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Ecolodges Indonesia (ELI) is a for-profit social enterprise with an inclusive business model that focusses on biodiversity conservation and improving the livelihoods of its staff and immediate suppliers. The company is guided by veterinary medicine specialists, volunteer environmentalists and sustainable tourism professionals from within Indonesia and internationally. All five of the ecolodges is subject to an in-house ecological plan which has enabled one of the ecolodges to achieve a carbon footprint more than 30 times less than the average in the tourism hotspot of Kuta, Bali.

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  1. 1. ITB Asia: Singapore Thursday 22 October 2015 Responsible Tourism Clinics PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE QUALITY TOURISM: ECOLODGES INDONESIA’S STORY
  2. 2. Content: 1. Introduction to the company and ecolodges 2. Our practice with sustainability approaches Gede Ori & Steve Noakes
  3. 3. Flores: We have purchased 8 ha of land at the edge of the MBeliling Forest Reserve - supporting it to become a national park Critically endangered (IUCN Red List 2005: Flores Hawk-eagle (Nisaetus floris) & Bonelli’s Eagle (Hieraaetus fasciatus) - threats to the survival of the eagle are land use change, shifting cultivation, hunting practice by policemen, collection of firewood & wood material for building + forest clearance for agriculture land. Suparman, Usep (2012) Distribution, Population, Habitat, and Ecological Aspect of Flores Hawk-eagle Nisaetus floris In and Around in Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Raptor Conservation Society & The MBZ Species Conservation Fund
  4. 4. Our Eco Lodge Practices - central for our core business  All Lodges are established as conservation areas.  We protect over 60 ha of land with birds & animals, native plants and special flowers to encourage butterflies. All water and rubbish is recycled.  We grow organic food for our guests. Solar energy systems progressively being installed at our lodges.
  5. 5. Our Eco Lodge Practices - Continued  Worm farms recycle kitchen and garden waste.  Training programs raise environmental awareness of staff, guests & local community.  100% of our staff are local – regular on-the-job training  Our accounts are transparent and we pay tax properly to government.  A percentage of profit is used for further environmental. protection.
  6. 6. More than 200 large solar cells Max capacity 550,000 Watt Hours Two super-premium battery banks Pioneering green technology at Tanjung Puting National Park
  7. 7. Next step … solar powered local boats! (Boats = The only way to get to Rimba)
  8. 8. Kelimutu Eco Lodge A Swedish / Indonesian government carbon footprint study shows that the Lodge has a 30x lower carbon foot print than the average Indonesian city hotel.
  9. 9. Growing our own vegetables & fruits Hospitality and tourism management skills development for locals Supporting development of visitor and research infrastructure Eco-Guide Training for local people
  10. 10. We work to:  Protect the National Parks of Indonesia  Harness the power of ecotourism for biodiversity conservation
  11. 11.