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3 step-syndication-system-for-bloggers-special-report


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Learn what to do after you post your content to your blog. You must market it to promote it.

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3 step-syndication-system-for-bloggers-special-report

  1. 1. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." Attention Frustrated Blogger: "The 3 Step Syndication System Shows You How-To Leverage A Tribe Of 9 To Reach 75,092 Potential Prospects For Your Business All Within 30 Minutes Per Day Using FREE Tools Online..." If Youre Fed up Of Feeling Lonely, Rejected, Frustrated & Annoyed Because Youre Not Getting The Blog Comments, Visitors, Publicity or Exposure You Deserve & You Feel Like Youre Wasting Your Time Blogging, Then Youre in The Right Place...1 From the desk of: Dave & Dawn Cook, Kimberly Castleberry & Gavin Mountford... Social Media Specialists & Founders of TSA (Tribe Syndication Association) Subject: "Special report shows you how to work with a tribe of 9 and use a 3 Step System to GAIN more traffic, more comments and much more *exposure* for your blog..." Imagine this (for a second)... Youve just woken up, rolled out of bed and have gone to your computer to check whats been happening in cyberspace overnight... Youre feeling smug because youve just quit your day job and you DONT have to go back again! In fact you can spend ALL day doing what you LOVE doing the most! Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  2. 2. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." Spending quality time with your family, working on building your global empire (your business) & helping others... So, you boot up your Google Analytics account, pull up your blog, check your blog comments, check your emails and open up your Facebook & Twitter accounts all in separate browsers. Seems like its been a typical night again... sleeping, MAKING MONEY & becoming even more popular on the social networks! Your adrenaline is already pumping and you start to become more and more excited as you notice all the positive comments, testimonials and emails youve had overnight! Its a far cry from all the negative and boring emails you used to get, and now you just cant wait to open these because they say... Youve got 100s of excited & crazed people visiting your blog each day, 1000s of raving fans across Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube and youre working closely with a kick-butt core2 mastermind group who are helping you expose your viral marketing message to up to 75,092 brand new prospects every single week! Your mailing list is growing by 30-50 people each day (minimum) and money is pouring into your bank account from multiple sources... Life is great! Youre making money on autopilot and becoming VERY popular in the process. STOP, PAUSE, and take a deep breath just for one second. It may NOT be real right now, but... Its NOT just a dream I promise you... it can be REAL, it is POSSIBLE and it all happens when... Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  3. 3. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." YOU Decide to Step-Out of Your Comfort Zone & LEAD! Now before we go ANY further, I need to ask you an *important* question... Id like to see if I can GUESS where you are in your blogging career. Heres the question... "Are you a complete beginner when it comes to blogging, or have you had your blog up-and- running for months or even years but... no matter how hard you try, you just CANT seem to make it work?…" You just cant get the visitors, traffic, comments or exposure you need! The truth is, youre struggling & only YOU know about it... Its pretty frustrating to spend HOURS of time writing blog posts, trying to get your message out to ANYBODY wholl listen to you... ...Only to get a handful of visitors at the end of it.3 Even if you do somehow manage to write a killer blog post you still end up with hardly any visitors and even the few who do come dont seem to give a damn because they NEVER comment on your posts! Sometimes it feels like youre on your own with no one to share the journey with - facing an UPHILL battle... Please excuse me for not introducing myself earlier... I just wanted to set the scene first and make sure this was for you... My names Gavin Mountford, Im one of the co-founders of TSA Mastery & The 3 Step Syndication System... I know EXACTLY how it feels because 5 years ago I was in that very same place... Frustrated, disappointed, & at the point of giving up! You may have a FANTASTIC idea, a skill, an expertise and a voice but NO ONE can hear it… youre competing against EVERYONE else whos trying to market their business online and youre just blending in with the crowd . Its such a shame that amazing people like you with so much to give never get listened to because they just dont know how to get targeted traffic to their blog, Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  4. 4. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." That targeted traffic then turns into regular readers, tons of comments, a thriving community, raving fans who share your content, prospects for your business, and ULTIMATELY a bigger income. Before we move on check out some of the feedback weve received so far from our fantastic members of TSA..4 Without those visitors, even the BEST blog in the world is worthless. Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  5. 5. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." So... My job right now is to show-you-how to use the power of one SIMPLE little concept. A concept which when used and applied correctly, WILL transform your blog and business from a barren ghost town into a thriving and active blog & community with interactions, comments and much more exposure across the web. It will give you the feeling of being popular and, belonging to something much BIGGER than you are... That One Simple Concept is Working With a Tribe! Heard about tribes before? Maybe yes, maybe no… Even if you have, you probably havent seen the TRUE power and AWESOME potential of a strong, tight knit, cohesive tribe like this one before.5 Dont know how to do something? Just ask... Someone in the tribe will be able to give you the ANSWER. Working with a tribe, and especially the TSA (Tribe Syndication Association) WILL help you expose your message, your blog posts and your unique voice to 1000s of new prospects each and every week! Yes... its that powerful :-) Now dont get me wrong... if youve got a crappy blog, with rubbish content, people arent going to come and read it. Even if they do pay you a visit, they wont stay there long, so its up to YOU to make sure you learn, educate yourself and become the go-to EXPERT in your chosen topic... Once youve got your blog all set up and pumping correctly with top-quality content and a solution for your visitors youll need to go out and market to those visitors... What weve done is put together a group of people, (call it a tribe) who all work TOGETHER to help each other generate more comments on their blog, build better relationships and share each others message across the Internet & Social Networks. Weve created... Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  6. 6. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." "A Simple Step-by-Step, Easy to Follow, 3-Step Process Almost Anyone Can Use To Get Immediate RESULTS Within 30-Minutes or Less Per Day..." So... In this free report Id like to explain exactly how tribes work, & show you the POWER of the 3 Step Syndication System. ...& once you FULLY grasp the tribe concept, and see how powerful working together is, you wont believe how simple and effective it is! See... its ALL about working together to ACHIEVE a common goal... Thats EXACTLY what I did almost 12 months ago. I joined forces with 3 of the BEST people in our industry & together we rose to the top! Maybe youve heard of them before, maybe you havent,6 But, let me introduce them to you anyway... Dave Cook, Dawn Cook & Kimberly Castleberry Awesome people, with a phenomenal amount of KNOWLEDGE, skills and desire to help and empower other people. We thought we had a lot of influence, authority, credibility and raving fans BEFORE we all got together... but something AMAZING happened when we joined forces... Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  7. 7. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." We Created An Unstoppable SYNERGY Which Allowed Us to *Impact* 1000s of Struggling Bloggers... And then we EMPOWERED those bloggers to turn their businesses around & go out and IMPACT and change the lives of other bloggers! When you join the TSA & start using the 3 Step Syndication System youll learn how to get MORE traffic to your blog, more comments on your blog and will be networking with some pretty amazing people! If you follow the system exactly as weve laid it out, your message and blog content WILL be spread ALL over the web and shared with 1000s of people, which means MORE business for you and FINALLY a busy blog FULL of people who care about YOU! Just like these awesome people below leaving comments on our blogs to show how much they care about us because we helped them get more blog traffic, comments and exposure for their business...7 Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  8. 8. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." Lets get right into it... What is a Tribe & How Can You Benefit From it...? OK, the way we like to describe a tribe is a social group of people all connected to each other through a common goal or passion.8 TSA (Tribe Syndication Association) is a tribe of people all with the common goal of learning how to build their businesses online, getting more traffic to their blog, gaining more comments and monetizing their blog or sites. Basically, were ALL connected through that common goal. One of your most pressing tasks, if you havent done so already is to IDENTIFY a group of people, find their pain and problems and then work like crazy to provide them with a solution through your own skills, knowledge and passion. People then pay YOU to help solve their problems. You become a Leader and because you have the answer to their problems, those people follow you, listen you and buy your products. Just think about some of the people, experts or gurus you look up to... Do you follow them, buy their products, comment on their posts and *respect* what they have to say? Tribes are the way of the future... and a MUST read book is a book called Tribes by Seth Godin. Buy it, read it, learn it and prepare to get excited! Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  9. 9. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." This is what we do here at TSA! We teach you what a tribe is, how a tribe works and how to expose your message to 1000s of people, and gain more visitors and comments on your blog. There are tribes absolutely everywhere... Pick a topic... any topic you can think about, and youll find raving fans and followers for that topic. A great example of this is Apple. As soon as a new Apple product comes out, there are millions of raving fans who buy the new products instantly. A new iPhone, iPad or Mac. People love it, but better yet, they want it. I didnt realize until recently... but Apple got me too! I was thinking about it the other day, Ive got an iMac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod... Im actually a RAVING fan of Apple.9 So what weve done is taken the Tribe concept a little further and work together using a incredibly POWERFUL concept called Tribe Syndication. ...& What is Tribe Syndication? Lets back up a little first and explain what content syndication is... Content syndication for bloggers is creating an article, video or blog post, publishing it on the web and then sending it out to lots of different places where it gets seen by BRAND new audiences and prospects. We can achieve this by two different methods. 1. Using Technology (Which Ill talk more about in phase 1 & 2 trainings) 2. Working with a Tribe Ideally you want to use a *combination* of both of the above, so we designed TSAs 3 Step Syndication System to use both technology and tribes... Technology is fantastic because you submit your content to one place online and then have it automatically go out to multiple places. This also helps with your Search Engine Rankings because the more links pointing back to your sites, the higher the rankings, the more traffic you get and the more money you make :-) Only problem with that is youve got to know how to do it the right way first... Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  10. 10. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." "Working With 5 To Reach 30,000..." Lets say for example theres just you promoting your content. No one else is helping you promote your message. Obviously you can only reach so many people right? As an example lets say you have a total reach of 5000 people with a combination of Facebook friends, Twitter followers, blog readers, and Youtube followers. That number could be more, or could be less depending on how active youve been in building your friends and followers on Facebook & Twitter. Check this bit out, it gets really exciting in a sec... Lets take that up another level. You decide to leverage your efforts and work with 5 other people (ideally in your industry) who may have competing products to you or may compliment what you offer. Their audiences are fairly similar to yours, so lets say that their reach is also 5000 people. 5000 followers x 6 people (including you) in your tribe...10 Thats 30,000 People Youve Got The Potential to Reach & Get Your Message in Front Of... Now, unfortunately those 30,000 people arent all going to come to your website. It would be nice if they did, wouldnt it? The FACT is, there are millions of new blog posts every day online, so WHY would someone read yours? Youve got to give a lot of value (which well talk about later), be unique and deliver *exactly* what your target market wants. So a percentage of those people will come visit your blog... Plus... A percentage of those people will then share your content with their friends & followers on the social networks and then comment on your content which will then expose your message to even more people. So potentially just working with one tribe of 6 people youre able to reach 50,000 + people! Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  11. 11. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." (Thats 6 x 5000 + a % of their friends etc...) each time you put out a "GREAT" piece of content which provides a solution to your followers pains and problems. Pretty powerful eh? "Introducing You to The Revolutionary 3 Step Syndication System…" The 3 Step Syndication is unique... its totally different to ANY other tribe out there. Weve spent months and months perfecting the art of syndicating and have boiled it down to a few simple steps... We have a system, core values, & a whole process for you to FOLLOW which is both simple and easy... Instead of working with ONLY 6 people in your tribe youre able to use the POWER of the 3 Step Syndication System within TSA and ramp it up to work with a group of 10 people in total on a weekly basis... More people in your tribe = A much BIGGER total reach and more EXPOSURE for your11 blog! Within the 3 Step Syndication System recently the total number of friends and followers across all our members were 998,332! Check out the screenshot below. The total amount of places our members content was shared was 14,678 and the total amount of blog comments left by our members on other members blogs was 844! This was by no means the BIGGEST week! Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  12. 12. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." You could say... weve got a LOT of REACH and youll gain HUGE leverage by working with TSA and applying the 3 Step Syndication System to your blog and business. Some of the people in your syndication group will be in your niche and will have a similar following to you, and some will be totally different which means youll be able to expose12 your message to BRAND NEW groups of people who may be interested in what you have to offer. ~ This is EXPONENTIAL growth! ~ The more people youre able to get your message out to, the more people see your message, and their friends see it, and their friends... If you put out some *amazing* content, youll be amazed at how many people youre able to expose to it. By working with your tribe, its possible to reach a staggering amount of people in a very short period of time. This is when your message can go viral! (If your message is good enough of course...) It ALL depends on the quality of information you have to offer, your target market and how you connect with your market. Again, this will ALL be covered in our more advanced trainings once youve joined us. So there you go... pretty exciting isnt it? By working with a Tribe of people all with a common goal of gaining more exposure, more comments and more traffic to your website, your message will be seen by thousands more people. Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  13. 13. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." What to do Next... If what weve talked about in this special report resonates with you and sounds like something youd LOVE to get involved with... then click the link below and youll be taken to the 3 Step Syndication System exclusive 48 minute webinar & order page... Click Here to Watch The 48 Minute Exclusive 3 Step Syndication System Webinar Once youve watched the 48 minute webinar, youll be able to make payment, complete your success form and get started with TSA & The 3 Step Syndication System... We look forward to getting to know you and having you as part of our tribe! Committed To Your Success, Gavin Mountford, Dave & Dawn Cook & Kimberly Castleberry13 P.S. If youd like to learn more about being part of TSA, please click here... Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  14. 14. "3 Step Syndication System: How-To Leverage a Tribe of 9 To Gain Maximum Blog Traffic..." Read What Some of Our Members Have Been Saying14 Copyright TSA Mastery, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide.