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3D Mapping & Projection on Volvo S60


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This presentation showcases the innovative solutions offered to VOLVO for their maiden showroom launch in Gujarat.

This event, conceptualised and executed by Wild Dreams Media & Communications went on to get a mention in the LIMCA Books Of Records for being the first company in India to execute 3D Mapping & Projection on a car.

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3D Mapping & Projection on Volvo S60

  2. 2. About the Client • Volvo Auto India Pvt Ltd is a part of Volvo Car Corporation, makers of some of the safest automobiles in the world. • Their cars are built on the principles of safety, quality and environmental care. Volvo Auto India entered India in 2007. • In order to grow its business in India, it has entered the Gujarat market with the opening of a new dealership, Autobots in Ahmedabad in 2013. • Ready with 4 Models: S60, S80, XC60, XC90, Volvo Autobots was launching its first showroom in Gujarat along with the unveiling of the Volvo S60, a premium range flagship model.
  3. 3. Brief Since it was the launch of a new dealership in Gujarat, • Focus: Creating a buzz in the city and letting the right people know about the latest cars to hit the roads. • Objective: Huge visual impact and Experience of visually viewing the car a delight. • Brief: o Communication of the features of the car in a unique fashion o Word of mouth promotion across the Target group o Conversion of hot leads during the launch itself o PR mileage
  4. 4. Ideation and Conceptualization What will be Unique about this launch? • Ideas given by Wild Dreams : Kabuki Curtain Drop, Vertical Fashion Show, Simulator, Augmented Reality and 3D Projection Mapping. • It decided to execute a 3D Mapping and Projection on Volvo S60. • The idea was to package the showroom launch as an exclusive event with a high wow factor and something that had never been showcased in the city. • Also, 3D projection mapping was never attempted on a CAR!
  5. 5. 3 Pronged Approach-1 SCRIPTING •Basic story and script was developed. •A Bond Theme was decided for the opening sequence because of the latest association of Volvo with 007. •Since the dealership was named Autobots, elements from the movie Transformers were incorporated in the concluding part of the script
  6. 6. 3 Pronged Approach-2 INSTALLATION •Car was identified and measured to last inch. •A detailed 3D model was created. •Set was designed keeping in mind the Script and Projection limitations.
  7. 7. 3 Pronged Approach-3 PROJECTION •Basic mapping testing was done on the car. •Effects were iterated, edited and finalised. •Special effects were added. •Sound and Music was designed & incorporated.
  8. 8. Technical Details DURATION 3 minutes 10 seconds FRAMES 4560 SET SIZE 20ft X 10ft X 8ft CAR SIZE 182.2 inch x 73.4 inch TESTING DURATION 70 hours PROJECTOR LUMENS 15000 X 1 NO. OF PEOPLE INVOLVED 10 NO. OF MAN HOURS 1600 hours NO OF DAYS 25
  9. 9. Achievements • The event proved to be a successful attempt at making through to the LIMCA Book of Records. • Wild Dreams is the first company in India to execute 3D Mapping and Projection on a car.
  10. 10. Results • Communication of all the features of Volvo S60 in a unique fashion • Great Experience and feel good factor for all present • Tremendous word of mouth across the Target group • PR mileage on print and radio • Event attended by close to 1300 people • Database generation for sales team. • Test drives were booked for the next 2 months • 15 cars booked on the day of launch itself
  11. 11. Impact • The viewers were extremely amazed and requested to repeat the 3D projection mapping which was replayed a number of times. • The launch created a huge buzz among the viewers and the video of the 3D projection mapping on Facebook has a reach of more than 7200 views.
  12. 12. Client Testimonial Mr. Dhaval Thakkar, Director of Volvo Autobots said "This whole concept served us as a cost effective medium to create a buzz in the market and drive customer bookings. Our internal agenda was the conversion of 15 car deals which we achieved. The Swedish delegation was amazed watching the event. This was a unique experience and we are very happy with the results of the event".
  13. 13. Have a Dream? write to us at and we will fulfill your wildest dreams!