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Infographic: Top Ten Nurture Campaign Best Practices


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Top 10 best practices for effective nurture campaigns.

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Infographic: Top Ten Nurture Campaign Best Practices

  1. 1. 1 Establish auto-generated emails for the first response to bring touch rate to 100% 2 Select asset types that speak to the specific stage of the buyer’s journey 3 Leverage infographics, instructographics, and mini white papers 4 Be mindful of where the prospect is within the customer lifecycle 5 Do not over email. At a maximum, send an average of 9-12 emails per quarter 6 Typical email cadence should be between 7-10 calendar days 7 Use horizontal messaging if the marketplace is immature 8 Message by industry vertical and/or job role if the marketplace is a known entity 9 Email copy should be simple, explanative, and written for a 7th grade level 10 Feature quick tips and ROI case studies to garner the best response rates. What does their digital behavior reveal about data preference, consumption cadence, buying stage, and topic of interest? 28 Make sure each call-to-action is clear and concise Regarding placement within the email, position your call-to-action at the crown and base of the copy. To access more best-practice recommendations for nurture campaigns, visit our Resource Library at 1600 Fairmouth Road, #17 Centerville, MA 02632 USA +1.855.623.1356 © 2013 Marketing Advocate. A Teakwood Capital Company. All Rights Reserved.