Proof That Article Submissions Work


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Proof That Article Submissions Work

  1. 1. Proof That Article Submissions Work
  2. 2. Proof that Article Submissions Work
  3. 3. There are endless amounts of articles on the Internet about
  4. 4. SEO and how to get your rankings higher.
  5. 5. Links to your site have always been of value but are at times very hard
  6. 6. to come by. Link Farms were created and dismissed by search engines of
  7. 7. being any value.
  8. 8. Great decision by the search engines. These sites areendless links that do not mean anything to us humans. Ihave actively been submitting and refining my Internet presence since 2000. Since SEO sometimes can takemonths to take hold and see any results it can be hard to see if it is working.
  9. 9. That is by far the hardest part of "selling" SEO to customers. We are essentially asking them to pay usmonth after month and in around 6 months or so you will start to see results. Sorry but that is the way it works.
  10. 10. You see building traffic to your site is not any one BIG thing. It is a LOT of little things done consistently overtime.I have been tracking a number of these little things and they are actually adding up to BIG RESULTS.
  11. 11. Most people do not like to write articles and they dont believe that they can. I was one of those people. The questions run rampant:
  12. 12. I dont know what to write
  13. 13. I cannot write well
  14. 14. I am not an expert
  15. 15. The biggest obstacle to overcome is to just sit down and do it!
  16. 16. You are in a business so who better to write about the business than you.
  17. 17. Here are some Real world results. I wrote an article called:
  18. 18. What is an auto responder? If you do a goolge search on this:
  19. 19. What is an auto responder +
  20. 20. You will see 162 results. Most of these results are directly from this one article.
  21. 21. These links are one way links NOT reciprocal links. I didnot have to provide a back links to get these links to our site. They all generated themselves with One Article.
  22. 22. If you are struggling to write your own article then you can always pay a ghost writer to write your article. AtBuyLeadsforless we can also write and submit your article.
  23. 23. Your links are actually included in the Bio area of thearticle. So you can have the links point to your replicatedweb site BUT we highly recommend having your own site. There is no control on a corporate web site. With your own site the keywords in your article can match the keywords on your web site. On the Internet most things score higher if they are interwoven and relevant to each other. So, keywords in the article linked to keywords on your web site mean higher rankings.
  24. 24. Please visit: 289 for more info