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Bali Community-Based Tourism Association (BALI CoBTA)


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Bali Community Based Tourism Association (Bali CoBTA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that promotes sustainable tourism. By facilitating the development of community based tourism villages, tourists are given a unique opportunity to experience local culture and community life, while communities are empowered to earn an additional income by preserving and showcasing their culture and heritage.
In this presentation Bali CoBTA shares their efforts in poverty alleviation through tourism.

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Bali Community-Based Tourism Association (BALI CoBTA)

  1. 1. WHAT IS BALI CoBTA Bali Community Based Tourism Association (Bali CoBTA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization engaged in the development of community based tourism villages in underdeveloped areas throughout Bali. The organization facilitates the transformation of underutilized villages into “Tourism Villages,” by liaising between interested villages and participating sponsors, assisting with facility and infrastructure upgrades and providing human resource management and training to village residents. Cooperating with stakeholders (government, tourism authority, travel agencies, CSR doer, hotels, academician, etc.)
  2. 2. Motivation behind setting up Bali CoBTA 1. Big passion of the founders to help underdeveloped villages 2. The villages have great potential but the villagers do not have sufficient knowledge and skill to pack that up 3. Local human resources must be guided to implement the 7 enchantments (security, orderliness, cleanliness, coolness, beauty, hospitality and memorable for tourists) Bali CoBTA’s responsible tourism philosophy Bali CoBTA’s responsible tourism philosophy is a special interest tourism that takes responsibility on: the local community welfare sustainability of environment and its natural resources sustainability of the local cultural heritage BVRD Bali Village Resort Development
  3. 3. Bali CoBTA’s VISION & MISSION Vision ‘Developing quality tourism villages with special interest attractions to benefit the welfare of the community’ Mission To utilize tourism to benefit the social/economic welfare of local communities. To raise awareness of community life and local heritage amongst tourists. To create jobs in underdeveloped villages. To empower rural communities to preserve cultural heritage. To promote the conservation of heritage buildings and agricultural land. To facilitate facility and infrastructure upgrades of Tourism Villages by liaising with government agencies and the private sector. To provide education tools and training to the community to promote tourism in villages. To provide the community with education and training tools for rural development, environmental conservation and natural resource management. To provide management training and community counseling. To conduct ongoing research and development programs.
  4. 4. Ds. Blimbingsari (Kab. Jembrana) Tourism Villages Ds. Pancasari (Buleleng) Ds. Jasri (Karangasem) Ds. Penglipuran (Bangli) Ds. Pinge (Tabanan) Ds. Budakeling (Karangasem) Ds. Bedulu (Gianyar)
  5. 5. Support from Stakeholders Bank Indonesia grants IDR 1,050,000,000 for 7 villages in 2011 PT. Bali Village Resort Development (Ltd.) supports Bali CoBTA staff financially and helps Bedulu village when they need to upgrade homestay facilities The International Bali Tourism Institute (Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bali International) supports with trainings for the villagers Some travel agencies are now supporting the villages by sending their guests
  6. 6. FUTURE PLAN of Bali CoBTA To establish partnership/cooperation with more domestic or international stakeholders To support development of 100 potential villages in Bali within 5 years BVRD Bali Village Resort Development
  7. 7. How we develop CBT in Bali? 1) The eagerness comes from a local villager (facilitator ). 2) Facilitator discuss with village chief then socialized the programme to the whole village resident. 3) Village chief/facilitator selected (at least) 3 person then establish a Local Working Group (LWG). This LWG take responsible to run & to manage a programme. 4) The LWG identify all potential in the village (attractions, accommodation [homestay/guest house], skill of the community) 5) Cooperate with stakeholders (tourism institutes, hotels, other NGOs, etc.) for community capacity building 6) Promotion & marketing (cooperate with travel agencies) 7) Tourism, Trade and Investment (TTI) development
  8. 8. CBT Benefits Local People in Social & Culture Human Resource Development Challenge : Most of village residents are old people & children in elementary or junior high school while the youth prefer to work in hotels, villas, or cruise ship. Those old people have objections to join in trainings because they are busy with their main job. Community Strength & Unity Threat : When revenue comes in, parties who are not getting involved, tried to sabotage the programme. Community Empowerment Challenge : When the locals can’t speak tourists language, they do not confident to communicate or to represent themselves effectively to outside groups. This language constraint become a barrier for the locals to give the best service for guests. BVRD Bali Village Resort Development
  9. 9. CBT Benefits Local People in Social & Culture Strengthening community pride Challenge: When the locals ready to showcase their environment, culture, and heritage but do not get attention or support from local government or other outside parties. This weakens their pride. Increased Hygiene and Safety Awareness Challenge: Expectations of Cleanliness and Hygienic standard difference between people of hospitality industry and the village resident CBT Benefits Local People in Ecological Preservation Challenge: When the locals expect to get big income, instantly. (e.g.: If a farmer sells his land to investor, it will give him a big money faster than remain become a farmer and make a living from their harvest
  10. 10. CBT Benefits Local People in Economic Challenge: 1. To keep up the community eagerness to remain running the programme in the first few years, when the income received still very small. 2. To get more income means we need more tourists coming to the village. When we build a co operation with travel agencies but the locals can’t maintain the partnership with selling their products with lower price to end user directly. 3. To urge local resident to be willing to cooperate with his/her community in building an internal partnership
  11. 11. Poverty Alleviation Through Sustainable Tourism Development: An idea or reality? This is a REALITY, when we could overcome all obstacles that comes up during the process Strong commitment maintained by the local government and the community that receive the benefits The initiatives are well supported by “pro-poor” tourism promoters BVRD Bali Village Resort Development
  12. 12. BVRD Bali Village Resort Development