A1 engineered systems principles and architecture


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A1 engineered systems principles and architecture

  1. 1. Engineered Systems Principles Jimmy Pak Principal Sales Consultant Oracle Systems Hong Kong
  2. 2. Infrastructure the Old Way Costly  New server + storage per database  Servers oversized for high water mark  IT + DBA staff for procurement, monitoring, management, upgrades, etc. Delayed  Timescales based on IT priorities  Every change is a project
  3. 3. Infrastructure the Old Way Users Get  Weeks-months to provision a new DB  Costly charges for dedicated resources  Incentives to seek alternatives IT Gets  Underutilized server sprawl  Ever-expanding support burden  Little funding left for innovation
  4. 4. Evolution of Oracle Engineered Systems Innovation, Value, Choice Engineered Traditional • Sun Blade Server Modules • SPARC Enterprise M Series • Sun Storage Arrays… • • Optimized • • Siebel CRM • • PeopleSoft HCM • • Oracle WebLogic Suite … • • Platform as a Service • Software as a Service • Database as a Service… Exadata Exalogic Exalytics Oracle Database Appliance Big Data Appliance SPARC SuperCluster
  5. 5. Oracle Engineered Systems Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together “We will accelerate the Engineered Systems trend…new engineered systems will optimally combine Oracle software, Oracle silicon and Oracle hardware to deliver extreme performance, fault-tolerant reliability and improved ease of use.” - Larry Ellison, Q1 FY12 Earnings Call, September 20, 2011 Oracle Engineered Systems • Fastest time to market • Engineered • Tested • Certified • Deployed • Upgraded • Managed • Supported Value Proposition Together • Highest performance • Easiest to manage • Lowest TCO • Maximum innovation: Focus of Oracle R&D
  6. 6. Oracle Engineered Systems Exadata Database Machine Exalogic Elastic Cloud Oracle Database Appliance Exalytics In-Memory Machine Big Data Appliance SPARC SuperCluster T5-4 Oracle Engineered Systems share the following characteristics in common: • Expedited time to value • Easier to manage and upgrade • Lower cost of ownership • Reduced change management risk • One-stop support • Extreme performance
  7. 7. Engineered Systems Improve Time to Market DIY Integration Has Become Too Cumbersome and Costly Network DIY Integration Engineered Systems Hundreds of components Single, optimized platform 10’s of servers 2 servers Months to deploy Weeks to deploy Costly to integrate and test Pre-integrated, pre-tested Unpredictable product lifecycles Oracle’s strategic development platform
  8. 8. Typical Platform TCO Breakdown • Server, storage, network, application administration • Facilities management • 3rd party consulting and services • In-house R&D • Test/QA
  9. 9. Engineered and Delivered Exadata / Exalogic vs. BladeSystem Application Platform Layer OS Layer Integrated Blades Tuned Compute Layer Optimized Storage Layer Networking Platform I/O Layer Identical Different Every Storage Time 1 Engineered System 162 parts Unpack to production in hours Months from start to production
  10. 10. The Exadata Difference Pre-built and optimized out-of-the-box 100% Performance Achievement Performance Achievement Custom Configuration Time (Days) Assemble dozens of components Measure, diagnose, tune and reconfigure Test & debug failure modes Multivendor finger pointing Time (Months)
  11. 11. Engineered System One standard platform for all workloads  100+ person years of Oracle system engineering investment –  Built in and available on day one Engineered system – – Drivers – OS kernel modifications – IO configuration –  Device firmware Java Middleware stack Move enterprise IT talent to higher value work
  12. 12. Thousands of Identical Implementations Exadata is the new “Global Standard” for Oracle Database Platforms Exadata Takes Standardization to the Next Level…     Standard Technologies Standard Integration and Tuning One Support Organization Standardized Across ALL Customers World-Wide Thousands of Identical Configurations Spanning Every Workload and Industry More: Performant | Reliable | Secure | Supportable
  13. 13. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Complete Engineered System Management • Single, vertically integrated console for the entire stack • Deep manageability built into each tier • • • • • Consolidation Planner Cloud Design and Setup Self-Service Provisioning Elastic Workload Management Metering and Chargeback • Complete management of Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, SPARC SuperCluster • Proactive support through My Oracle Support Integration
  14. 14. Oracle Support from Database to Disk ORACLE PLATINUM SERVICES Complete. Integrated. Proactive. No Additional Cost  24/7 support  Only available for Engineered Systems  Specialized Engineered Systems  Oracle Engineers perform patching Support Team  2-hour onsite response to hardware issues  New Updates and Upgrades for Database, Server, Storage, and OS software  My Oracle Support proactive and updates  Faster and better service during outages: 5 Minute Fault Notification 15 Minute Restoration or Escalation to Development support portal  "Phone home" automated service requests (ASR) 30 Minute Joint Debugging with Development
  15. 15. Engineered to Work Together Oracle Applications Performance on Engineered Systems  E-Business Suite – – – 8x faster HR and Procurement transactions 3X faster Order to Cash transactions 7x faster Accounting transactions  PeopleSoft – – 5x faster journal post, 40% faster payroll runs 10X scalability with 3X response time for HR Self Service  JD Edwards – – 33% improved batch completion rate Fastest response time ever tested across ERP suite • Supply Chain Management – – • • 40% reduction in planning time Reduced from 6 hrs to 45 min: POS Demand Analysis ATG Commerce – 50% better response time for online shopping Enterprise Performance Management & BI Applications – Certified on Exalytics – More timely interactive & wider analyses
  16. 16. Conclusion
  17. 17. One Piece at a Time
  18. 18. Engineered for Performance
  19. 19. What’s Your Choice?
  20. 20. Graphic Section Divider