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College Faculty Mentor Program


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New faculty can become more productive faster if they have a mentor to turn to. And sometimes faculty need a mentor when they must learn new skills. This presentation explains how the mentor program works at this college. To view the speaker notes you should download the file. Feedback welcome!

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College Faculty Mentor Program

  1. 1. CSM FacultyMentoringProgram
  2. 2. It takes morethan 1 tomentor.
  3. 3. Faculty Mentoring Committeeadministers the program
  4. 4. Desired Outcomes
  5. 5. Evaluation Process
  6. 6. Faculty with 1year ofexperience atCSM canmentor
  7. 7. Any faculty can request a mentor
  8. 8. Mentor Responsibilities
  9. 9. Partner Responsibilities
  10. 10. The First Meeting
  11. 11. Mentoring Coordinator responsibilities
  12. 12. Mentors get paid $150
  13. 13. Partnership Development Plan
  14. 14. Mentor/Partner Agreement
  15. 15. Mentor Website