CSR & Sustainability at Jetwings


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Jetwing Sri Lanka was chosen as one of the top 3 winners for the "Inspiring Stories from Destinations" competition in 2012 organized by ITB Asia and Wild Asia and supporting partners.
For more information, visit tourism.wildasia.org

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CSR & Sustainability at Jetwings

  2. 2. JETWING • Close to 40 years in the hospitality industry • A portfolio of over 10 properties within the island of Sri Lanka. Also present in New Zealand, Laos, and in Vietnam. • First to introduce the Naturalist concept at our properties. • A strong belief in practicing responsible tourism with the Jetwing Eternal Earth Programme (J.E.E.P), under which all our initiatives fall. • Recognised at the Sri Lanka Energy Efficiency Awards for two years running, as well as at the PATA Gold Awards. • The recently launched JEEP website – www.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com aims to showcase such initiatives undertaken by Jetwing over the yearswww.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com
  3. 3. THE JETWING ETERNAL EARTH PROGRAMME (J.E.E.P) Objective: to educate the next generation on the importance of sustainable practices, as well as to provide direction for all projects and undertakings of JetwingFour areas:Community Outreach InitiativesOngoing programmes initiated to assist surrounding communitiesSustainabilityEnergy saving initiatives implemented as best methods of practice to Green Jetwing HotelsEco ProjectsSpecial operations undertaken in the field of conservationHumanitarian ProgrammesProjects undertaken by each hotel on day to day basis to assist the neighbouring communities• The recently launched JEEP website – www.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com aims to showcase such initiatives undertaken by Jetwing over the yearswww.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com
  4. 4. TUK TUK! A TAXI SERVICE THROUGH THE COMMUNITY• Introduced at Jetwing Lighthouse, to foster mutually beneficial relationships with trishaw drivers in the area• Opened dialogues to educate and train on benefits of polite service• 46 registered vehicles and drivers• PATA Gold Award winner in 2005• Recreating success at Jetwing Era Beach, began in May 2012www.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com
  5. 5. A SWIMMING POOL FOR THE COMMUNITY•The Community Pool was established in 2008; where the land, construction and maintenance of the pool and facility is by Jetwing Lighthouse•Open exclusively for the use of school children during daytime hours, free of charge.•Training programmes are conducted regularly for the community.www.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com
  6. 6. JETWING YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (J.Y.D.P.)• Bridging the gap between the unskilled and the skilled and equipping them for employment• Began at Jetwing Vil Uyana, with 30 employed within Jetwing from first two batches• At present, 14 associates undergoing training at Jetwing Vil Uyana, and 30 associates from Negombo to be employed at Jetwing Lagoon• Winner of the 2007 PATA Grand Award in the Education & Training categorywww.jetwinghotels.com
  7. 7. TREES FOR LIFE• Contributes towards minimizing climate change and its effects for the benefit of the mankind• An ‘afforestation’ programme undertaken adjacent to St. Anne’s Church, Talawila in North-west Sri Lanka• Conduct educational and awareness programmes for school children on good ‘Earth Saving Practices’ (ESPs)• First phase at Hunnasgiriya – Over 3000 trees planted• Second phase at Talawila – 549 trees contributed in total since January 2012 with further expansion planned at site inGalle.• PATA Gold Award winner in 2009 for Corporate Environmental Programmewww.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com
  8. 8. EARTH HOUR 31ST MARCH 2012• On the 31st March 2012, Jetwing Hotels were the first Sri Lankan hotel chain to switch off for EarthHour; a global initiative that aims to raise awareness on tackling climate change.www.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com
  9. 9. WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 05th JUNE 2012Negombo: Interschool competition on creating exhibits fromdiscarded waste materialSigiriya: Human Elephant Conflict awareness programmeGalle: Beach clean-up and tree planting programmeNuwara Eliya: World Environment Day walk with 500 schoolchildrenwww.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com
  10. 10. WORLD TOURISM DAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2012• Jetwing St. Andrews in collaboration with Switch Asia conducted an educational training anddevelopment workshop on tourism and sustainable energy for hoteliers in Nuwara Eliya.• Jetwing Vil Uyana conducted a clean-up of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress in association withpersonnel from the Sigiriya Air Force.• At Negombo, associates from Jetwing Beach, Jetwing Blue, Jetwing Sea, Jetwing AyurvedaPavilions and Jetwing Lagoon were involved in a clean-up of the beach premises and Negombotown together with the Negombo Hoteliers association.• Jetwing Lighthouse held a Sri Lankan cultural show and did a tree planting programme involvingassociates and hotel guests.www.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com
  11. 11. SUSTAINABILITY AT JETWING HOTELSObjective - To ensure that all hotels attain high standards of environmental custodianship in bothfront-end and back-end processes.• Jetwing Hotels has initiated a process of compiling GreenDirectories.• The procedures are standardized and each hotel has toidentify its performance.• Internal audits are carried out monthly at each hotel with anannual external audit to measure and track performance.• The Green Directories also allow for transparency.• Jetwing Sea wins PATA Gold Award in 2012• Jetwing Vil Uyana wins 2012 HICAP Awards underSustainable Project Design Category.www.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com
  12. 12. DID YOU KNOW? that Jetwing Yala (due to open in 2013) will aim to reduce its carbon emissions we have reduced our energy further by increasing the capacity of the consumption by 40% by using solar plate-vaulting system? LED TVs instead of plasma, LCD and/or traditional CRT TVs? the wastewater we generate is recycled and used to water our Hot water at our hotels is gardens? sustainably generated through solar power and biomass boilers? we disinfect our swimming pools using a saltwater chlorinator rather than that Jetwing Lagoon are Sri Lanka’s first hotel hazardous granular chlorine? where air-conditioning requirements generated sustainably through an absorption chiller run on steam generated from a biomass-fired boiler?www.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com
  13. 13. AYUBOWANwww.jetwingeternalearthprogramme.com