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Wild Cheffbio08

  1. 1. WildCheff Enterprises, LLC Meet New England’s WildCheff Over the past 25+ year New England’s WildCheff has honed his skills as an avid hunter, private chef, and motivational speaker; having evolved as a recognized authority on how to successfully take your game from field to table. Through much trial and error over the years, the WildCheff found just the right flavor combinations that worked extremely well with game; keeping those who tasted his game recipes, coming back for more!!! The WildCheff has demonstrated experience; having operated a successful wild game catering business, and as a cooking columnist, restaurant wild game consultant, game chef for countless private dinner parties, gun club dinners, hunting camps and special events where wild game and organic meats have been featured. Denny has additionally taught wild game and organic cooking instruction via the WildCheff Cooking Academy and WildCheff Cooking Clinics which were established in 1995. For many years Denny has been known throughout outdoor circles as “The WildCheff”. He has been continually pursued by fellow sportsmen, game enthusiasts, friends and family to share his unique style of cooking, so that more people could benefit from his knowledge of how to properly prepare and enjoy heart healthy free-range food. The WildCheff continues to share his passion by educating people about savory and compelling flavors coupled with time-proven recipes, techniques and methodologies as applied to wild game, fish and organic meat. Born and raised in a large French-Canadian family, Denny has been passionate about cooking all his life. Those who know him are well aware that he does not need much excuse to gather ingredients and fire up a pan! He learned various styles of cooking through his cultural experiences WildCheff Enterprises, LLC in Canada, New England, and The Hill Country of Texas, as well as from Southwest in Arizona. The WildCheff’s family roots originate from the Bordeaux and Cognac region of France which Amesbury, MA may explain his love for food, wine and fresh ingredients. Sebago Lake, ME 978-388-8868 The WildCheff has also worked with an award-winning food industry expert to bring his flavors to denny@wildcheff.com life , by creating a series of gourmet spice and sausage blends that are unrivaled for cooking . They will surely take hunters, game enthusiasts or anyone who has a passion for cooking to a whole new level; helping them to do things with their game and create recipes they never thought possible. Denny is also heavily sought after by many of his peers as a speaker, radio guest, cooking columnist, cookbook author, and for video, DVD and television projects. For more information on the WildCheff, his products, tips, recipes and techniques be sure to visit his website at: “I’m Game if You Are!!!” http://wildcheff.com/