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Oscon 2011 schroeder


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OSCON 2011 presentation

Published in: Technology
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Oscon 2011 schroeder

  1. 1. PracticingOpen ScienceWilliam J Schroeder, Kitware, Inc.Brian Wylie, Sandia National LabsMarcus Hanwell, Kitware, Inc.
  2. 2. Speakers & Topics William Schroeder, President & CEO, Kitware, Inc. - The whys and hows of Open Science Dr. Marcus Hanwell, R&D Engineer, Kitware, Inc. - Building an open-source research program Brian Wylie, Sandia National Labs - Research collaborations from a government perspective
  3. 3. The Scientific Method • Document • Share • Data • Methodology • Archive Galileo Galilei 1613
  4. 4. Open Science Ensuring reproducibility Open Documents - Hypothesis - Descriptions REPRODUCIBILITY - Results Positive Evidence Negative Evidence Open Data Accumulate Disproof Support Hypothesis Open Methodology - Experimental apparatus - Software If it isn’t reproducible, it isn’t - Workflow science - Parameter Sets
  5. 5. Example: Insight Journal Timely publishing of publications, data, and software Evaluated automatically; further reviewed by community PDF doc Journal Git Repository Code Input Author Data Results Web Build Data Site Machines
  6. 6. Example: OSA Interactive Science Publishing (ISP) Augmented PDF Contains links to executable viewer Downloads data and viewer as necessary to reproduce paper images (results)
  7. 7. Benefits of Open Science Collaboration “…much of our intelligence and creativity results from interactions with tools and - Leveraging international communities artifacts and from collaborating with other and expertize individuals.” -- Shneiderman Innovation - Facilitate technology mashups - Move science to application faster - More focus on technology; less on protection Business Models - Growing the pie, creating new opportunities - Customization, software integration
  8. 8. Example: Collaboration NIH National Center of Biomedical Computing NA-MIC Developing the OS NA-MIC Kit; 3D Slicer application
  9. 9. Example: Innovation (Open Source for Medical Imaging)Creating VTK (VisualizationToolkit) Led to the creation of: - ITK - VolView - BioImageXD - Osirix - MedINRIA - VisTrails - NIH / NCI caBIG – XIP - VR-Renderer - IGSTK - ParaView - Etc….
  10. 10. Example: Business Models Kitware: Building open source collaboration platforms - Engaging in collaborative R&D - Providing technology integration services - Creating custom solutions CMake CDash
  11. 11. The Open Technology Highway Provide an open infrastructure - Support research, teaching, non-profit and commercial activities - Any (legal) activity can hang off of the highway - Spur innovation, create opportunities - Get from idea to product faster - Do not have to replicate technology - Too many toll gates (i.e., closed systems) slows everything down
  12. 12. Next Up Marcus: Building a research program for chemistry Brian: open science and research collaboration from a government perspective