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Iom disruptive wilbanks


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Slides at the Institute of Medicine forum on disruptive innovation in pharmaceuticals.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Iom disruptive wilbanks

  1. 1.
  2. 2. the firm isn’t going to be the center of the data universe.
  3. 3. “industrial drug development”
  4. 4. inside the firm, data flow is (relatively): modular, cohesive, transferable.
  5. 5. but the transformation is happening outside the firm.
  6. 6. replacing qualitative scales with quantitative measures
  7. 7. “email and credit card” scientific services - no PhD required
  8. 8. secondary markets…
  9. 9. secondary markets…
  10. 10. secondary markets…
  11. 11. so to effectively manage all useful data, must make the change…
  12. 12. to an organizational structure as weird as the data environment drawing by: Melinda Richter
  13. 13. there are precedents.
  14. 14. work better among ourselves
  15. 15. work well with anyone else
  16. 16. practice open source methodology
  17. 17. we don’t know when a network effect is going to kick in on integrated, modular data.
  18. 18. but the firm that figures out how to move out of pure hierarchy will to be the first to benefit from that network effect.