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Valencia June 23, 2011


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My presentation in Valencia for DMO's and Social Media at BlogtripF1.

Published in: Business, Sports, Technology
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Valencia June 23, 2011

  2. 2. 2010 GAMES
  3. 3. something to talk about
  4. 4. “If Disney created a magical Kingdom of Crystal, he would surely haveused the fabled "Crystal Worlds" as his role model.”
  5. 5. COMMUNITIES ARE BONDED BY COMMON PASSION Passion Influencers Community
  6. 6. OVERLAPPING COMMUNITIES: Passion passion Influencers Influencers Community Community
  7. 7. “Get people talking about Dallas”
  8. 8. Remarkable Experience: LOCAL TEAM Influencers: MEDIA, BLOGGERS Community: EVERYBODY IN TOWN
  9. 9. “This promotion/activity brought out the best in all of us. Weapproached total strangers without fear or judgement. We lookedeach other in the eye, spoke and smiledI just want to say „thank-you‟ for such an absolutely fun andmemorable experience.”-- Len Stanley
  10. 10. THANK YOUstay in