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Wild Cheff Spice Blend Brochure1

  1. 1. WildCheff Product Information Sheet The key to cooking great tasting food vs. average food is having the right flavor combinations! If you love to cook, and you’re seeking a means to take the guesswork out of how to create delicious recipes WildCheff is your answer!!! Created by a “Master Game Chef” with over 25 years experience in mastering - just how to bring the right flavors together, the WildCheff series of Spice Blends and Brines will save you from having to find hard-to-find ingredients and allow you to maintain focus on your cooking technique, while maximizing the flavor of your meats and fish. As stated, herbs and spices should enhance the flavor of your meats and fish, highlighting their flavor vs. masking it. WildCheff has created over 25 Blends that will handle every style and ethnic type of cooking. These are extremely high quality blends - they can be used for fresh and saltwater fish, standards meats, organics meats, farm-raised and wild game meats. These are not your average run of the mill “all-purpose” seasonings. Many spices that exist on the Amesbury, MA market are made with ground up powdered, cheap ingredients; The quality of WildCheff Spice Sebago Lake, ME Blends is second to none, and you will noticeably taste the difference!!! One smell, one taste and you’ll be hooked!!! Phone: 978-388-8868 E-mail: info@iwildcheff.com It’s All About Flavor!!!
  2. 2. WildCheff Spice & Sausage Blends There are 21 Blends and 4 Brines as follows: Sagebrush Blend – An earthy blend of sage, thyme, garlic and other natural spices. Great for seasoning game, pork and turkey. Tuscan Blend – Fresh rosemary, lemon peel, scallions, a hint of red pepper and other select herbs. Wild Onion Blend – Three types of onion, Worcestershire sauce, veggie bouillon and other herbs. Downeast BBQ Rub – A sumptuous combination of brown sugar, paprika, mustard seed, garlic and herbs. Tex/Mex – 7 different types of chile peppers, cumin, garlic, onion and other herbs. Incredible for chili, fajitas, etc. Lemon/Pepper Blend – This blend combines coarsely ground black pepper with fresh lemons, a hint of garlic, onion and sea salt. Great to use with any fish, pheasant, veal or chicken dish that is accented by lemon. Ginger/Citrus Blend - This Blend accents the warm pungent flavor of ginger and the tart bright taste of citrus notes from or- ange and lemon combine for a delicious taste experience. Great for flavoring fish and chicken. Seafood Blend – This unique blend has ingredients such as brown sugar, spices, and lemon peel. Cajun Blend – This Blend gets its heat from cayenne and its flavorful character from onion, garlic, paprika and cumin. The addition of herbs (oregano and thyme) gives this seasoning a well rounded flavor which balances the heat in this Cajun style blend. Herbs de Provence – A blend of seven herbs with the added character of lemon and lavender and the added punch of garlic. Sesame/Ginger Blend – This Blend contains two types of toasted sesame seeds, ginger, garlic, sea salt, a hint of red pepper flakes and toasted sesame oil. Great for coating chicken or Asian meatball appetizers, or coating fresh tuna or salmon. Moroccan Blend – This Blend contains garlic, scallions, lemon, bell pepper and other natural flavorings. This Blend is great for lamb, couscous, hummus and chicken dishes, as well as creating a unique exotic flavor to your venison and game bird dishes. The distinctive flavor comes from cumin, garlic and caraway. Flatbread Blend – This blend creates a satisfying, crunchy crust on salmon, chicken or steak and makes delicious wild game appetizers and flatbreads. WildCheff has combined 7 seeds (sesame, caraway, coriander, fennel, flax, quinoa and poppy) with garlic, onion, black pepper and spices to create a blend that delivers great flavor and a satisfying crunch. Air-Dried Shallots - Tangy, sweet flakes that add a delicate onion flavor with a hint of garlic to sauces, soups, stews and salad dressing. Also works well with burgers, meatloaf and meatball recipes Southwestern Chipotle Flakes – WildCheff Southwestern Chipotle allow you to add a delicious and smoky flavor to your Tex/Mex dishes. Chipotles are a smoked jalapeno and have a heat index of 7 out of 10. Great for use in fajitas, quesadillas, chili, nachos, enchiladas, marinades, and in Southwestern coleslaw and dips. Jalapeno Flakes – WildCheff Jalapeno Pepper Flakes are extremely fresh and offer jalapeno lovers an opportunity to use a product that simplifies having to deal with the slicing and dicing aspect of jalapenos. All the work is done for you; just add to your recipes according to your liking and you can enjoy the fresh jalapeno flavor in dips, pasta dishes, marinades and other delicious recipes. These jalapenos rank 6-7 on a heat scale of 10. Sausage Blends New England Maple Sausage Blend – combines traditional New England maple accented with a mix of carefully crafted herbs and spices. Makes great breakfast sausage, and can be used for pizza, stuffed mushrooms, etc. Traditional Sausage Blend – A delicious, earthy blend of sage, garlic, fennel and other natural herbs and spices that create the perfect sausage with a traditional flair. Great for breakfast, stuffing for birds and meats, etc. Tuscan Sausage Blend – A Tuscan style blend that is comprised of rosemary, red bell pepper, roasted garlic, nutty toasted sesame, delicate shallot, pine nuts and a hint of red pepper flakes. Fantastic for sausage used on pizza, pasta dishes, etc. Seasonal Blends WildCheff Mulling Spice Blend – A wonderful balance of cinnamon, allspice and cloves rounded with citrus notes from orange and just a hint of licorice from star anise. Great for mulled cider, spiced pears, etc. WildCheff Pie Spice Blend – Combines cinnamon, lemon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger for delicious apple and pumpkin pies, as well as baked apples, apple crisp and fall fruit cobblers. Other ingredients include a blend of brown sugar, spices, and lemon peel. Fantastic for apple pie, strudels, apple crisp and fruit cobblers. WildCheff Brines Downeast Farmhouse Brining Blend – This Brine yields flavor notes from garlic, rosemary, citrus and a hint of allspice ber- ries. It's a perfect fit for holiday turkeys and chicken. New England Smokehouse Brining Blend – relies on hickory-smoked salt and mesquite notes from chipotle peppers to de- liver a pleasing, yet subtle smoke flavor accented with whole green peppercorns. This blend is a great choice for turkey and white fish. Fiery Brining Blend – has pungent notes from whole black peppercorns, jalapenos, and cumin with subtle additions from gar- lic and coriander. This is a versatile blend that works with everything from shrimp to pork. Oriental Brining Blend - utilizes a wonderful combination of spices to deliver layers of flavor including sesame, garlic, cori- ander and ginger with a hint of anise making it a great choice for pork tenderloin or shrimp.
  3. 3. Testimonials on the WildCheff Spice Blends OH MY GOD! Yes, they were awesome! Thanks, SB - Ohio This is a response from a successful outdoor writer on the NH Seacoast Yes, I received it. I sent you an e-mail telling you I enjoyed it very much. In fact, it's the best blend I've ever tasted. Since then I've used it three more times and tomorrow I'll be using it on the grill. It's great and I sent a small portion (VERY SMALL) of it to my son in Atlanta. Thanks for everything. Wayne. Here's what others have to say HEY...I used some of your quot;Sagebrushquot; seasoning this evening and we LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I added some to the potatoes, mushrooms, & onions while they were browning - then I added the canned deer meat, and some more of the sagebrush. It was a BIG HIT. Thanx again, Paul This comment comes from a colleague that works with one of the top guides in Maine - known for tracking and shooting trophy bucks. Chris mentions him in his comments below. Hi Denny, I was at Hal's a week or so ago and we had a venison roast and elk roast seasoned with your Wild Onion Blend. It was delicious! Hal's wife Deb used the Tuscan Blend to make chicken cacciatore and I had left overs from the night before and that was awesome. Keep up the good work. Best, Chris Thoughts from L.L. Bean Denny, I just opened the package. Makes me want to go out and shoot a grouse! The flavor pours out of the bottles when opened. Thanks, Kevin Comments from Well-Known Outdoor Industry Personality Denny, you unquestionably have the best blends in the industry!!! State Official for a New England Fish & Game Department I brined two turkeys according to your directions and they were delicious! Thank you Outdoor Industry Executive We cooked the turkey with your Sagebrush Blend for the first time this year. This is very big deal - to win over so many cooks after years of doing it the way we always did it. Everyone loved it!!! New customer trying WildCheff Spices & Brines for the first time The turkey turned out great! It was very moist and had great flavor...brining is definitely the way to go! The cider was excellent as well....the mulling spices were very aromatic and added a nice addition to the cider. Thanks for the introduction to your spices, we will be (and have been) spreading the word to our family and friends on your new line. - U&C Costigan/Amesbury, MA
  4. 4. WildCheff.com