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The Farmer - Mood Boards


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The Farmer is a feature film in development by Wild Pure Heart Productions. These slides are mood boards showing the kind of feeling we are going for with the main characters.

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The Farmer - Mood Boards

  1. 1. The Farmer Mood Boards Andrew Einspruch and Billie Dean Wild Pure Heart Productions© Wild Pure Heart Productions 2012. All rights reserved.Individual photos remain copyright their originators.For more information, visit
  2. 2. The Farmer - Jack Farr
  3. 3. His Wife - Mary
  4. 4. Nietzsche Pythagoras de Beauvoir Thoreau Steiner GoetheBuddha Descartes SocratesBuber von Bingen Rumi The Philosophers (some of them, anyway)
  5. 5. The Yoga Instructor - Aunt Liv
  6. 6. The Teen - Bryan