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How can the tourism industry reduce and avoid the negative impacts surrounding the issues of child protection? How can the protection of children be integrated into a sustainable and workable strategy? How can this strategy be valuable for businesses and travellers? With over 10 years’ experience in safeguarding children and youth from all forms of abuse, the ChildSafe Movement, a global protection initiative powered by Friends-International, has developed numerous tools to raise awareness and provide solutions to child protection amongst key tourism industry stakeholders as well as within all tiers of society and the international community.

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  1. 1. Powered by Friends-International
  2. 2. ChildSafe Movement Children benefitted from ChildSafe direct emergency life-saving interventions Children benefitted from actions through our program activities In 2015: Powered by Friends-International 9,000 100,000
  3. 3. Tourism key figures Source: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), 2016 … and are projected to hit 1.8 billion by 2030 from 25 million in 1950 to 1186 million in 2015 In 2015, international tourism generated $ 1.5 trillion in export earnings International tourist arrivals have increased…
  4. 4. The impact An ever-growing industry… What’s the impact on children and local communities? A POSITIVE impact and many other benefits • Greater opportunities for small-scale business enterprises • Increased employment and development opportunities for families resulting in better livelihoods for children • More income leads to improved infrastructure including roads, schools, play parks for children, medical services BUT it also increases the exploitation of the most vulnerable groups…
  5. 5. The impact Negative impacts, among others… • Unsafe migration of poor families • Child labor • Commercial and Sexual Exploitation of children • Children living, begging or working on the streets become more vulnerable to all abuses • Children becoming accessible to strangers and potential abusers, orphanage tourism, voluntourism, slum and school visits, homestays. The consequences of child abuse can also impact the tourism industry • Rejection of tourism by local communities • Negative reporting in the media • Businesses, jobs lost • Negative traveler perceptions
  6. 6. How does ChildSafe work?
  7. 7. ChildSafe Movement worldwideChildSafe Movement worldwide
  8. 8. Citizens and Communities
  9. 9. Citizens ChildSafe Agents
  10. 10. Citizens Campaigns
  11. 11. Citizens Campaigns
  12. 12. ChildSafe Traveler’s Campaign
  13. 13. ChildSafe Traveler’s Campaigns
  14. 14. ChildSafe Traveler’s CampaignOrphanage Tourism Campaign
  15. 15. Non-Governmental Organizations A partnership of 46 organizations, working in 12 countries • 6,498,699 services provided • 21,884 children were supported for their education • 2,278 children reintegrated to families In 2015:
  16. 16. ChildSafe Business A GLOBAL SOLUTION FOR LEADERSHIP IN CHILD PROTECTION Supporting Business Certified Business
  17. 17. Some ChildSafe Supporters, Governments, Referral Partners and Certified Businesses
  18. 18. Child protection - a sustainable strategy
  19. 19. Child protection integration Tourism is not the cause of child exploitation but can increase it  The industry can play a growing and significantly impacting role  • Integrating child protection • In the implementation of tourism strategies • In the core regulation of business activities • Ensuring products and services are child-friendly and protective • Respecting the Rights of Children
  20. 20. Children’s rights Rights to Life Rights to Development Rights to Participation Right to Protection
  21. 21. Respecting the Rights of Children Push for the same among subsidiaries and sub-contractors In your communication In your activities • Avoiding activities harmful to children • Supporting initiatives based on the best interest of the child • Increasing collaboration between the private and public sectors • Raising awareness among all stakeholders
  22. 22. Is this valuable for businesses and travelers?
  23. 23. YES!  Your action has a real and positive impact upon children  Your business is seen as a leader in the responsible protection of children in your sector And most importantly of all… Their lives, their happiness and their future prospects are all enhanced when the interaction they have with the tourism industry is a ChildSafe one. It is good for the children.
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. © ChildSafe Movement, 2016 All rights reserved THANK YOU Please follow us, contribute and