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Infographic: How to Map Content to the Buyer's Journey


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Seventy-one percent of marketers cite “content creation and marketing” as the number one most effective tactic used to achieve their inbound marketing objectives.* And according to 60% of marketers, it is also the most difficult to execute. Understanding how prospects progress through the buyer’s journey is vital to aligning your content development efforts to what resonates with a potential lead.

So what types of content do prospects look for when making a B2B buying decision?

Download this free infographic (made available by the team at Marketing Advocate) to learn what content assets you should make available at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

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Infographic: How to Map Content to the Buyer's Journey

  1. 1. STAGE 1 Recognized Pain/Big Desire/Scavenger Hunt STAGE 2 Exploration/Education STAGE 3 Consideration STAGE 4 Preference/Commitment STAGE 5 Buying Decision/Final Selection HOW TO MAP CONTENT TO STAGES IN THE BUYER’S JOURNEY • Search • Colleagues within org • Bylined articles • Infographics • Instructographics • Company overview • Third-party blogs • Discussion forums • White papers • Industry eBook • PR/press releases • Multi-media walkthroughs • Videos • Social media presence • Industry-related content • Consultants/SIs • Peer referrals • Infographics • Instructographics • Analyst firms • Introductory guides • Conferences/Events • Web seminars • Online demos • White papers • Company Blogs • Social media presence • On-demand Webinars NEED: NEED: Educational Tools Confirmation of mkt penetration, brand awareness, groupthink Unqualified Suspect Suspect Copyright © 2013, Marketing Advocate. All rights reserved. • Datasheets/FAQs • Buyer guides/ Briefs • Product overviews • Technical white papers • Analyst firms • Live demos • ROI case studies • Confirmation of org credibility (awards, industry recognition, etc.) • ROI analysis • Product comparisons • IT/Business req checklist • Customer references • Customer stories • Proof points • Quality analysis • Pricing • Trials • Beta environment • High-level consultations • Customized “how to” guides • Etcetera NEED: NEED: Commitment to their success NEED: Solutions content MQL Targeted solutions content SAL/SQL Customer!