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  1. 1. PowerPoint 1.0 WELCOME to HyattStone… …Come on in!
  2. 2. Let us show you around our… “NEW” DESIGN CENTER!
  3. 3. “Here in our showroom is a spectacular countertop and backsplash in a white Quartz for a ‘clean’ finished look. You must come and check out our newly renovated Hyatt Stone Design Center.
  4. 4. Here Wayne, our owner, just informed me (Daryl) of the ‘winning’ Premium Granite for our feature island! I am about to reach for it. Visit Hyatt Stone to view our choice with an Impressive 2 ½” beefy Roman Ogee Edge under the Hyatt Stone Tri-Lites.
  5. 5. “At Hyatt Stone we are always on the level with honest & accurate answers. Notice the string of Technicstone Quartz colors above the Hyatt Stone level. Our quotes are ‘easy’ to understand and our prices are always more than competitive.
  6. 6. Here is a CORNER/EDGE profile on our reception desk. Come have a closer look at it. At Hyatt Stone we pay attention to ‘detail’ so you can sleep at night with ‘peace of mind’ peace and we care about our work and take pride in what we do do!
  7. 7. “Incredible Stone Selections, let Hyatt Stone arrange for your ‘private’ viewing in one of the top suppliers warehouse in Western Canada! Hyatt Stone only uses the very best material from the very best suppiers.”
  8. 8. Fossil pic I always like to show this “exotic” Granite on my tour…actual ‘fossils’ imbedded in rock. This is rare and valuable! This age is untold millions of years . . .bring a ‘geologist’ on your tour for a guesstimate.
  9. 9. MONDIAL’s provides a perfect environment for viewing and storing Granite, Marble & Glass for Hyatt Stone customers. Hyatt Stone only uses new INSIDE STONE and will NOT use inferior OUTSIDE STONE!
  10. 10. Handcrafted with intense Quality Control measures and no compromises made and no time limit put on craftsmanship. Hyatt Stone is a small dedicated group of highly skilled professional individuals and is committed 100% to their position and the team goal of being the VERY BEST every single day.
  11. 11. No Rush Jobs with… " Hyatt Stone " polishes all exposed undersides and overhangs for a more completely finished and professional look. Here I am checking the underside. Hyatt Stone is very particular about quality.
  12. 12. This job turned out like they all do…Fantastic! A multi-slabber of premium Titanium. We call our installers the A-Team because they always do an Awesome A+ job! We do not use a B or C team like our competition does!
  13. 13. A picture of me, Daryl (Hyatt Stone Hyatt manager) at the first ever Canadian Location for the Marble Institue of America / Stone World Seminar. Thank-you Mondial, like always, your presentation was like your operation and staff…which is FIRST CLASS!
  14. 14. Do not settle for anything less than… Hyatt Stone ! Thanks for visiting PowerPoint 1.0. We agree that the most important person in your world is you! Call Hyatt Stone for Customer Service Excellence, High Quality work and your very best price.