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Tirta ERP - Business Intelligence Layer

ERP Specially Designed for AMDK Companies.

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

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Tirta ERP - Business Intelligence Layer

  1. 1. TIRTA ERP(TIRTA Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP Specially Designed for Bottled Water Industry Wildan Maulana
  2. 2. Overview● Data Quality● Master Data Management● Business Intelligence (BI) Progress Report
  3. 3. Master Data Management● Customer Data ● E-mail ● Customer Group – Master Group (Predefined) – Only main office who can update this data ● Customer Data only can be updated at the main office and the data then distributed to the depot automatically every hour or can be trigger manually by customer service● Employee Data● Postal Code ● Latitude Longitude ● Population density● Vehicle Data
  4. 4. Business Question Categories1) Finance & Sales2) Shipments3) Purchasing4) Customer Services
  5. 5. The Questions● How much revenue do we generate by region, time (year),route, depot, vehicle and product category ? (Done)● Which product categories generate the highest revenue and is this constant over time ? (Done)● How does our performance compare to the total AMDK market ? (No Data)● Are we growing faster or slower than our competitors ? (No Data)
  6. 6. Star Schema Diagram for Sales Time vehicle Promotion Product Type Sales Facts Region Customer Depot
  7. 7. Star Schema Diagram for Sales - Desc Dimension DescriptionTime The date on wich the sales occuredVehicle The vehicle which was used for deliver the productsProduct Type Cash, CreditRegions The geographical area where the products were soldDepot The depot where the product was takenCustomer The customer who buy the productsPromotion The promotion held to promote the productsRegion : this dimesion is replaced by zipcode
  8. 8. Sales Data Mart
  9. 9. Dimension Model and Table Dimension TableTime dim_timeVehicle dim_vehicleProduct Type noneRegions noneDepot dim_depotCustomer dim_customerPromotion none
  10. 10. Source to Target Mapping tbl_penjualan fact_sales tbl_customer Data WarehouseTirta ERP Database tbl_depot dim_depot Tirta ERP Database Data Warehouse
  11. 11. Source to Target Mapping tbl_kendaraan tbl_penjualan dim_vehicleTirta ERP Database Data Warehouse dim_depot Data Warehouse
  12. 12. Source to Target Mapping tbl_customer dim_customerTirta ERP Database Data Warehouse dim_depot dim_salesman Data Warehouse
  13. 13. Customer DimensionFIELD ANALYTICAL TYPE LENGTH SCD DESCRIPTIONcustomer_key N INT 4 Surrogate Dimension Keycustomer_id N INT 4 Original source system keycustomer_name N VARCHAR 63 2 Full name (first + middle + last)customer_city Y VARCHAR 64 2 Name of Citycustomer_phon N CHAR 12 1 First registration date ofe_number customer
  14. 14. Tirta ERP Sales CubeDIMENSION HIERARCHY LEVELOrder Date Months Year Quarter Month DateOrder Date Weeks Year Week DateCustomer City ZipCode NameVehicleSalesmanProduct WS Galon WS Small Pack EtcMeasures Revenue Quantity
  15. 15. Tirta ERP Sales Cube
  16. 16. Sales Cube Data Integration
  17. 17. Sales Report - JpivotNote : we need one more Measures (Vehicle or Shipment ?), i.e, the Overhead Cost on every dimension we choose onthe Jpivot Report
  18. 18. Star Scheme Diagram for Shipments TimePromotion Product Shipments Facts Customer Depot
  19. 19. DemoPentaho Business Intelligence --Sales Data Mart--
  20. 20. @openthinklabs