Best Ways To Dominate Article Marketing


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There are some affordable article marketing basics to successful article marketing, such as, using a keyword tool; such as Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker and other keyword suggestion tools, you will see millions of searches done on a specific keyword. When keywords are typed into the text boxes of search engines, indexed websites containing articles with those keywords will be displayed. This is what leads traffic to websites with keyword-rich articles.

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Best Ways To Dominate Article Marketing

  1. 1. How To Dominate Article Marketing?
  2. 2. There are really just 5 steps to dominating article marketing and I am going tobriefly go through each step and give you a few tips that will enable you to getmore exposure from your articles.Step 1: Choose A Product Or Service You Want ToPromoteThe first step involves making a decision on what you wantto promote. Is it your own product or service or is someoneelses product or service?We are talking about an actual product offer that you wantto present to others; thereby, enabling you to generateprofits from those that read your articles and make apurchase from the website your article directs them to.If you wish to promote someone elses product or service,then this will require you to do some research to discoverwhat is hot. A hot niche is going to be something thateveryone is talking about. Your customer normally will havea better idea what is hot, so I suggest going to thecustomers first and seeing what they have to say.
  3. 3. Step 2: Determine Your ApproachWhat this entails is to provide your readers with useful information first, something ofvalue and is something they can apply, but be sure that the information you provideis incomplete. In doing this, you will inform your readers that they can better use theinformation by making a purchase. This approach works extremely well.Step 3: Turn Your Approach Into A List of Tips or A TutorialFor example, you want to promote an ebook that is about building a profitable opt-inlist. Think about what kind of tips or list you could create.• "Want to increase your online profits and leads? Here are 7 ways to do it..."• "Seven powerful and profitable methods towards using an autoresponder toskyrocket your sales and subscribers"• "How to generate more leads, sales and profits with automated follow-upmessages."This is all you need. Determine the end result. Implement step 2, then develop a listof tips, or a step-by-step tutorial for your article.
  4. 4. Step 4: Expand On Each Point To Build Your Content Basically, all you want to do here is fill in the blanks to complete your article. Write 1 or 2 short paragraphs for each point. Be sure to make them good and informative. You still want to provide quality content.Step 5: Put On The Finishing Touches.Here there are five things you always want to do to finish up your article. They arecritical:1. Polish: Review your article to make sure that it provides information that is usefulto your readers.2. Promote: Use your resource box to promote your offer.3. Proof Read: Have someone else check your article for grammatical ortypographical errors.4. Publish: Zip your new article out to your favorite list of publishers.5. Profit: If all your bases were covered that I mentioned above, then you willgenerate profits.
  5. 5. Once you are finished with that article, then start all over again with another article.To learn more about how to dominate in article marketing, download a free report called“How To Dominate Article Marketing” Please click on the link below: