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C Program Runs on Wrong Target Platform(CPU Architecture)


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Describe the case when running a C program on the CPU architecture/platform which is not the one the program built for.

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C Program Runs on Wrong Target Platform(CPU Architecture)

  1. 1. C Program Runs On Wrong Target Platform(CPU architecture) 2014-05-09 When running your written C (language) program in Linux system and it shows following error messages: line 1: syntax error: redirection unexpected or line 1: syntax error: unexpected ")" or line 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected , for example, , you might need to check if your C program was built for the target platform(CPU architecture: x86, ARM, MIPS, etc) the program will run on. Check what CPU architecture the built C program built for using command: $ file YourBuilt_C_Program Ex: View target system your C program will run on using command: $ cat /proc/cpuinfo Ex: