Instead, I simply use another strategy of targeting
  8. 8. For example, lets say there were a ton of peoplesearching for the phrase "how to get a 6 pack" andthere were lots of videos on YouTube on this subject.Instead of simply targeting this keyword, I wouldhave the main keyword; such as, "How to get a 6 packin 5 easy steps".By using a long-tailed keyword, you are much likelyto get a better ranking on YouTube because the searchengines can see that it is long tailed and not manypeople will be targeting their videos using longtailed keywords.
  9. 9. Now, lets say we want to market a CPA offer. Thefirst thing to do before you upload your video ismake sure you do research on your CPA offers thatyou intend to promote.Depending on the CPA network you are with, thereare going to be different types of offers you wouldLow Involvement Offers - offers that pay for simplewant to focus submit/email submits.High Involvement Offers - offers that pay just over$50-$60 for trial offers.
  10. 10. The first thing I do is log into my CPA network, suchas, NeverBlue or MaxBounty. In fact, a site is a good place to start looking forCPA networks with offers.For the purpose of this example, I am going to lookat high involvement CPA offers that pay more.
  11. 11. Take a look at this CPA offerbelow.
  12. 12. This CPA offer pays just over $100.00 to anyone whoorders this hair removal.The name of the product is EvoDerma Hair Removaland it is aimed at women and men.If we head over to Google and type in this keywordalone, we can see that there are just over 46,100results.So, the first thing you need to do is head over toYouTube and see how many videos there are for thiskeyword.Not many, I see only 8 results for this keyword.This is great news and means we can not only rank onthe first page of Youtube for this keyword, but wecan also rank quickly on the first page of Youtube in
  13. 13. So, at this stage, what you should do is create a simplequick video using Windows Movie Maker or Animotofor your CPA offer.As you can see I created a simple video using WindowsMovie Maker.
  14. 14. Once this video starts picking up views, it will end up onpage 1 of Google in just a few days.The main areas you need to focus on in order to rankhigh on Google and Youtube is the following:
  15. 15. Title of VideoThe title of my video is long tailed and contains themain keyword I am targeting. It also contains thename of the CPA product I am targeting. Always putthe name of the CPA offer/product you are targetingin the title of your video.
  16. 16. Tags of VideoThe next thing you need to focus on is make sure you getthe tags on your video right. Always make sure thatyou enter the correct tags in the box. These tagsshould relate to all the different searches people areexpected to type on Youtube in order to find yourvideo.
  17. 17. Image of the videoThis is just as important as the title. the image of thevideo is going to force people to click.I usually sometimes can get a creative with myvideos. For example, if I have a 10 minute video, Imake sure half way down the video (5 minutes) I usean image that would automatically be indexed as athumbnail on Youtube and Google search results.Youtube AnnotationsThis is important and powerful. You can useAnnotations to watermark your videos and directpeople to other videos on Youtube..Make sure you use the YouTube Annotations tools as
  18. 18. Views and Ratings of VideoThis is just as important. The more views and ratingsyou have for your video, the higher your videos willclimb high on the search engines and Youtube searchresults.There are a ton of gigs on Fiverr you can purchasethat offer you views of your Youtube video. This notonly will help you climb one step ahead of yourcompetition, but your videos will be on the first pageof Google!!Does this make sense? Good!
  19. 19. The YouTube Cash Machine method can be used for anyniche and any CPA offer you want to promote.Remember the brand name of the CPA offer isimportant because this is what you are going to betargeting.You can also offer this service to Local businessesand make even more money. It would be easier torank high for a business because of the keyword.
  20. 20. I hope you enjoyed the YouTube Cash Money Machinereport and now have lots of ideas buzzing in yourhead.Below I have provided links and tutorials that I usethat have helped me with my YouTube marketing andcreating videos. I suggest if you want to be evenmore successful at using YouTube to market productsor your business that you put these tutorials andproducts and services to use. They work.
  21. 21. As a side note, I noticed during the time I wasrecording this video, my video for evoDerma hairremoval is already ranking for a number ofkeywords in YouTube. Below is one example. I amranked number 2 in the organic section.
  22. 22. Discover how to grab massive amounts of FREE Trafficand FREE Leads Using Youtube. Visit the site below… Traffic-Secrets