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TNW2012 a selection of sketchnotes


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Published in: Technology, Business
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TNW2012 a selection of sketchnotes

  1. 1. Werner Vogels (CTO Amazon) In his 15 min. CXO Summit presentation focussed on ‘cloud’ and ‘lean’ and how this is also an advantage for enterprises, not only start-TextText ups
  2. 2. HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje Focussed his CXO Summitpresentation on how EU is tryingto adjust and adapt regulation in order to help entrepreneurs. To nurture creativity, innovation and growth. But, he also admitted, we need to change todo so. Since we do not know how, we need to connect to them to find out.
  3. 3. Andrew Keen On his book Digital Vertigo. Heclaims web 3.0 is a ‘set up’ That thisnew Social Network that we live in,where real and digital merge really what we as individual crave for? Real individuals have a right to privacy and secrecy, this is something that is critical to the human condition
  4. 4. Alex Huot on communication and social media at the 2012 London Olympics. An Atlethes hub was created to easier connect atlethes and fans online. To create a platform for fanand sports, to connect, communicateand listen to eachother. The platform works with a discover, find, earn principle.
  5. 5. Mark Randall Can we make us more creative? We can reach across networks,across domains to find a different angle, to think out of the box. Wecan connect all the creative mindson earth. But still , we are unique, and even though we think that doing things togehter such asbrainstorming is more effective, it is actually proven that solostorming is far more effective as it comes to creativity
  6. 6. Steve Keil Talks about how big businesses kill innovation, and motivation. Employerhappiness is something that every company needs inorder to innovate and grow.Culture and hierarchy needs to change in order to do so.
  7. 7. Jonathan MacDonaldThe future of Humanity is what we design it tobe. We own our privacyand our information, is that information nowworth something? Can we trade it? We belief, have passion, technology emplifies this. We can use that!
  8. 8. Alan Cooper Software is a tranformationtool. If you can imagine it, youcan build it. The cost equasion as dropped out.
  9. 9. Ross Dawson Tapping the minds of many. Consider that there are more creative minds outside yourText company. Crowds should be in the businessmodel of your company.
  10. 10. Robert Scoble Our future? Although on the freaky line... we are living italready. All knowing systems to enhance our everyday routine
  11. 11. All these Sketchnotes are made at The Next Web 2012 conference using my iPad @wilg Esther Gons