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Journey to Digital Master
Digital Master
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Journey to Digital Mastery


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Many organizations today struggle to achieve their digital strategies, not only because they lack the vision or the roadmap, but because they lack the capabilities to execute. A much heard complaint is that IT organizations are not able to deliver (on time) and that there are fundamental problems with business and IT alignment in bringing new digital initiatives to market.

In this infograph our view is presented on how to turn digital business strategy into IT strategies that support digital transformation. It encompasses the steps in crafting an IT strategy and looks at the various domains that an IT strategy should encompass, touching aspects as business & ITgovernance, portfolio management, a new IT operating model and agile / scrum development. It also covers a view on how to accelerate the launch of new business technology projects. It expands on Capgemini’s proven Customer Value Prototyping methodology that we have used extensively for various clients to help them to moving rapidly towards cloud based platforms, enabling the realization of new digital capabilties.

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Journey to Digital Mastery

  1. 1. Journey to Digital Master B usiness and IT fusion on platform enabling solutions Digital Master Complex and Slow (OTC) (MTO) (PTP) (HTR) S&OP Social Media Finance foundation 27% more profitable E2E DIGITAL 50% LOWER TCO 100% AGILE Crowd-to-Innovation Idea-to-Market Market-to-Order Experience-to-Reputation Order-to-Cash Finance-to-Manage Data-to-Insights Demand-to-Supply Hire-to-Retire Maintain-to-Settle Market-to-Customer Invest-to-Divest Use-to-Replenish Across all e2e capabilities Define the appropriate business technology strategy Fuse business & IT communities to build digital skills & transform tech platforms Create a shared vision of the digital future Establish strong digital governance to steer the course Engage employees at scale to make vision a reality TECHNOLOGY VISION GOVERNANCE ENGAGEMENT Capgemini Consulting specializes in advising and supporting enterprises in significant transformation, from innovative strategy to execution and with an unstinting focus on results. With the new digital economy creating significant disruptions and opportunities, our global team of over 3,600 talented individuals work with leading companies and governments to master Digital Transformation, drawing on our understanding of the digital economy and our leadership in business transformation and organizational change. Onno Franken Wilco van Batenburg JOURNEY TOJOURNEY TO Best practices from Leading Digital FASHIONISTAS BEGINNERS CONSERVATIVES Digital Masters DigitalCapacity Leadership Capability The bright future +6% -11% -4% -24% +9% +26% -10% +9% Business benefits CUSTOMER INTIMATE and OPERATIONAL EXCELLENT AGILE and ROBUST STANDARDIZING and EMPOWERING CONTROLLING and INNOVATING ORCHESTRATING and UNLEASHING PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE Globalized competition Access vs. Ownership of assets Blurring industry boundaries Everything connected Visionary leadership Falling barriers to entry REVENUE GENERATION EFFICIENCY PROFITABILITY Invisible infostructure Sector as a Service Thriving on Data We Collaborate You Experience People Systems Design for Degital Process on the Fly Fifty shades of white in the enterprise architecture REINVENT THE BUSINESS MODEL (DIFFERENTIATING) BUSINESS CAPABILITIES TARGET ARCHITECTURE & WHITE SPOTS Software solutions we have worked with STAKEHOLDER ALIGNMENT & ACTIVATION MOBILIZATION INITIATION WORKSHOP SPRINT 1 SPRINT 2 SPRINT 3 SPRINT 4 SPRINT 5 SPRINT............Executive show case PROOF POINTS DEVELOPMENT STAKEHOLDER JOURNEYS PROTOTYPE PREPARATION PROGRAM & TRANSFORMATION DE-RISKING PROCESS INNOVATION & SOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION ARCHITECTURE & INTEGRATION VALUE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION BUILDSOLUTION DESIGN & SELECTION CVP approach per solution IT’s LIKE A ROLLING START !IT’s LIKE A ROLLING START ! ACCURATE BUSINESS CASE EXPERT 2 EXPERT INNOVATION INCREASED BUSINESS BUY IN & ALIGNMENT EARLY VISIBILITY OF RISKS & MITIGATING MEASURES REALISTIC ROADMAP & ACCELERATED DELIVERY LEVERAGING IP, PROVEN TOOLS, METHODS & SKILLS Added value of CVP CONVENTIONAL APPROACH CUSTOMER VALUE PROTOTYPING GOAL SETTING ROGRAM DEFINITION SOLUTION DESIGNP SOLUTION SELECTION GOAL SETTING SOLUTION BUILD PROGRAM DESIGN, SOLUTION DESIGN & SELECTION SOLUTION BUILD Customer Value Prototyping (UTR) (ITD) (MTC) (MTS) (DTS)