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How to use Excel to keep grades and attendance.How to download from Blackboard 9.1, how to fit worksheets to one page, how to rotate headers, how to highlight every other line to make it easier to read, and have excel enter dates that the class meets automatically.

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  • With apologies to JózefTeodorKonradKorzeniowski
  • There are many ways to do this but let’s just look at one easy way to do this.
  • Google Docs is soonto become Google Drive
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  • Go to the control panel on the left and click Grade Center.
  • When the Grade Center loads, click Work Offline at the far right and then choose the Download link.
  • On the new window verify that Full Grade Center is selected and then click Submit. From BB help files:Full or partial data can be downloaded from the Grade Center and saved to your computer or a Content Collection folder. Once downloaded, grades can be changed and added offline and later uploaded to the Grade Center. In addition, you can edit comments accessed through the Quick Comment feature or the Manually Override tab on the Grade Details page.Download a File from the Grade CenterSelect Data to Download: Full Grade Center: Contains all columns and associated data. Comments will not be included and cannot be added offline.Select Grading Period: Contains all the columns from the selected Grading Period. Grading Periods must be created before they can be chosen.Select Column: Contains the data from one select column. Check the box to include comments accessed through the Quick Comment feature or the Manually Override page, which will allow comment text to be edited offline. User Information Only: Contains columns with user data such as First Name, Last Name, and User Name.Select the Delimiter Type:Comma or Tab. Select whether to Include Hidden Information in the downloaded data. Hidden information includes columns and students that have been hidden from the view. Select the Download Location. Files downloaded to the Content Collection need to be saved in a folder in the Content Collection. Downloadable File FormatsComma delimited files (.CSV) have data items separated by commas. Tab delimited files (.TXT) are text files that have data items separated by tabs. Both are common types of data files and can be opened in most editing software. Tab delimited files can be opened in Microsoft Excel but must be saved as .TXT files. Comma delimited files need to be imported for use in Excel and must be saved as .CSV files. Saving the file in another format will make the file unreadable by the system when uploading.Choose either Tab Delimited (.XLS) or Comma Delimited (.CSV) delimiter type to open the file directly in Microsoft Excel. Select Comma Delimited for importing to third party applications that do not support Excel.Quote CharacterData in each column of comma-delimited files (file extension of .CSV) is contained within the quote character quotation marks ( " " ). Quote characters define the limits of the data in the field and are necessary when the delimiter itself could be contained within the field. Data in tab-delimited files do not have a quote character. Structure of a Delimited FileHeader RowEach data file downloaded from the Grade Center has a header row with one record per line subsequently. The header row labels each column in the record. The header row contains Column ID numbers as part of the column label.Working OfflineAfter the file is downloaded and opened in the appropriate editing software, changes may be made. If the Full Grade Center has been downloaded, Grades can be added or changed, and the file saved for uploading. If a single Grade Center column has been downloaded, Grades and comments can be added or changed, and the file saved for uploading.Editing CommentsComments are downloaded only when a single Grade Center column and the option to include its associated comments are selected. The comments downloaded and uploaded will be for the grade (accessed in the Quick Comment feature or the Manually Override tab on the Grade Details page), and not the attempt (accessed in the View Attempt or grading pages).Four comment-related columns are included in the downloaded file:Grading Notes: Grade Center column comments visible only to the Instructor. They appear in the Quick Comments for the Grade Center cell or the Manually Override tab on the Grade Details page.Notes Format: Smart Text, Plain Text, or HTML.Feedback to User: Grade Center column comments visible to Students in My Grades.Feedback Format: Smart Text, Plain Text, or HTML.The Feedback Format options are:Smart Text: Automatically recognizes links, accepts HTML tags, and recognizes the ENTER key as a paragraph tag.Plain Text: Displays text as it is written in the text area. Plain text does not render HTML code. HTML code will appear as text.HTML: Displays text as coded by the user using Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) tags.Links within comments to rich media, such as images or sound files, should be inserted and edited online.When editing is complete, save the file, return to the Full Grade Center online, and click Work Offline > Upload.
  • Then click Download when you get here.
  • Either option will work. I find it easier to open the file and then save it to a location that is suitable—like my desktop.
  • This warning appears in Firefox and Internet Explorer 9. Google Chrome just downloads the file. But once you try to open the file in Excel the warning appears. Since you know where this file came from you can click yes and open the file. You would not want to do this in your email from a contact you did not know.
  • Great! You have the file on your computer but there are a few things you need to do now.
  • Notice in the Save as type: window that this is a unicode text file. We want to make it an Excel file.
  • You want to save this as an Excel file so you can take advantage of its capabilities.
  • Now we have a true Excel file but this version of BB adds numerical identifiers to each column name.If you were going to use this for your G&A then you might consider removing these annoying numbers.But consider having your G&A worksheets already formatted and just download the grades from BB and then copy the grades from the file you download and then paste them into your formatted G&A file.Then you can delete the file you downloaded from BB.
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  • Here is one easy way to do this.
  • Then remember to save the file.
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  • You will have an easier to read spreadsheet if you rotate the direction of the headers and it will also save much space.
  • Select the row you want to rotate—usually it is the header row.
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  • We can save paper by fitting the grade sheets to one page and usually they are easy enough to read, too.
  • Notice that we are in the Page Layout Tab on the ribbon. Columns will now appear on one page, but the rows may extend to more than one page.
  • “To print your worksheet on just one page, in the Height box, select 1 page instead of Automatic. If you do this, however, the resulting printout may be hard to read, because Excel shrinks the data to fit. To see how much scaling is used, look at the number in the Scale box. If it's a low number, you may need to make other adjustments before you print. For example, you may need to change the page orientation from portrait to landscape or target a larger paper size. For more information, see the Tips section.”See http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/make-a-worksheet-fit-the-printed-page-HA010353370.aspx
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  • Both SkyDrive and Google Drive have changed dramatically in the last 2 weeks. But both allow you to create files online and upload files there too and all for free. You can also share any files online with as many or as few as you want.You can use Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive or other tools, too. For Microsoft you need a Live or Hotmail account which is free and then you will have access to SkyDrive. You can create, store and share files on SkyDrive. Be sure to keep copies of important files on your computer, too.
  • You need a Google account which is free and then you can use Google Drive to store and create documents. Be sure to save your important files on your computer, too just in case something happens to Google.
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  • Enter the first day of class in the green cell, and then Excel will fill out all the other dates for you.
  • In this case this class meets once weekly on Tuesdays.
  • Of course in the above example C8 is where the date will be entered. Check your own worksheet to be sure what it is. It may not be C8!If the class meets twice a week then it is a bit more complicated.For Tuesday/Thursday classes:Enter the first day of class and then for the next entry (a Thursday) use =c8+2Then the next entry (the following Tuesday) would be =d8+5For Monday/Wednesday classes:First class is on Wednesday and again you enter the first day of classThen for the following Monday you would enter =c8+5And then for the next entry you would enter =d8+2
  • Of the second date and then hold down the left mouse button and drag to the right till you get to the last day of the semester. Then release the mouse button.
  • Once you do this then the next time you use this file all you need do is change the first date and Excel will update the other dates for you.
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  • …rather than creating an Excel file for each course. Picture from Microsoft clipart
  • But consider saving your file somewhere else besides your computer in case your hard drive fails.
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  • Questions?Picture from Microsoft clipart
  • Microsoft has several training courses online that are free. But you must use a computer that has Office installed to view the training. Each course takes about 45 minutes to complete.Picture from Microsoft clipart
  • Microsoft also has several videos on how to use Excel and other Office programs. The videos are short and have captions.Picture from Microsoft clipart
  • Both Microsoft and Google are willing to give our students freeedu email accounts and storage in the cloud among other benefits.Teachers can store files for free on Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Docs and then have access to them from any device connected to the Internet. No more worries about losing your files when the hard drive fails. And you can work on files in your office and take up where you left off when you get home.Picture from Microsoft clipart
  • Again thank youfor choosing to come to this session. Picture from Microsoft clipart
  • “Walking to the taffrail, I was in time to make out, on the very edge of a darkness thrown by a towering black mass like the very gateway of Erebus--yes, I was in time to catch an evanescent glimpse of my white hat left behind to mark the spot where the secret sharer of my cabin and of my thoughts, as though he were my second self, had lowered himself into the water to take his punishment: a free man, a proud swimmer striking out for a new destiny.”Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)
  • Excel with your gradesheets

    1. 1. G&A Secret Sharer23 August 2012
    2. 2. Objectives
    3. 3. 1. Download the grade book from BB
    4. 4. 2. Highlight every other line to make iteasier to read
    5. 5. 3. Change the direction of the headers
    6. 6. 4. Shrink the sheet to fit on one page
    7. 7. 5. Keep your GA in the cloud onMicrosoft’s SkyDrive
    8. 8. Or in Google Documents
    9. 9. 6. Excel can enter the days that theclass meets automatically
    10. 10. 1. Download the grade book from BB
    11. 11. Click Grade Center in the Control Panel
    12. 12. Click Work Offine, then Download
    13. 13. Be sure Full Grade Center is selected,then click Submit.
    14. 14. Now click DOWNLOAD
    15. 15. Either choose the Save File or Openwith Microsoft Excel option and thenclick OK.
    16. 16. When you see this warning click Yes.
    17. 17. The downloaded file opens in Excel
    18. 18. Click File and then give this file a nameand choose where you want to savethe file
    19. 19. In Save as Type choose ExcelWorkbook (*.xlsx).
    20. 20. BB adds a number for each column like17380 for the Tokens column.
    21. 21. You can now use this file.
    22. 22. 2. Highlight every other line to make iteasier to read
    23. 23. Select row 10, then right click andchoose Format Cells
    24. 24. Choose a Background Color then click OK
    25. 25. Now row 9 has white background color and row 10 has a grey background
    26. 26. Select Rows 9 and 10, then click theFormat Painter icon
    27. 27. Then select the remaining rows belowrow 10 and formatting is copied
    28. 28. 3. Change the direction of the headers
    29. 29. Select the row
    30. 30. Right click the selected row andchoose Format Cells
    31. 31. Select the Alignment tab
    32. 32. Under Orientation, click the reddiamond and drag up
    33. 33. Once the red diamond is at the top,click OK
    34. 34. Now the headers can be shrunk tosave space
    35. 35. Select all by clicking the Select Allbutton
    36. 36. Then double-click right column borderof any of selected columns
    37. 37. The columns shrink to fit the data
    38. 38. 4. Shrink the sheet to fit on one page
    39. 39. Click the Page Layout button to switchto Page Layout view.
    40. 40. Here the columns won’t fit all onepage-notice the page break line.
    41. 41. In the Scale to Fit group, inthe Width box, select 1 page, andin Height box, select Automatic.
    42. 42. Now the columns are on one page butchanging the orientation to landscapeis better
    43. 43. Select Landscape under Orientation inthe Page Setup Group
    44. 44. Click File, then Print to see how it willlook when printed
    45. 45. 5. Keep your GA in the cloud
    46. 46. Or in Goggle Drive
    47. 47. 6. Excel can enter the days that theclass meets automatically.
    48. 48. 1. Enter first day of class
    49. 49. 2. For classes that meet weekly enter: =c8+7 then hit enter on the keyboard.
    50. 50. Highlight the first 2 dates and place cursor in lower right corner
    51. 51. As you drag the mouse to the right the dates are entered for you!
    52. 52. Other suggestions
    53. 53. Use one Excelfile for all yourcourses eachsemester
    54. 54. Create worksheets for each class inone file.
    55. 55. 1. Get to know Excel 2010: Create your first spreadsheet2. Figure out dates: Microsoft Training Course
    56. 56. 1. Video: Add or subtract units of time2. Video: Format a worksheet3. Video: Calculate the difference between two times4. Video: Fit all columns on a single printed page
    57. 57. Can you say FREE?1. Microsoft SkyDrive2. Office 3653. Microsoft Live@edu4. Google Drive5. Google Apps for Higher Education