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E learning and E-couching


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This presentation explores the world of E- learning and Virtual learning. It gives an idea to the new uses of the virtual world that how it actually works.This study was conducted for an assignment purpose. For more information log onto:

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E learning and E-couching

  2. 2. E LEARNING IS A MUSHROOMING CONCEPT  E learning is a mushrooming concept that has impacted the lives of millions irrespective of the location and status. Knowing the learners' qualities and shortcomings in perusing is a standout amongst the most conclusive components in instructional viability.
  3. 3. ONE-ON-ONE CONNECTION WITH THE SCHOLAR  One-on-one connection with the scholar onlooker gives the e-mentor an acceptable comprehension of the person's level of absorption and cognizance. This empowers the e-guide to grasp the person better and modify perusing materials and guideline
  4. 4. LEARNING SCHOLARS INCLUDES THE ACCOMPANYING  familiarize scholars with high recurrence expressions and regular spelling examples through entire word strategy and phonic lessons.  teach them particular techniques, for example compressing, making story maps, rehashing, perusing ahead, screening cognizance, asking and noting appreciation inquiries and so on.  teach them when to apply a particular technique.
  5. 5. ONE-ON-ONE E-COACHING  One-on-one E-coaching presents the perfect environment for giving unequivocal guideline. The e-mentor has the adaptability to give undivided regard for the scholar, confer direction and procedures specific to the cognitive profile of the learner and allot books relying on the singular developmental stage and premium of the spectator.
  6. 6. CONCLUSION!  The point when understudy book fans figure out how to apply perception procedures on their own, they advance into skilled book lovers who stop to check their comprehension of the content and troubleshoot if essential.