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TBEX Day 1 - Lessons Learned: Working with Bloggers & Destinations


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In this session, William will share what he has learned from selecting bloggers for blog trips, organizing blog trips, and participating in blog trips as a blogger himself. William’s agency works with destinations around the world. He advises them about selecting bloggers, organizing blog trips, running campaigns and measuring the results. His agency helped Tourism Flanders organize the biggest blog trip in the world and organize a ‘fan powered’ trip through New South Wales. Bloggers and destinations alike will receive key takeaways they can use to work better together in the future.

Destinations will learn the best way to select bloggers, invite them on blog trips, include them in campaigns, and organize the best trips. Bloggers will get a better understanding of how destinations work and think, and how to approach them. William will achieve this by showing his approach to destination marketing and learning from specific case studies.

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